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I'm very happy to note that "my" bun is back. ^_^ As indeed is her suitor, judging by his behavior as I approached - unfortunately, rabbit courtship tends to be a rather.. well.. damp affair, and not overly enjoyed, as far as I can tell, given the usual reaction is to try cleaning themselves as quickly as possible. She wasn't too keen on letting me close, and was mostly content to carry out her rock impersonation, but still - it's very good to know she's well. ^_^

(And now to catch up on the past few days of LJ! I've fallen behind, I'm afraid)

patch_bunny pointed out to me that the Mystery Fandom Theater 3000 productions are up on archive.org now! The first one is Little Red Riding Hood.

whitetail noticed one of the more stunning furry-themed latex costumes I've seen: Evil Bambi, realised by Oliver Spiers at Obsidian Design, London; photography by Jen Hell.

Welcome to Life is a 2m45 short, starting with you being notified of your death, and subsequent activation as an uploaded consciousness. It's more than a little cynically realistic, however..

B&H are running a little photography competition: submit your best Springtime photo (although, the rules only specify "your best spring photograph", so upholstery fetishists might consider entering as well), and they'll select ten shortlisters, which will then be open for a public vote. Prizes on offer are $500, $150, and $100 gift cards. Closes at the end of the month; specifies US only, but, you know. =:)

Or, for a compo with a rather more unique angle, Crucial's offering dinner with Woz. Worldwide entries appear to be fine.

Some examples of Lytro photography, permitting refocusing on different points of the image.

In other photographic niftiness, Autodesk's got 123D Catch out, for iPad 2 & 3 only (for the fairly good reason of the first rev lacking any cameras) - take a series of photos, and it'll convert them to a 3D file. The magic's performed server-side, but still, quite cool.

Last week, the Perian developers posted an open letter stating that it will be retired in the not so distant future. (For anyone outside of Macland, it's a QuickTime plugin that bundles up a variety of helpful functions, like Matroska container support, SSA/SRT subtitles, Vorbis, and more) It's not immediate, but does clearly state: "Starting 90 days after the final Perian release, we will no longer provide support. We'll wrap up our loose ends, pack up our bags, and move on to new and exciting projects." It'll remain FOSS, though, so the torch may wind up simply being passed on to a fresh crew of developers.

jessie_pup spotted this gorgeous new stamp collection from the Royal Mail, on fashion - quite strikingly done, cleanly removing the faces, leaving the clothes and poise as the focus.

By contrast, the work of Alex Box..

For anyone who remembers Neonbunny's "A Bunny Named Starfox" mix, you might enjoy seeing the genuine music video for one of the tracks involved, La Bionda "I Want To Be Your Lover", from 1980. Not quite Heavy Metal, but not so very far off. ^_^

This is actually good. ^_^ Meco - Star Trek Medley - full-throttle disco.

Spectral Instruments make highly sensitive cameras - typical applications are in orbital astronomy, at the National Ignition Facility at LLNL, and cellular microbiology. They'd quite like to make a unit that could be used like a normal camera, if there's sufficient interest to warrant making it - it'd still be a one-off, but the idea is that they'd make it available to skilled photographers, to see what they could accomplish with it. Here's Zeke to explain.

Here's a handy tutorial on modding a Kani into a pony. Maybe it's just me, but I found the way the Kani head happily carried on occasionally blinking, when isolated from its body, a bit disturbing. ^_^;;

True, it's just a company promo - but it's (a) amusing, (b) quite definitely furry. =:D Pure Storage: You Know You Want Flash, Right? (And they've got a drawing to win some SSDs)

The iTunes Festival app just received its 2012 update, with the first of the acts that'll be filling the Roundhouse throughout September (rather than July, as in previous years). Only four confirmed at the moment, so there's no hurry to apply for (free) tickets. ^_^

It's Dig Dug's 30th anniversary - and Namco's commissioning a slew of webcomic folks to chime in. =:D

Last Saturday's amblings got truncated somewhat, thanks to (surprise!) not setting off until the middle of the afternoon. Still, I did have a good ramble around the intended starting point of the voyage back, modulo two points where the right of way had been interrupted, once by a gate being chained up, another by an electric fence strung midway across. =:P Still, really, that hardly detracted desperately from the day, with the sun sparkling in the stream waters, and the deer enthusiastically blowing me off. I spotted one deer, quite by chance, in the adjacent field - we exchanged glances, and they bounded off melodramatically, as is the cervine wont. Of course, I only had the short lens on the D90, not expecting such a sight.. now, you could excuse that the first time, and perhaps the second.. but it wasn't until after the third time I resolved to accept the hassles of navigating styles with a hefty camera in hand. And there he was.. too far away for good shots, unfortunately, but so it goes.

