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Here, have a thread about a pigeon dating game. You can find the game (currently technically a demo; OS X and Windows) and the English patch over here. Go on, guess which country's responsible for this, without inspecting any of the URLs.

I'm impressed by how well Vocaloid's developing. True, the voices are still detectably synthetic, but then, with the degree of autotuning in common use now, they hardly stand out. ^_^ Here are some example tracks of two of the newer voices, Clara and Bruno, mostly in Spanish, with one in Japanese.

The Chaos Computer Club continues to be a hotbed of novel thinking - this time, they're proposing an independent, uncensorable satellite network. It's a large proposal, but microsatellites can made made quite cheaply, and the mesh of base stations they're suggesting would be aimed around the 100€ mark, intended to readily affordable.

Wow, that was (mundanely) impressive - swung by the supermarket to pick up some cheeses, meats, and ciders for tonight, and despite the place being packed, barely anything was out of stock. I'd been a bit concerned getting there four hours before closing, given some of the NYE shelves I've seen in the past.

Curse these January sales.. I'd fallen for this design of boot, but availability seems scant, especially in the size & color I was wanting, and the full price was a bit eye-watering. Coincidentally, they have a local store, and lo, 20% off.. they'll still have to order them in, but.. oh, I do like these. ^_^

Nice boots. It'd be awesome to see you wearing them. What do you think of these boots? http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/products/Five-Fingers-Bormio-Mens.htm :3
I tend to be very reluctant to appear in any imagery. ^_^; But, I could try something just showing the boots and leggings.. all the same, they've turned out to be superlatively comfortable. The caveat, though, is the grip isn't much good. Fine almost all the time, even in the wet, but I did perform something of a pratfall one time, walking downhill, in the wet, on a manhole cover. =:P But so comfy.. you can just walk forever in them. ^_^

I've not actually tried any of Vibram's wares, but I recall schneelocke being quite fond of them. I may have to give them a try sometime.
I sure am, and I recommend giving them a try — some folks love 'em, others love 'em less, but there's only really one way to find out.

(schnee is my main account, though! :))