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I'll just apologise quickly for delays in replies and comments, as I've spent several hours reading through the apartment contract, sending a painful amount of money to the agent, picking up an inflatable mattress (from a company with the slogan "inflate your fun"), dropping that off, and then three trips to lug the room contents over, deliberately keeping the loads more or less manageable. (And all but one leg on the much cheaper municipally owned bus company, yay! They do offer a great service, but being that much cheaper than their private rival, they tend to be quite popular around peak time..)

Regrettably, that all left me finally done at 9.15pm, just in time for my regular's kitchen to have closed a few minutes before. =:P Still, that did lead to the discovery that a local pizza place is open until 11pm every day - and not just generic Pizza Hut/Domino's stuff, nor even Papa John's or Pizza Express, but an honest to goodness Italian style outfit, with a wood fired oven imported from Italy, along with many of the ingredients. And damn, it tastes like it. Really damned good. =:9

Getting back to the warren, though, left me in the unusual position of being locked out. Apparently, the front door lock for the building does permit that to happen, if someone's being particularly absent-minded. Oog. I'm thinking a polite suggestion to the landlord (who dropped by, replacing the chopping board with a larger one. Seems like a genuinely good sort, proud to be offering apartments you can enjoy living in) that the lock be replaced with one that doesn't have that unfeature might not be a bad idea.

And now it's time to crash. ^_^
"an inflatable mattress (from a company with the slogan "inflate your fun")"

I kind of want to make a humorous and slightly naughty remark here but I doubt that anything I add will be an improvement on the phrase as is. :>
Came here with pretty much exactly the same idea and realization.
Where ARE you living these days?
Disclosed in a PM. ^_^
Hole, hole in the wall,
Where the bunnies and ringtails all play!
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And Porsupah gets locked out all day. n.n

So which continent are you on now? And what are you doing? Lots of local lagomorphica, I hope.
Maybe I'll issue the other tenants fair warning - if I find myself locked out again, I'll start singing. ^_^

I'll elaborate in email, but it's rather a cool project, video encoding related. Can't say much about it, unfortunately, but the potential is significant. =:)
Oh, so you have moved to a new place? What was wrong with the old one? Hope things went well with the move, make yourself comfy ^^
Oh, that's just been temporary accommodation, as part of the relocation. Perfectly all right per se, but now I have somewhere "permanent". ^_^ (Inasmuch as the project is for a fixed duration, but if all goes well, paths will open up)

For now, the furniture consists of an inflatable bed, but I'll be adding to that in the coming weeks/months, starting with a proper futon, whereupon the airbed can be kept for times with guests around. Sort of difficult to really sit on an inflatable bed, especially with no frame. (I'm fine with lying down, with the caveat that if it's been a particularly long day, that's a good way to induce (more) tiredness..)

So far, so good. ^_^ The folks above and below seem reasonably quiet - I can only dearly hope that remains the case. The kitchen's not large, but usefully laid out, with enough preparation space to get creative. The hob's electric, rather than gas, but that's not a huge matter - it's just nice to have that immediate controllability, rather than the inherent thermal lag of conventional electric hobs.

Needs stuff on the walls. Maybe I'll order a couple of my prints, and have them framed nicely. Indeed, if I can source some good frames at an attractive price, I may offer such in the store, once I finally open it - I can imagine framed prints being more desirable, though it'll inevitably bump the price up somewhat.
I love futons, they're very practical. Had a an excellent futon back in my old place in Poland, and still sleep on it whenever I visit ^^

Do post some piccies when you have the place decorated, set up and everything! Bare walls make a room feel rather cold and uncomfy. Been wanting to hang a few things in my room here, but the ridiculousky hard bricks that the house is built of make it an ordeal to try and drill, or even hammer in a nail.

And you're also opening a store? How little I know about you ;)
I really like futons. ^_^ Comfortable, as well as practical, especially with a frame that can fold into a sofa shape - and, of course, you never have to be concerned about them wearing down, or getting poked by a stray spring.. =:P

the ridiculousky hard bricks that the house is built of make it an ordeal to try and drill

Ow, that's a bit of a challenge for anything framed! Light stuff, of course, can just be blu-tacked on, and the newer stuff doesn't really leave a residue behind either. Let this spur you into the creation of the maglev picture frame. ^_^

And you're also opening a store?

Just a little online thing, of course, not physical - it's actually all but ready to roll, but I want to ensure the shots are sensibly sharp, within reason (some being taken with the Tamron, which is somewhat soft, and many cropped down from the original). With the project pressures, it's been difficult to really make the time, given I'm often a bit on the tired side at the end of a day of cranial exertion. (Strange just how tiring that can be..)