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Congratulations to huskyteer for winning Writers' Village's Spring 2012 contest, with a genuinely top-notch vignette, The Philospher & the Weasel. Even if you're pressed for time, it's worth a read. ^_^ It begins:

Socrates was sitting cross-legged in his cell when the weasel bellied in through a gap at the base of the wall.

It was a beautiful little beast, with soft, russet fur fading to cream on its belly, and bright black eyes. Its slender tail was tufted at the end, and it travelled with a liquid, looping motion. To Socrates, it seemed such a perfect creation that it might have been the original Form or Idea of a weasel on which all other weasels were modelled. The philosopher sat still as a marble statue, watching his visitor sniff and scurry its way to the crust of bread in his clay bowl.

Kaire, Big Beard!” said the weasel. “Mind if I take this?”

There's some quite perfect design work in this series of posters designed by the Lowe Agency, for the Colsubsidio Book Exchange, on the theme of "come with one story, leave with another".

I've got to make note of this MLP fan animation, of noteworthy quality, wherein Octavia is interviewed on life with a DJ roomie. The animation quality isn't much below what you'd see in the show, with commensurately convincing voice acting - and it's funny. Also in animation, there's a 2m26 short by Dana Terrace, completed in some eight weeks. It's a simple little story of a bullied bunny, who gains a seemingly unlikely ally, in Kickball.

Folks interested in Second Life aviation might want to note this event on a suite of German sims, on Sunday, May 6 2012, from 3am-3pm Pacific/11am-11pm BST.

I'm not one for celebrity, but, This Is Not Porn is rather interesting, all the same - celebrity photos, but of a much more genuine, casual kind than you'll usually see, like Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker off set, the former in half of Chewie; or Iggy Pop grinning while reading a copy of Nursing Times on a bus. (Thanks to ducktapeddonkey)

Storage fiends! Is 1TB really still the largest 2.5" drive around (12.5mm or thinner)? Seems a little odd that I purchased Dandelion's current 1TB back around June 2010, and yet there's apparently nothing larger now, almost two years on, other than a couple chunkier drives intended for PS3/X360 use, whilst 3.5" drives have swollen up to 3-4TB. Still, at least it looks like the replacement will be 9.5mm rather than 12.5mm, so it'll have a bit more leeway inside the case.

I've only just learned about quite an intriguing SF book collaboration: The Long Earth, coming on June 21 2012, by Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett. It's a tale of parallel worlds, with the description reminding me somewhat of the original Adventures of Luther Arkwright. (Now, tell me that wouldn't be something amazing to see on the big screen.. though, by the time Hollywood got through with it, they'd probably have it re-imagined into a Sylvester Stallone vehicle =:)

As you may have read, Dana Simpson, of Ozy & Millie fame, has a new strip out, syndicated by Go Comics: Heavenly Nostrils, beginning with accidentally hitting a unicorn with a rock being skimmed across a lake. Needless to say, that's been added to my daily comics roster straight away.

Want to sponsor a fursuiter in Race for Life Stockport 2012, on May 27? Now you can. ^_^ Proceeds go to Cancer Research UK.

A webcomic I noticed (advertised on OGLAF!): Wizard School. It owes a lot to Harry Potter, but takes the thinking down a different road - what if the Marked One were, in actuality, a plant delivered to them by the bad guy? In this case, the most vainglorious "winner" they could find.

In an amusing footnote to the incredible situation of an Indian sceptic being charged with blasphemy for explaining a "weeping cross" (capillary action) being promoted as a miracle by the local Catholic church, one commenter noted, "There's a story that geologist William Buckland once visited a cathedral in which a substance claimed to be the blood of saints kept appearing on the stone floor. Buckland examined the liquid and promptly identified it as bat urine."

The Surface Tension Lamp is rather a neat bit of design - its "envelope" is a bubble. If it bursts, a new one forms, and the show continues; the light comes from an LED source, so it remains unaffected throughout.
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