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What might it be like to come into the world as a new robot? A tech demo from Sony - sadly not, they note, part of any title under development - explores the theme in Quantic Dream: Kara. It starts off quite simply..
it's a good one, that :)
Very effective. ^_^ It starts off quite "normally", and then we're hit with the reality. And, yes, as a tech demo it's also fairly impressive, although one could note that whilst all the graphics are generated in real-time on a mass-produced console, the vocals are still the work of people delivering their lines. Yamaha's Vocaloid voice synth tech's aimed at musical uses, but I wonder what progress they've made (if indeed they're looking in that direction, though it'd surprise me if they weren't) in the realm of acting, and expression.

'Course, you could be referring to the kitty. ^_^