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Okay, this is just a little impressive. Toothless, as a "quad" suit. Or, if you prefer, video!

Muse's next album isn't out until September, but here's a peek, in their single release for the official Olympic song, Survival: iTunes, tested for UK and US availability. (It doesn't seem to be showing up on Amazon yet)

Here's an excellent example of the value of not dismissing childish ideas, from a June 1973 letter to the long-running BBC children's show, Blue Peter, from a 9 year old, on "I think I no how to make people or animals alive". Now? He's Professor of Rheumatology and Tissue Engineering at the University of Bristol, and played a key role in the successful implantation of an artificially-grown windpipe into a 30-year-old Colombian woman.

Cassini data suggests there may be an "underground" liquid water ocean on Titan, a mere one meter high - nonetheless, an exciting (possible) discovery! (Thanks to ysengrin for pointing that story out)

IceFoxx has a new track out: Tau Ceti, tagged as "progressive trance". 'Sgood. ^_^

A forthcoming policy review by Labour will, apparently, consider bringing the railways back under state control, as the terms of the current franchises expire. Though, as some in the comments point out, this wouldn't be the first time Labour's claimed such a position, as in this story from 1995.

A good new online furry comic: Swords and Sausages. (Tagline on the ad banner which led me there: "Dinner is dangerous") It updates on Saturdays, though not until the artist returns from their travels, in August.

I think I'll give it a try - the trailer does look quite promising, even if TouchArcade's review of The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P. cautions people not to ramp up their expectations to the level of the TV show. At $2 for the first episode, there's not a huge amount to lose, though that seems to be an introductory price until July 2, when it'll rise to $5.

Reading of RIM's latest troubles, I was curious as to how they'd received the original iPhone's release, and happened upon this quite splendid pile of corporate bullshit, if you'll excuse the phrasing. But.. well, here's the opening paragraph. Behold! "Yeah on the iPhone touch, I mean I don’t know, we do a lot of focused groups in what we do, there’s a lot of market research in what we do, we had a lot of market research from our customers in the markets on what the market expects from a solution. However, there has been some debate previous on graffiti and different touch and tactility things and [mechanical] vulnerability costs and battery kind of things and tactility things. I think the best thing will be that for these things to just get in to market and get going, and its just there’s just so many dimensions in our space happen sometimes people over define the category like its all about for so at last its all about the keyboard or its all about some input mechanism or its all about music play or something." Go on.. read the rest. It's just as good. ^_^;

And how much can you expect to get paid, if you can spout thusly? In 2010, about $5,100,000 in total compensation, including salary of $1,200,000.

Pony music vid for the day: Ring-a-Ding Baby!, a nifty electro-swing remix, with Spike in the lead role, backed up by Pinkie Pie and Vinyl. Somewhat different in music and visual style to most PMVs you'll see. (Via ducktapeddonkey)

An indie flick of interest: Robot & Frank, a tale set in the near future, of a retiree who wants to continue a mostly independent life, rather than being put in a home. So, one of his sons buys him a humanoid robot to help out.

As headlines go, this is one of the better, warming ones: 'Queen and Martin McGuinness shake hands'; the latter, for the unfamiliar, being the former leader of the IRA ("Irish Republican Army"). Even the most hideous of terrorism can come to a genuine end; it's hardly sealed and done with - it hardly can be, with hundreds of years of deep sectarian division - but the understanding is laid and present. (All the same, Private Eye's take on the situation is funny)

schnee had the bright idea of setting up an LJ RSS feed for unitednoshes, as I mentioned in my last entry. If you have any interest in the fun of cooking, or even eating, you might add it to your flist. ^_^ (Lobster with vanilla sauce, anyone?)

Could this finally be the end of homeopathy in the UK?

Here's a good example of just why peeps subject themselves to the heat of fursuiting: Flayrah's account of fur at San Francisco Pride 2012. ^_^

So, Saturday was a day of much delicious meat and cider, and some positively kick-ass music, courtesy of the likes of Seasick Steve and Alabama 3. A magnificent day, in great company, dampened only literally by the weather, which sometimes left you blinking to accommodate the bright sun, while your hood kept the rain away, at the same time. ^_^;

Rather a cute project: 3D maps of Tube stations. Only a few included at the moment, but the guy hopes to expand the site, if it sparks interest.

I would imagine anyone interested already knows of it, but I ought to make sure. ^_^ Here's Patapony, a rhythm game featuring a multitude of Pinkie Pies. It's in Java, and does indeed seem to run on a good variety of platforms.

It's fun when a company or individual discovers the Streisand Effect. First, the makers of "miracle" chocolate Xocai threaten a sceptical blogger; then, it reaches the English world; then, it reaches Popehat, then via myself, the inimitable S.L.Singh. =:D In a nutshell, they claim that "the antioxidants in chocolate may boost the immune system, improve memory, help with depression and be good for diabetics".

I'm not entirely sure I get the same buzz out of this officla Twitter dev posting as the author did. =:/ Applications that run within tweets? (But then, this is the company that seems to make a hobby out of frustrating developers)

It's a difficult franchise, really - Leslie Nielsen was so heavily responsible for just how priceless Frank Drebin (Sr) was; anybody following on from him has awfully big shoes to fill. I enjoyed it, nonetheless: it's not classic Naked Gun, but it felt sufficiently similar to be acceptable as (I suppose?) canon.

Oh, wow. A choice quote indeed.. so tragically typical, I suppose, in almost understanding the problem, and then managing to handwave it away. Still, to be fair, a solid reply to the iPhone would have taken a couple years of heavy effort - Google pulled it off by having already embarked on a similar project, though it was substantially influenced by Apple's work. Even Microsoft's gigantic resources have only now come out with a sensible reply - though perhaps their size is part of the problem, given the seemingly intrinsic difficulties in changing course within a very large organisation.

At this point, even when BBX does emerge, it'll have a tough time, unless they can manage to offer something particularly distinguishing - given QNX's heritage, I wonder if they might manage to be exceptionally power efficient? People might respond favorably to a smartphone with much longer battery life than offered by iOS and Android. But even then, the existing options have such a wealth of app options. (I wonder if there's been any meaningful survey of how many applications people have on their phones and tablets.. I imagine there's a non-trivial number who barely download anything, but that most will have hundreds, given the free/dirt cheap nature of most, whatever the genre)