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We - my mother and I - wound up heading down on Thursday, taking a few hours on the train. It was, thankfully, mostly a bright day, helping both our moods, as we had no idea just what condition Dad might be in - would he even be conscious?

Eventually, we got to his ward, and were shown into his room. I'm very pleased I did choose to bring along the camera, as I managed to take a few reasonable shots of both of them together, with smiles. His sister and her son later joined us, and more conversation ensued, before we eventually took our leave.

I'd been guardedly optimistic, as he did seem to be much improved on but a day or two previously - it seemed possible to look forward to being able to celebrate his return back home.

I tried to just get back into work, but the brain wasn't really going along with that plan, so I headed up to the former housemate's abode for company, as we've known each other for quite a while, and I thought Sunday's Douglas Adams' Virtual 60th Birthday Party might help. And indeed, it was a fairly amazing time, with science, comedy, and some incredible music (Procol Harum meets Pink Floyd, and more.. get musicians of that caliber together, recreating what DNA said would be his dream band, and indeed, he played host to such musical gatherings himself), on as perfect a day as one could wish for.

But, the call came, about an hour ago, letting me know that he's gone - seemingly suddenly, but peacefully. It seems difficult to believe, but.. I'll always have so many fond memories, and be grateful for an upbringing that let me always strive for what I wanted to accomplish, never judgmental, if sometimes bemused.
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Thanks. That's very kind of you. *hug* Right now, I'm just sort of distracting myself, in an attempt to realise I should get to sleep sometime, and reminiscing a bit.
I'm sorry.

I'm glad you could have so many fond and happy memories.
Indeed, I'm going through some of those times, like the visits to the villa we once owned, near some orange groves.. fruit doesn't get much fresher than that. ^_^ And the pool up the hill, fed by a mountain spring, then still completely untreated and unheated - bracing, but in the summer heat, what an experience! And no chlorine smell or sting, just fantastically clear water.

He didn't always agree with my choices, like me getting into computing - but he still wound up buying one for me, despite his protestations that it'd make my brain lazy. =:)
I'm so sorry, but am pleased to know that you were able to have one last day with him.
I'm so very sorry.

But it's good you got to see him one more time, and have such good memories of him.
*offers all the condolences I can*
Wow, I'm so terribly sorry to hear that.

Seems you have a lot of positive memories and are savoring them...that's reassuring to hear. Too often we deny ourselves these things when they're most needed.
I'm sorry to hear the sad news. My condolences to you.
So sorry to read this (looking back, I somehow missed your post last week as well).

My thoughts will be with you.
Really sorry :(
I'm sorry for your loss.
(Deleted comment)
I am trully sorry for you, my condolences !
I'm so sorry to hear that. My condolences.
I am sorry to hear of your loss; it is but small consolation to hear those words, I know. But from what I have read you seem to have a great stock of happy memories to draw on when you think of him - I hope they tide you well as you deal with this.
I'm incredibly sorry to hear about your dad.

It is really nice that you were able to get some photos; I found that it's something really good to have after... and the rest of the family will probably appreciate it just as much as well.