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(Click for full size version)

This post is my first intimation that Curiosity has landed safely. Hurrah!
I was watching the stream at the time.

I like this guy:
Aww, yeah, that's great. :) Always lovely to see such unbridled joy! ^_^ (And he has every reason to be overjoyed, too!)
Yay! =:D
And then they encountered HER:

Aww, beat me to it!
Frightfully sorry, old bean. :)
Whoa, those are really cool photos! =D
Excellent news :D I can't wait till Curiosity starts wandering around.
YAY! I've not seen so many joyous mission control specialists since the Apollo days! If only I were one of them :"/

The photos all seem to have some plunger-disk in the way ... THEY'RE DALEKS!