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Fun music vid for the day: Mat Zo & Arty - Mozart. Good, solid dance track, with a particularly enjoyable narrative. All quite low budget, nothing special in the production department - just a fun premise, nicely enacted.

The forthcoming Judge Dredd flick released its trailer. And yes, it really looks like they've pulled it off, albeit with rather less interesting bad guys than Mega City One has thrown up in the past. Or, rather, future. =:)

If you're in need of a Doctor Who fix, Kasterborous has an answer, in the form of Time Leech, a graphic novel that's now available in physical form as well as electronically. Proceeds will be split 50/50 between AICR (Association for International Cancer Research) and Children In Need. The PDF or CBR (your choice) is 99p, whilst the paper edition is £4.99 within the UK, or £9.99 for the rest of the world. (Unfortunately, ordering is unavailable for a few days, while they catch up with existing orders)

Fancy a flight on a Hello Kitty jet? No mere paint job this. ^_^

Pony for the day: a naturalistic Fluttershy and bunny. ^_^

Although, more genuinely useful is this collection of LJ tags. Did you know you can substitute arbitrary text in place of someone's username in an lj user tag, for example?

So, last entry, I noted Paramount were apparently bringing Snow Crash into production. In a stunning example of karmic symmetry, they've also put a hold on pre-production work for Michael Bay's TMNT hashup, pushing it from a Dec 2013 to May 2014 slot, apparently wanting to bring costs down, and rework the script. Who knows? Maybe they'll turn out not to be aliens after all.. ^_^;

A look inside the political factions vying for power in the Holy See, likened by the author to the old court politics of the Soviet era, with no transparency for outsiders.

I must've missed the announcement at the time, but it would seem foofers uploaded a slew of classic and pioneering CG shorts from the 1980s, in the VintageCG YouTube channel.

Surprisingly enough, Cosmo's 44 Most Ridiculous Sex Tips is NSFW. And way too much fun.

The Monday Note, a site I'll admit I hadn't encountered until recently, posted quite a worthwhile deconstruction of Nokia's latest press release, wherein they attempted to gloss over more bloodletting - now, another ten thousand people are being shown the door. It's not mere snark. Far from it: they're not letting the wool be pulled over their eyes, but it's an intelligent read. Interestingly, co-author is one Jean-Louis Gassée, no stranger himself to the varying fortunes of platforms. Sadly, it sounds as if the Qt team is amongst those eliminated - not overly surprising, I suppose, given Elop's avowed intent to turn the remnants of Nokia into a Microsoft house.

My expectation is that they'll go the way of Kodak within two years, with some core IP assets being sold off to Microsoft, but little of the company will remain, unless the "feature phone" market stays around long enough to sustain a vestigial presence. RIM I'm very slightly more optimistic about, as their QNX derivative does seem promising, but with iOS and Android to compete against - it's perhaps an insurmountable challenge, unless they can show off features or apps that are clearly substantially superior to anything possible elsewhere; but even that would only secure a portion of the geek segment, short of the ability to synthesise pizza on demand.

Last Monday was the cause for a modicum of relief at the salt mine, when I finally squashed a particularly awkward bug that'd been affecting my rendering for the past.. well, since it emerged into life a few months ago, but it would only manifest itself quite occasionally, and resisted attempts to be lured into the open with simple synthetic images. Finally, the other week, one partner's lead-in card for one TV spot I was preparing for the quarterly meeting recently manifested the issue - a few letters were incorrect. At long last, I had a very simple image to work with: a 24x48 PNG, small enough, if necessary, to go single-stepping through the code. As it turned out, that wasn't necessary. I took to dumping the encoding results to a readable debug log, but the logic I'd assumed was present caused a hiccup in the process, so I had to tweak said code to achieve a complete output. That then highlighted where the kink lay, which strangely enough corresponded to the odd rendering I'd observed on a particular pixel. From there, the cause was fairly easily identified - a brain fart on my part. A quick tweak later, and several example frames encoded and decoded perfectly. ^_^

And if you're in the mood for some classic synth waveforms, have a peek over yonder, where you'll find links (which you'll need to cut & paste) to the entire Fairlight CMI IIx library.

As a reminder to those within feasible reach of the throbbing heart of the City, the Castro Theatre continues to run Midnites for Maniacs, first Friday of the month, with triple bills for a paltry $15. July's will offer Clueless, Mean Girls, and Heavenly Creatures, from a pre-superstar director Peter Jackson, whilst August will bring Roller Boogie, Xanadu, and Car Wash - and all from 35mm prints. ^_^
Although, more genuinely useful is this collection of LJ tags. Did you know you can substitute arbitrary text in place of someone's username in an lj user tag, for example?

No. Thanks for the link; I only recently learned about <lj-like> and <lj-repost>, and it looks like there's several more I didn't know about.
It's all quite delightfully interesting for the LJ geek, ne? =:) I think I heard about lj-like at some point, but I've never been one for those arrays of icons at the end of posts elsewhere; lj-repost must've slipped me by entirely. I just hope LJ doesn't slip toward being tumblr, with "reactions" being that procession of "liked this" lines stretching on down.

