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The Tinies of Raglan Shire has met its Kickstarter goal, with over $10k pledged, against an original target of $8,500. ^_^

Trailer for the day is Safety Not Guaranteed, which leads from a classifed ad, reading "WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You'll get paid after we get back. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before." - this is picked up by a local newspaper reporter and his two interns. And the trailer got the nod from Brad Bird. ^_^

You might consider sending a few currency units toward eliki's aunt, as sponsorship for a fun run she'll be taking part in in July, to help raise money for Cancer Research. The target's only £100, but it'd be rather neat to see that exceeded. (And if you're a UK taxpayer, remember to tick the Gift Aid box, so Cancer Research can reclaim the income tax paid, boosting the amount donated with no extra work involved)

It seems the BBC is quietly planning a separate downloads store, Project Barcelona "(no, none of us can remember why it's called that)". Still at a very early stage, though - the intent is to make it the case that it's the norm for anything broadcast to then be available for purchase.

loganberrybunny may be in a position to offer an informed opinion on this article on the high cost of rail travel in the UK, versus European neighbors. It's more than the average puff piece declaring that fares are high, though, asserting that the industry itself is less efficient than elsewhere, with a battery of charts to make their case.

If you live in the EU or Croatia, the EU has a survey for GLBT folks, taking around 15-20 minutes - all completely anonymous, with no use of cookies.

Meanwhile, one researcher at Salem State University is running a survey on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, exploring the breadth of the fandom, and others who enjoy the show. It'll take around 5-15 minutes, depending on how brief or expansive you are in your responses.

An amusing little wheeze by the Mayor of London: "A report by the Mayor's office recommends the use of a sticky salt spray along busy streets to reduce the amount of dust in the air, especially during the Olympic Games. The biodegradable saline solution is sprayed by trucks usually used for salting the roads in winter. It acts like a glue attracting particles of dirt to stick to the ground rather than make dust. Already so-called “dust suppressants” are being used in 15 sites around London, including on Upper Thames Street, Marylebone and in Neasden Lane.
However, Simon Birkett, Director of Clean Air London, has pointed out that all of the sites are close [to] official air quality monitoring stations to measure the level of pollution in London."

Here's a pair of bunny yawn shots (not yet on Flickr), deliberately cropped to show pretty much exactly the same area in both. Try flipping between the two. =:D

Pony music video for the day: Sweet Apple Acres, set to an original composition, of a relatively classic rock nature, leaning heavily into the more bluesy side.

Rick Santorum: "My foreign policy philosophy is based upon my belief that America is an exceptional country - a land of freedom, prosperity & equality."

m1sp: "My friendship policy is based upon my belief that I am an exceptional person"

I should perhaps note that I'll probably be a bit thin on the ground on LJ over the next few days, as the former housemate's in town for a visit. There may be one or two excellent pints of beer and cider involved along the way, given the preponderance of excellent pubs, and all within a beautifully walkable city center. (Not to mention a variety of museums, miles of gorgeous Georgian architecture, and some fabulous Gothic churches)

Finally, here's a happy tale of one fursuiter who suddenly finds himself with a lost child.
I did a little digging, because that Tumblr story didn't quite jive with the person who posted it? Seems kinda odd for someone who's not a fur to be posting in first person. When I realized that Tumblr is mostly reblogs, I dug deeper?

The person in question is Dogbomb, who appears to be quite a celebrity in his own right. Heh! I dropped him a note that his story is going viral.

As for Rick Santorum, I am praying that Romney doesn't choose him as a running mate. *shudder*
Indeed, I ought to've tagged the posting accordingly. That sort of lack of attribution defines Tumblr, sadly, although random image posting's pretty much universal now, with seldom any thought given to the original artist or photographer.

Thankfully, the world's been spared the total religious nutjob candidate, in favor of the one who believes in magic underwear. =:) Not that Obama's exactly an atheist, but he doesn't make quite such a prominently pious show of his logical aberrations. But, yes, I suppose the possibility might remain of a show of solidarity and all that.. but, probably unlikely. My sense is Santorum was there primarily to help keep the evangelicals content as being "represented" within the party - now, the real business can get underway, with all the usual vested interests taking their positions, from megacorp to government, and then back again. It's like a version of The Circle of Life, just made of money instead..