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nagisa_kaworu noticed this priceless excerpt of a 70s sex ed film, from s1e4 of Russell Howard's "Good News". It's far too damn funny not to be enjoyed in its entirety. =:D (Seriously, how many opticians have you been to where they have an anatomical diagram of a penis concealed above the eye chart, waiting to be unfurled at a moment's notice?)

Say hi to a new bun on LJ! rav_bunneh is a good sort, willing to engage on matters technological, political, and more, stuck on that hellish archipelago known as Hawai'i. Also photographically inclined, though with an affinity much more toward film emulsions than CCDs. ^_^

Speaking of shorts you wouldn't expect to be quite so funny, you might like Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-Un inspecting apartments. The quaveringly enthusiastic voiceover is quite wonderful, as we're treated to the former leader diligently turning on water and opening cupboards, above a curiously romantic, swelling soundtrack apparently performed by North Korea's Liberace.

Amongst the better known animated releases of 2012, there's one I'll particularly want to catch: the Suicide Shop. "Based on a bestselling book by Jean Teulé, it's a black comedy about a family that runs a suicide supply shop in a dreary town. The family's business is threatened when a new baby arrives who makes everyone around him happy."

I'll be getting a SSD for Dandelion sometime in the coming months, so I'm gradually becomng acquainted with the subtleties thereof. One aspect I hadn't been aware of is the existence of synchronous and asynchronous NAND, with starkly different performance characteristics of drives using Intel's SandForce SF-2281 controller. Of course, such differences tend to be tucked away in the fine print of the tech specs, if present at all. Manufacturers may offer both varieties, so it's not a simple matter of looking for, or avoiding, certain brands: eg the asynchronous models include the OCZ Agility 3, OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G, and Corsair Force 3, whilst the synchronous include the OCZ Vertex 3, OWC Electra, and Corsair Force GT. (A fuller list can be found here, noting the controller and NAND flavor, plus links to many reviews)

I'm not huge on tech rumors, but I did notice one batch of iPad 3 burblings mention "IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) flat panels", seemingly the next step along from current in-plane switching panels. 'Course, given DigiTimes is in the mix, it could be pure imagination - I don't follow display industry happenings. By the sound of it, it'll permit all the right things - higher light transmission (so less light required behind the panel), and higher resolutions.

Cute little newsreel clip from 1941, sadly a mere 51 seconds long, on a Salvador Dalí dinner party. About as conventional as you'd expect. =:D
Eeg, indeed.. I usually refrain from reading YT comments, but in that case, I thought I'd give them a try, just in case there might be some insight available. *cough*

It's next to impossible for anyone to really tell what might happen hereon, given the extreme control exerted by the powers that be. Hypothetically speaking, as I've no evidence to suggest Kim Jong-Un will be anything more or less than a young copy of his father, I rather suspect even if he did want to bring about real reform, he'd soon find himself with a terribly unfortunate and fatal illness. But, it's anybody's guess - the situation there makes classical Soviet court politics look transparent.

China, which has long run a foreign policy of maintaining border states, is unlikely to want North Korea to collapse, as that would bring a veritable wave of refugees, as well as the end of said buffer. Yet, they're not in much more of a position to dictate North Korea's future than is the South, or the US.

The best outcome would arguably be a gradual thawing, with greater mobility across the borders, giving both China and South Korea time to ramp up the support necessary to assist the North into the 21st Century. Still, we saw East Germany able to reunite abruptly - not that it was easy and without some resentment, but I doubt anyone would consider it a bad outcome, beyond a vague nostalgia for the stability afforded by the dictatorship. (Östalgia, I believe they called it)

Just my turn of phrase. =:) He knows how amazing a place it all is, even if things could be better, but that's his story to tell.