And then there's this "social capital" thing, which you don't even get to see, unless you have Cyrillic Services turned on - which would be fine, except part of that appears to involve some brain-dead toolbar appearing at the bottom, so not something I left enabled for long. Seems one use there is to differentiate between active, established users, and everyone else, giving them a free pass on the CAPTCHAs that they might otherwise encounter.
I hope LJ won't turn into Tumblr, either — from what I can see, I think they're trying to integrate the best of it and allowing people to use the site in a more tumblresque fashion without forcing it on anyone who doesn't want it. I'm fine with that.

And <lj-like> could be useful, too, if it allowed you to disable all those third-party trackers. :P Everytime I visit my own journal, Ghostery tells me it's blocked "Facebook Connect", "Google +1" and "Twitter Button", but not everyone uses such tools, and it's data relating to my journal that's getting leaked there. I wish I could just disable these outright.

The social capital thing is a bit weird. If they're using it to exempt people from CAPTCHAs etc., that's great, but I really don't get why you don't even get to see it as a non-Cyrillic user. I actually asked about that on the recent lj_releases post and got a reply from astronewt, but he only said I should opt in to Cyrillic services temporarily. Eh.

I think so, too. LJ has a certain culture around it, at this point - people are here not to just click on Like buttons, but as an addition, it should be fine.

Agreed on the tracking - I've blocked facebook in /etc/hosts on Dandelion, but of course, there's no such ability on the iPad, at least short of jailbreaking. (Indeed, not sure even then) It's a little worrisome to see just how very often OmniWeb displays the "could not be loaded" error image on all manner of sites. I'm nobody of any particular interest to any governmental agency, but it's disquieting nonetheless, knowing that a very few entities are, effectively, tracking every damn site you visit. It hardly seems unlikely that people like the NSA would be quite interested in such data, although I suppose they have more direct means, courtesy of taps at the major peering points, such as mae-east, mae-west, et al.

It does seem a bit curious it's limited in visibility thusly. You'd think it'd be trivial to enable it for all users, without bringing along the rest of the junk, like that awful bottom news ticker.

And let's hope there's some mild heat applied to the staff following Saturday's outage, which saw the status page unchanged throughout, happily declaring everything to be fine, as of June 18th. =:D
Oh yeah, the NSA likely doesn't need to rely on the data collected by commercial snoops. And either way, the likes of us would be far too small fish for them to fry, anyway; even if they somehow came across some dirt on Joe Random Livejournal-User, they wouldn't tip their hands just for that.

I'm really more concerned about commercial tracking, anyway; governmental tracking is something you can't do a lot about. It's a pretty sad testament to the state of affairs that it's being done, and to the extent that it is for that matter, but — it's not something I can change right now, so I'm not getting worked up over it. It wouldn't change anything, short of making me feel bad. (I *am* participating in the political process to change these things, though, which is about as much as anyone can do.)

Yeah, it IS a bit weird that you can't see your social capital. Even if they can't redesign or change user pages without getting the proper approval forms in triplicate from two mid-level managers, three secretaries and the janitor, you'd think there'd at least be a command for the admin console, or an API call, or something along those lines. (Of course, maybe there is and astronewt just didn't mention it.) Ah well, not so important yet.

Heh, there was an outage on Saturday? I didn't even notice. :) But yeah, the status page is usually useless, isn't it? If there's an outage, it usually only seems to be updated once that's over.
Grats on the bugsquashing.
It was a tremendous relief. ^_^ It was damnably awkward to locate, but once I had that delightfully simple target, tracing the cause was relatively straightforward. Now, every frame is just perfect. ^_^ (The fun comes in bringing it forward.. some hefty mathematics involved, but the coworker's inclined that way, so we'll be engaging in a good deal of MATLAB prototyping, then porting it over to the real codebase)
(Deleted comment)
(Yay, you're keeping your bunny icons! That's a particularly cute one)

It's a stern lesson to executives, but not one they have any incentive to accept, given the ongoing culture that regardless of the company's performance, you'll get millions, plus many more millions when you leave, whether in glory or tar. Meanwhile, all those responsible for Nokia's past innovations get given the boot. =:P

I fear that Nokia's going to get borged - Microsoft needs Windows Phone 8 to succeed, or at least be out there, but there doesn't seem to be any great stampede by manufacturers. If Nokia becomes, whether in whole or part, a Microsoft subsidiary, it's difficult to see them being able to operate with any independence, given how closely tied they're already becoming.

Not that I see it as remotely likely, but I wonder how Nokia and RIM might work together.. the latter's QNX-based OS does seem to have potential, and Nokia's long had a sterling reputation for their build quality.

('Course, I suppose I oughtn't even speak on the topic, given my iPhone 3G is coming on for four years old, and I'm in no great hurry to replace it - still does everything I want, even if the camera's rather half-hearted, in a very civilised manner)
Nokia seem to be winning lately...the Charlie Sheen way. I still remember their famous panzerphone 3310, had one for years. Still do, somewhere in my old place. Indestructable :)
Heh! I had something along those lines for a while, around 2004-2006, until I wound up giving it to my mother, who actually makes phone calls. =:)

If only there were a corporate equivalent of "the captain goes down with their ship".. but it seems once you're in the executive club, you can just flit between gigs, getting millions on entry and departure from a company, and millions more each year, regardless of its performance. (Meanwhile, the people making do on less stratospheric salaries get.. well, PayUpUK's been citing Sainsbury's as having seen profits rise by some 300% in the past few years, but with typical wages having actually fallen by around 6% in that time)

I wonder how much it would cost to build a "B" Ark spaceship..