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I might have seen "my" bun again! It's difficult to be certain, though, as they departed fairly soon after I arrived, though not before I'd set the bag down and swapped the lenses over, thankfully. From their left, the eye seems much more pronounced than I'd seen before; on the other paw, from the right side, there does seem to be a shallow ear notch of similar length and position. I do hope it turns out to be her. ^_^ (And conversely, the ears don't seem to match the male that dropped by a couple times, as shown here)

Here's an interesting tweak to a search engine - Million Short. "The thinking was the same popular sites (we're not saying popular equals irrelevant) show up again and again, Million Short makes it easy to discover sites that just don't make it to the top of the search engine results for whatver reason (poor SEO, new site, small marketing budget, competitive keyword(s) etc). Most people don't look beyond page 1 when doing a search and now they don't have to." You get to select, in a pulldown, whether you want to remove the top million (the default) sites, or decreasing powers of ten, ie 100k, 10k, 1000, or 100. And indeed, it actually works - you'll find relevant sites, but not the usual ones you'd normally see elsewhere.

There's a Fetish Art Show in SL coming soon. ^_^ Deadline for applications is today (May 5), exhibits ready by the 10th, opening on the 13th.

Culled several more folks from the flist, pruning peeps who haven't surfaced on LJ in a while. Thankfully, my friends page here remains active enough I still have to check at least daily, if I don't want to wind up being forced to skim through. ^_^ Even though those folk have left LJ, I do nonetheless feel uncomfortable, and rather sad, unchecking that box. It goes without saying, of course, that I'll happily add anyone back if they do start twitching again.

By Plomomedia on Flickr; background here

Direct from Brad Bird: "Got lowdown on RAT 3D(Dland Paris): $ limitations made theater build not viable. 3D version of RATATOUILLE done and waiting. Ride in works."

I'm rather liking the sound of this Kickstarter project, aimed at funding a film: Granny's Dancing on the Table. It'll be Creative Commons licensed, BY-NC-SA - fittingly, given the creator of the project's previous endeavor was distributed via The Pirate Bay, and indeed, where this link came from, on their front page. ^_^ (FWIW, I was originally seeking an HD version of Cats Don't Dance, given Warner's all but buried it, but it doesn't seem there's even been any HD broadcast thereof, let alone a proper HD release. Such a pity, as it's one of the 90s' most creative animated features)

LJ's offering Planned Parenthood vgifts during May, in $1, $5, and $10 versions, with all the money going toward PP.

One of the former Doctor Who executive producers, Piers Wenger, is to be the new head of drama for Channel 4. Augurs well for a channel that once had quite an avant garde reputation, before settling into a middle age dominated by "reality" shows - will they manage to head back toward their origins?
The coons!
Right in the City, too - and so many! About all the wildlife I saw there, even in the middle of the night, was the odd rat, and not even many of them. Closest I've been to that kind of scene was several years back, visiting whitetail, where he managed to lure several of the local rackety-coons to his porch. Such cute muzzles, munching away on the kibble.. =:D (The fur's a bit coarse, though, as I found at a place in Oregon, where one clambered around my shoulders. Difficult to beat a bunny for softness of fur, short of chinchillas)

That said, it does pay to pay attention. =:)
The debt collection agencies have started hiring bears!
Surely that's been the strategy all along? =:)
(Deleted comment)
I'm wondering if they got a concessionary rate. Or maybe they each claimed the one in front was a guide? =:)
Great news from Brad Bird! You can imagine how excited I am, both about the ride and the 3D movie. (If you can't, check my Twitter stream. ;) ) But what is your source? That looked like a tweet but but I can't find Brad Bird on Twitter.
Weellll.. I could either give you a hint..

Or, if that's insufficient, there's a specific pointer, which should pretty much give it away..

Or, just the link. =:)
I could have just clicked on the link, but sleuthing it is much more fun. I will have to look for that sequence in Ratatouille now. I don't know why he didn't pop up on my search.
Yay! I didn't want to just give it away.. seemed more fun like that. ^_^

Eh, Twitter's always rather flaky, from the old Fail Whale to the random unfollowings. =:/ Sort of fitting that my client seems to only sometimes autocomplete a name in its search, I suppose. Maybe I'll take another look for a better one - what's your take on OS X Twitter clients? And iOS, for that matter. At present, I'm using Yoru Fukurou on Dandelion - free, and with some very helpful features like pattern matched muting, so I can eliminate the usual autotweets like 4sq (though thankfully, not many people I follow engage in autotweeting), as well as common spam patterns. The downside is, the UI's a bit oddball - usable, it doesn't really feel right.

