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Inside Job, a documentary feature narrated by Matt Damon, charts the genesis and execution of what led to the recent global financial crisis - and it's now available to stream or download freely on Vimeo. ^_^

Don't suppose someone might be able to identify this bird call? I heard it around 1am, on returning from an hour of surprisingly worthwhile bun photography. I may actually persist with such - I obviously won't be getting especially exciting shots, but these results do suggest that with an IR flood to gain autofocus, I might be able to get some worth keeping. Getting an off-board flash would help considerably - the D90's internal does a decent job, but still quite a bit less powerful than an SB-900.

There's some visual comedy in these side-by-side comparisons of fast food photos against what you'll actually get, carefully photographed with lighting to match the advertising shot. We all know the advertising photography items are.. somewhat meticulously prepared, but seeing the two next to each other.. but, yes, I'm easily amused. =:)

A cute little French TV promo that Pawnytail spotted, starring a reindeer band (even if the leads do use autotune), and an adorable bunny audience. ^_^

If you were curious as to how trackable RFID devices are, you might try asking Mythbusters. They were preparing to do just that, and arranged a conference call with a Texas Instruments geek or two. Except, when the time for that call arrived, the participants were not as expected..

There's some interesting thinking going on with
Fuji's new X-Pro 1. In particular, their color filter caught my eye - rather than the Bayer filter used almost exclusively in digital cameras, arranging photosites as two green, one red, one blue per 2x2 square, they've taken a 6x6 grouping that offers all three photosite colors along vertical and horizontal lines. Full specs here. In a nutshell, it's a MILC, with 16MP APS-C sensor (1.5x crop factor), sensitivity to ISO 6400, expanding to 25600, 3 or 6fps continuous shooting, flash sync to 1/180th. It'll apparently list for around $1700, with lenses for the new X-mount "in the $650 region".

Buckminster Fuller interview with Allen Ginsberg and William S Burroughs, from 1976. (Audio only)

GLaDOS writes a letter to Princess Celestia. There's a superb comment, too: "My little portal, I used to wonder what testing could be. My little portal, until you shared its science with me. Big adventure, tons of fun, companion cubes faithful and strong. Sharing cake, why it's an easy feat, and neurotoxin makes it all complete."

Rejoice! The UN has a plan to turn half the population gay! Either that, or utter insanity isn't confined to just US-based priests: 'The Spanish Catholic Church is also concerned about homosexuality. During his Boxing Day sermon, the Bishop of Córdoba, Demetrio Fernández, said there was a conspiracy by the United Nations. "The Minister for Family of the Papal Government, Cardinal Antonelli, told me a few days ago in Zaragoza that UNESCO has a program for the next 20 years to make half the world population homosexual. To do this they have distinct programs, and will continue to implant the ideology that is already present in our schools."'
Someone went and GLaDOSified that letter and don't forget the Testing is Magic theme song.
Oh, that theme wins on so many levels. =:D I wonder if Mr Ingram's heard that yet.. I don't know if he even could do a semi-official version, but it'd be fun to see. ^_^ (Who knows? Maybe it could happen - the production team have been absolutely amazing in participating in all this craziness, and Hasbro seems to be cool with it all, though maybe they've just forgotten about MLP altogether =:)

The autotuned version of the letter definitely works better. As the uploader noted, it had to be done.

I wonder if the MLP:FiM staff are contemplating any more fun guest stars? I dare say they don't have a gigantic budget, but it's hardly unknown for actors to take a role just for the fun of it. Do we know if Patrick Stewart enjoys the show? =:D
Haven't you seen this torrent? 8.76GB of pony music, both official and fan-made. It's where I first heard My Little Portal. The Beatle Bronies stuff, while a bit rough in spots, is pretty good, too.

If Patrick Stewart does a guest spot on the show, it had better be during an episode where Discord comes back.
Ooh! I'll have to give that a look, once I'm moved in and have a connection of my very own (and which isn't 3G. ^_^; The new E586 does work beautifully well, though - just set it running, and it dutifully connects and spurts WiFi all around, with WPA2 if desired, running about as fast as current 3G systems can. In reality, I've seen around 400-600K/s, which is entirely acceptable!). Most of the time, my pony music needs are sated by just checking EQD, opening up all the PMVs listed, and saving the ones that particularly appealed. I suppose I could do with more audio-only music (so to speak), given I do wind up with the headphones on a fair bit during the day, as sometimes, there are prolonged conversations in the office, and I'd far sooner have some of ice_foxx's This Electric Music, Ratatat, Muse, or Scissor Sisters landing on my ears than conversational chunterings, Windows error beeps, and ringtones. =:P

(It's actually not that bad. ^_^ It's just I sometimes wind up with a real need to concentrate, especially at the moment, and when that happens, most of the time, all my audio filters go down as well, as it were, so the distractions come romping into my consciousness. Good music is something else entirely =:)

it had better be during an episode where Discord comes back

I think I must try writing an email to the staff, and see if there's any chance that could be made to happen. It'd be just too much fun. ^_^
I rather like these huge torrents. I may not like everything in them, but it gives me a chance to get all the stuff I do like while also discovering new stuff. I can always just go back later and delete anything I dislike.

