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A warren to call one's own

I'll just apologise quickly for delays in replies and comments, as I've spent several hours reading through the apartment contract, sending a painful amount of money to the agent, picking up an inflatable mattress (from a company with the slogan "inflate your fun"), dropping that off, and then three trips to lug the room contents over, deliberately keeping the loads more or less manageable. (And all but one leg on the much cheaper municipally owned bus company, yay! They do offer a great service, but being that much cheaper than their private rival, they tend to be quite popular around peak time..)

Regrettably, that all left me finally done at 9.15pm, just in time for my regular's kitchen to have closed a few minutes before. =:P Still, that did lead to the discovery that a local pizza place is open until 11pm every day - and not just generic Pizza Hut/Domino's stuff, nor even Papa John's or Pizza Express, but an honest to goodness Italian style outfit, with a wood fired oven imported from Italy, along with many of the ingredients. And damn, it tastes like it. Really damned good. =:9

Getting back to the warren, though, left me in the unusual position of being locked out. Apparently, the front door lock for the building does permit that to happen, if someone's being particularly absent-minded. Oog. I'm thinking a polite suggestion to the landlord (who dropped by, replacing the chopping board with a larger one. Seems like a genuinely good sort, proud to be offering apartments you can enjoy living in) that the lock be replaced with one that doesn't have that unfeature might not be a bad idea.

And now it's time to crash. ^_^
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