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So, Hzyenthlay's gone to the elder nephew. ^_^ Ah, I recall how enthusiastically I unboxed that wonderslab, on the way back from Los Altos to the City (no, I wasn't driving =:).. such a lovely high-resolution diplay, and so big - 1680x1050, 17". It's "only" a 1.67GHz G4, with the maximum 2GB RAM, but still a perfectly good system, despite being over six years old. (And the keyboard replacement went flawlessly! It'd had the top three keys dead since some water damage a few years ago, but the only impact for me was needing to use ctrl-H instead of Delete; but that wouldn't do in this new context. So, a cheap eBay purchase and iFixIt download later, and I was all set. Mostly fine, but ye gods, the adhesive connecting the trackpad and keyboard ribbons is a pain to separate gently. But, I had to try)

Hereon, this entry will be exclusively movie-oriented. Not really anything I'd planned, but, there've been a couple good flicks lately, and some especially fun ones coming. It'll probably be a very busy few weeks ahead, but I'll be around nonetheless. ^_^

Now, this is a film I definitely want to see: Beyond the Black Rainbow. It's listed as being produced in 2010, but it's only now seeing some form of release - by "now", I can only go by Apple's trailers page for it saying "coming soon". =:P Thus far, it seems to've only been shown at film festivals, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of it on iTunes or Amazon. One of the IMDb comments suggests the trailer does indeed convey what sort of trip you'll be in for, and certainly, not for everyone:

OK so for convenience, I'll just break it down to the kind of people who will like this movie, vs. those who won't. You pick your category and then you will know if you should see it. Because 1 out of 20 people will love this, and the rest will think it is the worst movie ever.

You will love it if: 1: You felt 2001 could have been even slower paced and still be awesome 2: You love really thinky sci-fi even if it doesn't involve people shooting aliens 3: You are crazy in love with 80's hair styles and weird synth music (this movie takes place in 1983, and takes that responsibility VERY seriously) 4: You loved Agent Smith's delivery of lines in The Matrix, and would have liked it if he talked even more slowly and threateningly 5: You think the only good sci-fi is 70's Russian sci-fi

You will hate this movie if: 1: You enjoy having more than one person deliver lines over the course of two hours (basically one speaking part in this movie, though the actor does a good job) 2: You don't like when movies are very, very pretentious 3: You like your movies to generally make an effort to make sense (at one point I swear the main guy gets a phone call from Speak-n-Spell) 4: You don't like when movies spend a considerable amount of their running time trying to injure the viewer's senses 5: You like a really good ending (if you look over the reviews, whether people loved or hated this movie everyone agrees the ending was weak)

All things considered, I really liked this movie, and so did the people I saw it with. But that's a bunch of film geeks. If you're a weird film geek too, I recommend it.

.. or ..

I saw this film at the AFI film festival. Before the film started the director said "I hope you're as messed up in the head as I was when I made this film." He was very right. The film is not for everybody, nor should it be. It is long, confusing, and I loved every minute of it. It is a film you have to buy into to enjoy, but once you're in you're in for a trip. A brilliant piece of science fiction, and contains one of the scariest scenes I have seen in a long time. The cinematography was also brilliant and some phenomenal lighting. This movie is not for those with a short attention span, but anybody who can sit through 2001, Enter the Void, or Stalker should love this film.

Two other trailers that make me wish I could see the film already:

The Fairy, a Tati-style comedy, and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, about a group of British pensioners lured to a retirement home in India.. and the cast measures up, including Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, and Maggie Smith.

Films seen lately:

- The Muppets. I'd been vaguely interested for a while, and then the family came up for a visit, so that was the obvious choice. Very well worth it. ^_^ Surprisingly smartly written, with some out-loud musical numbers, and a good old fashioned carpet-chewing bad guy.

- The Woman in Black. Ah, yes.. famous names may come and go, and all too often, their re-emergence is little more than a familiar name or logo. In this case, seeing "Hammer" at the start really does seem to usher in a return for the old name in British horror. For better and for worse, I'll admit - it felt often somewhat unrelenting, with little chance to savor normality again, before knowing that their world was again being thrown around. Still, there's hardly any shortage of atmosphere (or tropes =:), and the ending was particularly good.

- Chronicle. I felt matters escalated somewhat more quickly than felt plausible within that context, but nonetheless, despite the opening setting up some fairly unlovable characters, we began to feel some hope for their potential, and with it, sympathy for their future, and themselves.

