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A rare personal appearance

Finally! Madhouse has released the (well, second, I suppose) trailer for The Wolf Children Ame & Yuki, about a student who meets a werewolf, and winds up starting a family. Be cautioned, there are quite high levels of cuteness and lupine fuzziness involved. It's untranslated (though that'll change soon enough =:), but it really doesn't matter. (And to remind those who've seen them - this is from the director of Summer Wars, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time; so it has a chance of being quite good)

Unmitigated design brilliance: tyrannosaurus radiator. And on that note, if you don't happen to follow Wondermark, you'll not have noticed mention of Dapper Dinos, a weblog dedicated to postings thereof.

Following NASA's withdrawal in February, it seems likely that Roscosmos and ESA will commit to joint missions to Mars, due for 2016 and 2018.

Fancy a sofa with synth style? It can be yours, although you'll need a bit of spare change for it.

What happens if you sync the Cookie Monster to Tom Waits? Have a look. Works.. remarkably well. ^_^

A teaser for Pac-Man: the Movie, if it were to become a live action movie.

Want a (fake) grizzly bear coat? 'Course you do. Here's your chance to back its manufacture, via Kickstarter. And, hey, it's a San Francisco project - which is naturally a complete shock.

If you find yourself on a cellular connection sometimes, and needing shell access, MOSH (MObile SHell) from MIT might be worth looking at. Entirely free, and, well.. in the FAQ: "Q: Why do you have sophisticated colorimetery in your terminal emulator!? A: It seemed like the right thing at the time…"

A little article on strange cameras, including one with plexiglas lenses ground with ash and toothpaste, and another with a heart, literally.

The coming episode of The Simpsons will feature a couch gag animated by Bill Plympton! I might actually watch an episode again for the first time in.. probably about four years, and about as long before that. (Futurama, on the other paw, I eagerly await every new episode)

I should perhaps note the passing of Jack Tramiel, another prominent figure in the rise of home computing, as anyone who's had acquaintance with Commodore or Atari's wares will know.

For Bay peeps: Brad Bird will be at the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio, discussing "The Disney Treatment: Walt's Versions of Classic Stories", at 3pm on May 19th.

I'd forgotten I'd commissioned Ende for a pic a while ago, before I gave up on FurAffinity. Quite randomly, I stumbled upon the outcome the other day. ^_^ (And there's a second image too, over here!)

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