I think such an episode would require a reversal of this image.
The problem, of course, is they can hold so damned much that it's all too easy to forget to actually go through it all and sift out the work that appeals. ^_^;

Ha! Nicely done. And that reminded me, the first of the HD releases of TNG comes out at the end of the month! I'll be very interested to see how well they've pulled off such a major project. (Whilst, of course, wishing Warner could finally accept B5 was indeed a success, and give it similar treatment - all the live action was shot on 35mm, so even with some/most/all of the digital assets lost, with the degree of B5 fan activity, I wouldn't be surprised reconstructions of the key models already exist!)
I'm not overly concerned with wasting space. I still have maybe 150GB free between my two external drives, and I want to add another (probably 2TB) drive to the mix anyway.

My concern with that sampler HD release they're doing is that they didn't put Best of Both Worlds Parts 1 & 2 on it. I think that'd be a killer episode to really get people interested in the HD release with.
Hmmm, from what was said in that video, the problem with the RFID thing seemed to be, in essence, that Discovery couldn't take the risk of losing massive advertising revenue. Two points come to mind:

1) Mythbusters is actually produced by an Australian company (Beyond Television Productions), not Discovery itself; and:

2) There's a large English-speaking broadcaster not a million miles from here that doesn't depend on advertising revenue from credit card companies.

You'd think something could be worked out there...
All, of course, Wild-Assed Guesses™, but I imagine Discovery's the 800lb gorilla as far as buyers go - typically, the US TV buyers have the cash, so their concerns would be heard loud and clear, despite the nominal independence of production.

That said, if all the contractual obligations and exclusivity agreements permitted, it would be a load of fun to have said august organisation step in. Perhaps, if trademarks and suchlike were any issue, it could simply happen to feature the guys, with no suggestion of being actually part of Mythbusters - guest presenters of an episode of QED, if it still existed. (Is there any science on the BBC now, other than sometimes Horizon, dumbed down as it's become, and the Christmas Lectures?)

Maybe we need the return of Tomorrow's World.. I wonder if we could snag David Tennant as one of the presenters? Or Peter Serafinowicz.. =:)
The Catholic Church has lost nearly all of its credibility in my view. Yay for the UN! Overpopulation solved :D
I've long been rather uncomprehending of the whole gods thing, with such vast claims meant to be taken literally, without any proof, or even physical plausibility, but the two aspects that kill the Catholic church's claims to moral righteousness, for me, are:

(1) To harbor such extraordinary wealth - and the Vatican is quite mind-bogglingly rich - whilst overseeing such poverty seems reprehensible to me. That doesn't apply only to them, of course.

(2) To defend their staff against criminal prosecution through what would, in any other circumstances, be racketeering, when faced with the prospect of admitting they employ child rapists, is.. well, let's say "wrong". And not merely on a few isolated incidents, but repeatedly, systematically, and worldwide, from the US to Ireland and beyond.

Not to mention their love of fanning homophobia, particularly in the US - two of the major financiers of Prop 8 in California were the Catholic and Mormon churches.

It is a remarkably foresighted plan, though. I must remember to offer my congratulations to UNESCO. =:D Oh, how I hope some interviewer calls him on that, and asks just what is this dastardly plan. Maybe with some senior UNESCO bod in the studio at the same time, trying not to laugh out loud, as that would be unseemly. =:)
Taking things literally is what's wrong with religion. People read the Bible and/or the Quran and act like fanatics persecuting the infidels. And no one dare tell them off :P

I've been to the Vatican and it does seem like a hell of a rich place. They've harvested what's best off the New World for ages, raped, robbed, slaughtered and conquered vasts areas of land and various peoples. And it wasn't until John Paul II became pope when the Vatican issued a mere apology for all the 'misconduct' and persecution that took place ages ago.

And yes, they just a blind eye on paedo-priests, covering things up and pretending that nothing's happend at all. Plus they're self-righteous and have a tendency to dictate how everyone should live their life. Any kind of religion without consideration for others is just a lame excuse for imposing some kind of views on people. Couldn't they all just fuck off and leave homosexuals to themselves for instance. That would make a good start ^^

Heheh, I wouldn't mind UNESCO taking such plan under consideration :D
They got Sniper to do one too. ^.^

That comment is a ripoff of another video.