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If you've got eight minutes to set aside, consider this video of Alan Rickman, from a series of videos "Portraits in Dramatic Time", produced for the 2011 Lincoln Center Festival, by David Michalek. (There are plenty of copies of this on YouTube, sometimes adding an amusingly dramatic soundtrack - the version I first saw used a loop from Inception. The original is entirely silent) It does indeed move slowly, in every sense - but it's surprisingly engaging, and effective as a character study, and the effect of such a marked time dilation has upon what would ordinarily be very routine, unremarkable acts. (Well, mostly..)

Speaking of time dilation, the WaPo recently posted a story on deep sea bacteria: "Call it survival of the slowest: Extraordinarily old, bizarrely low-key bacteria have been found in sediments 100 feet below the sea floor of the Pacific Ocean, far removed from sunlight, fresh nutrients and what humans would consider anything interesting to do. Some of these organisms, scientists say, could be at least 1,000 years old. Or maybe millions of years." Consider that for a moment - these particular examples, not the species, could themselves be millions of years old, so vastly slower is their metabolism.

The Leap is an input device, roughly analogous to a Kinect for hands, but designed with precision in mind - they claim accuracy down to 0.01mm. The demo video shows some surprisingly tidy writing, and drawing within a 1x1cm area on the screen, along with game control, and OS X style swipes and similar gestures. The big difference, it would seem, between this and a touchscreen for desktops is that your hand(s) don't need to be touching the screen, but can be in a more comfortable, natural location - stop snickering at the back, there - so you're not faced with the usual problem of reaching up to a display getting quite wearing after short periods of use.

From the London Review of Books, Gareth Pierce - a defense lawyer in extradition matters - writes on the Framing of al-Meghrahi.

There really needs to be a shirt produced of this design. The artist notes they do intend to. (What other furry shirts can you recommend? There aren't that many, especially once the more cheesecake/beefcake designs are discounted. Bonus points for lapinity =:)

The Home Office has a survey regarding marriage equality, which UK peeps may wish to complete - it's fairly concise, and shouldn't take more than around five minutes to complete, unless you have plenty to say. =:) The consultation document linked from there outlines the proposals tidily and eminently clearly. The consultation period closes on June 14 2012, so be sure to respond by then.

Very much for the electronics geek - a very detailed look inside two iPhone chargers: a cheap, anonymous unit, and Apple's rather less cheap device. It's interested for its examination of the different ways in which one can go about designing a circuit that has essentially the same function, but with different levels of quality of the output smoothness, and the safety margins involved.

Does Grillstock not sound rather enjoyable? =:9 "Music, Meat & Mayhem return to Bristol this Summer! Grillstock is back and it is bigger, louder and meatier than ever! Soak up the smokin’ atmosphere, tantalise your tastebuds with the best in BBQ cooking, and tune your ears to some of the coolest live music around. Great flavours, great bands and great characters in this fantastic festival for all the family." Saturday headliner: Alabama 3.

Well, that's one way for visitors to remember this place.. as I was passing by, someone asked out generally if anyone lived here. I noted I did, but didn't recognise the place they were enquiring of, and was about to reach into the bag for the wonderslab, when I heard a loud *squirt*, and saw the two guys suddenly adorned with brown splashes, victims of the eternal gull-human battle. They couldn't help but break out laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. ^_^; (Mercifully, I was almost entirely untouched..)

I'm not hugely into sports, as you know, but you can also feel the pride radiating off the runners chosen as torch-bearers. I'm happy for them. ^_^

Aye — sharing is caring, I think, but attribution should go without saying (and no slapping your own site's watermarks etc. on others' work!).

And if someone specifies "no commercial use", that should be respected, too. But yeah, it's a good question — what IS commercial use? Printing something on t-shirt is pretty obviously commercial even if you fail to turn a profit, but it gets murkier when you e.g. have a personal blog that also happens to run ads.

The Run CMC picture was done by Dori-to on DA, BTW. As far as I can tell, it's not available under ANY CC license, certainly none that would permit commercial use.

As for the rest of the things you linked...

The video portrait in dramatic time of Alan Rickman was interesting, but I'm not entirely sold on the concept; I was ready to turn it off after a minute, and only stuck with it after peeking ahead and seeing that it had some action. Even with that, though, I'm not sure I feel it was worth the ~8.5 minutes I spent watching it. 'course, I also am entirely unclear on what was actually happening and why he flung the glass of tea at the camera and threw over the table.

The bit about chargers was interesting, too, and in fact illustrates one problem I have with many components (electronic or otherwise): too often, you're faced with the choice between a complete lemon on one hand, and a good-quality but ridiculously overpriced item on the other hand. (20 USD extra for 1 USD worth of extra components etc. and an Apple logo?) I suppose if you're already paying for an iPhone and an expensive cell phone plan, it doesn't really matter, but I with companies weren't quite so greedy. (Sure, Apple has every right to charge a couple of extra bucks, but 20 extra? That's too much.)
As it happens, I sent a PM to Dori-to asking about the "Run CMC" design (and saying I liked it) -- and he told me that he liked the idea of a shirt but no, he wasn't happy about this other person using it without telling him. The ideal outcome would be for the two of them to work out something between them, but I don't know whether that will happen.
Ah, that would be ideal, yes! Maybe (s?)he'll be able to put the design on Zazzle or so.