On the iPad, meanwhile, I've stayed with the official client, as they've seen fit not to mess around with the UI, keeping it just nice and slick. Downside is, of course, no muting. (And also not ideal for copying from a tweet - hafta open it in Mail, and copy from there) And no option to retweet "old style", which I sometimes prefer.

I'm impressed with the way Brad Bird handles Twitter - he does genuinely converse with people, despite being fearsomely busy. If only the animation bug would bite him again.. ^_^
I just use the official client on both my iPhone and iPad. I'm mostly satisfied with both of them, though I am annoyed on the iPad side with lack of copy and paste. I have sometimes resorted to opening the tweet in Safari so I can copy and paste from there. I can see the appeal in pattern match muting, but maybe those 4sq autotweets haven't annoyed me enough yet to want to block them out. I only dip into the stream from time to time, so most of Twitter just passes me by. I'm imagining myself as an elderly water rat who's content to just sit on his back porch and watch the river flow by, occasionally dipping a fishing pole in the water, maybe hoping to draw the attention of a cute otter. ;)

It seems Brad Bird does still care about Ratatouille as it's my understanding he oversaw the conversion to 3D. I would love to see a worthy sequel to Ratatouille but I know that's not likely. I still have the 3D rendition and the ride to look forward to it. You may be assured I will be making a pilgrimage to Disneyland Paris when it's done. I just hope I don't miss Ratatouille 3D when it's released in theatres. I don't know how wide of a release it will get, or if it will even come to Brisbane. Assuming it makes it to Sydney it will be worth the trip to see it down there. Yes, I'm still a die-hard Ratatouille fan. It's kind of sad really.
That certainly is exciting news about the Ratatouille ride being built at Disneyland Paris...and I love the photo of all the raccoons boarding the bus...I've gotten really into raccoons lately. ^^

Edited at 2012-05-06 12:11 am (UTC)
I'd love to get along to see it, once it's complete! And of course, there's Parc Astérix not too far away. (And then there's California Adventure, which I still haven't seen - last time I was at Dizzyland was 1997)

Raccoons are awfully neat sorts. ^_^ I actually started off in furrydom as a raccoon, before evolving through some changes, winding up as a red panda for quite a while. So resourceful, and fiendishly dextrous! Wonder how long it'll be before we start "uplifting" them.. =:D
So long as your entries aren't friends-locked, and I can't see them. :)

I admit, my LJ is pretty dead (I stopped bothering with it after December 2008), and I've no intention of starting on it again, so there's no point having it on your friends list anyway. These days I retain it purely to read other people's entries...
Eep! You're still with us! ^_^

Aw, you're sure you won't resume posting? Surely there are things to relate of your goings-on in that time? I'll add you back, anyhow. I don't tend to post non-public entries much, as you know - just the very occasional entry. Reminds me, I ought to offer up some music again sometime.. it's been quite a while since the last such, though I'll admit, my music collection's been fairly static in the past year or two, with only a few purchases, and barely any net.acquisitions either, mostly for want of recommendations.
I realised back in LJ's heyday that I'm not for placing all the minutiae of my life on public display... :) Which isn't to say that I don't enjoy seeing other people's minutiae, voyeur-like.

Thanks for adding me again!

I got Cats Don't Dance on DVD, and to my great horror, it is NOT widescreen letterboxed!
It seems unlikely to ever come out in LB, let alone Blu-ray. :(

Interestingly, IMDb claims it actually was produced in 4:3! Quite an unusual aspect ratio for a feature production these days, but I suppose at the time, they had an eye on the home video release, and the then-dominant aspect ratio, back in yon days of scarily high voltages and 40" TVs that required a couple people to hoist into place, leaving room for the coal chute at the back.

Yep, I've got that DVD as well. Pretty much obligatory. ^_^ And virtually no extras, either - certainly no look behind the scenes, or commentaries. I was quite surprised to find no download from an HDTV broadcast either, as often can be the case for films unreleased on BD, such as Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Such a terrible pity - it's got some of the most lively animation of any modern production, excellent use of color, and memorable show-tunes, not to mention some unforgettable quotes and voices.. "Yes, Miss Dimple." (Which won't mean anything to anyone who hasn't seen it =:)
I'm sort of still here kind of in a way maybe ish.

I have less to contribute lately (for reasons I can't really elaborate upon), but I do still love and need the folks I watch.