Sunday, meanwhile, was characterised by the Dead End sign. *sigh* I knew where I wanted to reach, as part of the day's route, but it wasn't to be - or at least, easily. ^_^; The first path down to the river valley turned out to become something of a rocky stream, and these boots are on the worn and porous side. (Even if new, that ruggedness would've required serious hiking soles) So, I took the slightly more circuitous route to the road I was aiming for, which was easy going, and included a look at mad scientist's farm, with results of stretching innocent sheep's necks to crazy proportions. Still, they seemed happy enough. Wandered along, and hit a dead end, courtesy of a You Shall Not Pass landowner. How nice. Backtracked, up and along toward the same spot.. and yep, same thing. Thankfully, cutting through a nearby woods onto a surprisingly busy little road finally yielded exhausting success, up a trail with remnants of a rocky pathway, ideal for suicidal bikers. A little further, and I reached the scene of a 1653 battle, now the very scene of quiet pastoral life. By that point, I'd opted to aim for dinner at another of the few pubs my preferred local belongs to, with an 8pm deadline in mind, after which my wishes for food would be denied.

I arrived, ordered a pint of their seasonal special, and proceeded to enjoy the tantalising menu, before checking the bus schedules again - whereupon I came to the Horrible Truth that the 10pm bus I'd been aiming for only ran on holidays, not every Sunday. Thankfully, I was in good time to catch what was apparently the final bus back into town. I suppose I could've walked back, but it'd been 4.5 hours already, and I wasn't much in the mood for another two hours, especially with nowhere to eat to look forward to by that point.

Perhaps I ought to post some of the shots along the way? Here's one, in any case.

Compare: new, unskippable anti-copying ads for US DVDs & BDs, each on screen for ten seconds; and a skippable spot produced for UK discs.

A pizza of note: begin with a Sainsbury's roquito "Taste the Difference" pizza. Add a good sprinkling of smoked hot paprika, herbes de provence, and rosemary; then, a chopped artichoke heart, and some capers. Cook mostly through, before adding raw tiger prawns, then return to the oven for completion. One of the best pizzas I've enjoyed at home in quite a while. ^_^
Almost makes me wonder if I could manage something like that, but trying something like that on myself would probably have hilarious results.. =:) Maybe someone could try that on you, though? ^_^

That'd be fun. I love bodypainting, and I'd love to have it done on me. I'd be pretty open to having my hair shorn or dyed creatively to match, too. ^^ *wags*

I'll send you an email regarding those tracks. :)

Hmm, I just have to ask — what does Autostitch make of that panorama? I don't quite recall if there's a (free) Autostitch version for the Mac, but I've generally had good results with it; it's limited in how large the resulting image can be, but it usually works, and it does everything automatically, unlike tools like Hugin (which I never got the hang of).

The shot you put up, though — I'd add it to the site, yes. :) Even if you end up not selling many prints, it doesn't hurt, right?

If you're in this neck of the woods sometime, I'd happily revisit that locale. ^_^ Just don't gloat at how massively more in shape you are. Or will be, once the healing's all done - do they have any timescale on when you'll be back in mint condition?

Mmm, I'd love to go there and take a hike myself. :) And I may not be in that much better shape (although I don't know how good YOUR shape is, so I can't compare :)).

No, on real timeframe yet. Exercise is only allowed some six to eight weeks after the surgery (it's been 19 days now); specific training of the abdominal muscles etc. can only be done after three months, but biking etc. won't take quite as long, fortunately. Of course, that's assuming that there'll be no complications that keep me from doing things.

It's desperately frustrating, seeing publishers and labels continue to persist with the same mistakes - even now, iTunes (and presumably, even moreso for the regrettably few competitors) has these yawning gaps in their catalogue, with prices often barely competitive with physical discs, despite the absence of manufacturing, distribution through the chain, etc. So frustrating to find a film unavailable, or in SD only, and at the same price as a BD with a stack of extras unavailable in any download edition.

Yeah, I agree. This always bugs me about music purchases, too; if I'm paying almost as much as a physical CD, I'd expect a BIT more than just a simple MP3 file (high bitrate, but still). A lossless format should be standard, and albums should include artwork and liner notes just like a CD does.

At least they don't have copy protection anymore, though. (That's one of the reasons why I'm still only buying books as dead-tree editions.) Well, "regular" books, that is; I've never looked into e-comics (but then the kinds of comics I read are usually published as books, anyway *s*).