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This may be the single most enlightening page you'll visit this year, and perhaps longer. "What is your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation?", as answered by 189 people of diverse professions. An example: David M Eagleman, neuroscientist, on the inelegance of the brain.

Via rabitguy, a series of one-hour podcasts that may be of interest to some of you: A History of Electronic Music, with subjects including Yellow Magic Orchestra, Depeche Mode, Brian Eno, Jean-Michel Jarre, the rise of the synth, the Hammond organ, and the early days of electronic music.

Some rather nicely done 1950s-style movie posters, from an alternate timeline, by Peter Stults. I only wish some of these could've been made, especially this casting:

Wonder if anyone here might be up for entering the 24 Hours of LeMons, a series of endurance stock car races around the US.. they do seem to have an admirably unserious attitude (whilst not compromising safety), as indicated in the FAQ. Basically, it's a 24 hour endurance race - though you can leave early, if you really want - in cars that were bought and prepared for up to $500, plus safety equipment. The Northern California events are in Sonoma (March 24/25) and Willows (September 15/16), though the entry deadline for the former's just passed, so you'd have to be considered as a late entry, which might or might not happen, depending on how you phrase your application. ('We usually get more applications than each racetrack can handle, so we have to pick and choose. Boring applications like "We are four guys who love to race, and we have done (blah blah blah) driving before" don't give us too much to work with: You might get in, and you might not. Applications like "Choose us, because we'll wear beaver costumes in the paddock and our car is entirely coated in birch bark" give you much better odds.')

Some very silly people have converted the classic Adventure game for current Macs, which you can download for free. Though, I think I'd've chosen the VT-220 font, rather than OCR-A.

And now, an intermission, prepared for the recent Look Around You 10th anniversary event at the BFI, which I had no idea was even happening until afterward. ^_^;;

I'd like to make a request of folks here - of course, not everyone will be comfortable with such, and ironically, I'm very much in that number, so feel entirely free to ignore this. ^_^ Might you be up for a voice entry sometime? You all appear in the same font, yet you all have such different voices, I'm sure. Whether using LJ's voice posting system, or just popping up an audio clip somewhere, it's all cool.

Ah, poop. Just heard from the retailer - seems they can't source that style and size from anywhere. But, they did offer an alternative style that's similar, though not as wondrously unbroken of line. Cheaper, too, which certainly doesn't hurt.

Should be fun to see if it works - out this afternoon on a wandering, I took some shots of the town below. The easy way would've been to shoot at a relatively short focal length, such as the Tamron's closest of 28mm. But more fun would be to use the rather better Nikkor - but at 300mm, that's not much of a field of view per shot. And so, allowing for generous overlap (I hope), I took 247 shots.. 'course, now the trick is going to be how to stitch them together (a) successfully (Hugin seems to fare poorly with large sets), (b) without taking until the end of the year to do it. I'll try PTGui first (just a trial version, for now), as that's been flawless with anything I've thrown at it, and then see if Hugin can manage something good.
Not even sure how to go about doing a voice entry.
Hm! Not entirely sure myself. ^_^; Let's see if the FAQ is enlightening.. ah, there we go.
About what I thought. I lack a paid account.
In which case, you could upload the compressed audio file to a free hosting site, like Chirbit, or I can drop it onto my site's filesystem and send you the link. There are many ways to be heard. =:)
Had had no idea that Look Around You was popular in the mainstream. I always thought it was the preserve of nostalgia buffs and people with a very silly sense humour i.e. people like me :)

Those alternate dimension film posters are made of pure win ^^

Edited at 2012-01-17 01:54 pm (UTC)
On the bright side, it's unlikely there'll be a watered-down US version. ^_^

(Though, it's fun to imagine what it could be like, if done by a dream cast - but the very dry humor involved would seem awkward to map over particularly well, without changing its nature entirely. As for how bad it could be.. well, there was that Red Dwarf pilot =:)

The posters reminded me of how very rare painted posters are now - a pity, I feel. Just about every poster design now uses photos, seldom anything drawn or painted. Same for the lettering, straight out of a font collection.

How wondrous some of those castings could have been, though. =:D
Voice entry, hmmm...
Could even be musical, mm? ^_^
Mmmmmmm, no. But maybe voice. I've got a pile of prosumer audio digitizer sitting here waiting for work...
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The race sounds fun. I'm not sure what you can get for $500 these days. But three of my rides in the past were that exact amount and I still own one of them. (...it's a motorcycle tho')

Ahh, yes.. probably not advisable in this context. =:D

Are there cute leathers to go with it too? ^_^
I remember Adventure. I wish someone would make a Mac version of Rogue.
I wonder if there is.. ah, there we go. ^_^ However, it's not as simple as that - the project's been sufficiently neglected that the .pbproj file isn't understood by Xcode 4, surprisingly, and a quick make fails at the linker stage. But, it's probably been addressed by someone, somewhere. ^_^