At the risk of seeming to be a showbiz reporter in this entry, I was intrigued to see a Doctor Who comic crossover planned - with ST:TNG, wherein the Cybermen and the Borg forge an alliance, compelling the Doctor and Picard to join forces. We can only hope the writers manage to pull it off. ^_^
For quite a while I've wondered who would win in a Borg VS Cybermen situation, although the idea of a combination Borg-queen/Cybercontroller came up too...

Saw an eMac (with keyboard, mouse, and User's Guide) sitting at a local resale place the other day, although they hadn't put a price on it yet. I wonder what's a reasonable price for one of those, and how good they are (or aren't), anyways?
I think I might give the edge to the Borg, simply because the Cybermen seem fairly clumsy, whilst the Borg retain human agility, though that doesn't seem frequently exploited. I admit, I'll probably pick up the first issue to see what it's like - if the writers can pull it off, it certainly could be much fun to see the Doctor and Jean-Luc play off each other. =:D

Everymac's a good place to find a complete list of eMac specs, and their price estimates, though the best indicator's probably just checking completed sales on eBay. As for what they are: basically, the continuation of the original iMac concept, when they introduced the "sunflower" iMac, which transitioned the line to LCDs - to maintain a lower cost option for education, they also brought out the eMac, which retained its ancestor's CRT; Wikipedia has a timeline, and the range's own entry. They're pretty decent, though of course, they're not exceptionally fast by current standards, and importantly, are from the PowerPC days, so the absolute latest OS they'll run is Leopard (10.5.x), though ISTR there might be some slight fiddling required to install it on the earlier models, as the official requirements were something like 1GHz or faster.

Myself, I'd probably be more interested in a late PowerBook - again, still G4, but portable, and lower power consumption. Still, if you could snag it cheaply, it could be fun to hack around on.

The problem with PowerPC kit isn't just that the OS is older, but that quite a bit of software's now only being released for Intel - Linden Lab, f'rex, dropped PPC support a year or two back, so the only viewer options are the venerable 1.23.x-based crew, which are now lacking a fair few newer features. The ideal older system would be anything Core 2 Duo-based, but of course, that'd probably get into Actual Money. Still, eBay does toss up the occasional surprise, where some fluke of bidding means a good system goes for a song, and if there's a fault that isn't a main board replacement, or similarly expensive part, iFixit's free repair guides can help restore a system to full health- you're not exactly averse to some furkling around in digital guts, ne? =:)

It'll be alright in the end. If it's not alright then it's not the end - this'll be my motto from now on :D

I think I'd be keen on seeing 'Beyond The Black Rainbow'. I like a bit of mind-fucking cinema once in a while and this film does look like it can blow away.
So many great lines in just the trailer! And from the director of Shakespeare in Love, too, which I enjoyed tremendously. Thankfully, the trailer was shown before The Woman in Black, last night, so it'll actually be coming there before too long, unless they're just being teases. =:)

Agreed on BtBR. =:D It's been way too long since I revelled in the wonders of Tarkovsky or 2001, and there's not a lot of cinematic sci-fi that isn't all about blowing up aliens/robots/alien robots, though certainly some, as Moon demonstrates. Or, indeed, Primer.. ^_^ BTW, you might want to sniff out Timecrimes, a Spanish production from 2007, about one man's hop into the recent past, and the series of events that winds up involving him in.. rather good. Low budget, but not in a rickety way, simply few sfx.
Incidentally, I recently hacked up a little constellation of tools to do window management from the shell (mostly from already extant code, as I'm allergic to X internals) and wrapped it around a dmenu that runs with paths adjusted so that window commands can be called by name without cluttering the namespace of the normal shell, and threw a history mechanism onto it as an afterthought. In fact I was so lazy about the history that at first I didn't bother to uniq the items, so the list has some duplicates.

Earlier today I started typing and noticed that the completions list was...

Which made me giggle. Rather a lot.
dmenu is an awesome tool, thanks for mentioning it as I was just thinking of integrating a bunch of my little shortcut scripts & tools into a bash menu of sort and this does the job infinitely better and prettier.
Hehe. For a second I thought it might look uncomfortably pedantic to make a link of the mention of it but now I'm glad I did.
And I do want to see Beyond the Black Rainbow — oddly enough, I'll probably enjoy it much more for having read the reviews that complain of the lack of coherent narrative because I'll know not to expect an intelligible story and just approach it as an extended visual and sonic artwork. Afterall that's more or less how I experienced 2001 (saw it for the first time with a friend who was already a fan and who took care to warn everyone about the pace in advance).