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nicodemusrat spotted a Kickstarter project that might be relevant to a few folks' interests: Violin Monster... Monsterizing America! - a werewolf violinist wants $2,000 to be able to travel further in the US, and is half way to that goal. As usual, various incentives are offered in exchange for your pledges, along with samples of his work.

A while back, I mentioned the Parkway would be reopening - and finally, the people behind the venture just signed a new lease, for 474 24th Street (map), still in Oakland. The East Bay Express covered the lease signing in this article; as it notes, it was very much an 11th hour affair, as with negotiations having been drawn out for so very long, they'd set themselves a firm deadline of signing before the end of 2011, else they'd return all the pledges that have made the undertaking possible. It'll take a good while for the place to be suitably equipped and transformed - an opening in Summer 2012 would really be the earliest, quite possibly toward the end of the year. But, it'll be back, offering two screens of cinematic goodness, a kitchen area serving up sandwiches and pizzas which you'll be able to enjoy (quietly =:) in the auditoria, local beers, and - I hope - their signature comfy seating, for those turning up on the early side; the original had several sofas and loveseats around the front of the seating area.

How's this place for an amazing place to live? Then check out how little it cost, too! (But plenty of work..)

I (well, actually, patch_bunny) would like to present to you the coolest bicycle helmet in the world. Hasbro really ought to come up with MLP versions. And how about hoodies based on the main characters? ^_^

I'm in a mood to find new, interesting folks on LJ. Who might you suggest? You've probably got some idea of what I'm about, by now.

I doubt I'll post any sort of full-blown 2011 summary - I'm not really that bothered by solar revolutions. Still, it's been, on balance, a particularly good year, which saw me back in Bay orbit for a good while, continuing my lapine photography (hugs jessie_pup =:), and landing an exceptional new gig. The family front continues to be a bit odd, but distinctly improved, and it was fun to be back home (an odd word, for me) for Christmas, and in a position to be able to help make it a very enjoyable occasion for all. 2012? Well, who knows - life can swing up or down with little notice, so I'm not counting any chickens. I'd hope I'll be able to resume my wildlife photography - thus far, local exploration's only turned up distinctly nocturnal buns. With luck, the longer days of Spring may also bring them out in daylight; else, I'm tempted to look toward an SB-900 or two, and an IR flood to permit autofocus in darkness. An ultrawide lens would also be much fun, especially in such a scenic locale. It's not even entirely impossible I might resume drawing (this icon comes from one of mine). Work will probably conspire to keep me very busy on a very cool project (hell, I'm working on it today =:), but there are worse situations to find oneself in.

Whatever may happen, I hope those friends whose year has been, in a few cases, exceptionally memorable for terrible reasons, will find their paths ahead to be calmer and happier. Thanks, everyone. ^_^
The most "Interesting" people I watch on LJ are:


You may already watch them though. ^.^
Well, okay - anybody who can introduce me to a pigeon dating game is clearly someone I should at least attempt to follow. That's truly a thing of wonder.

ionotter yep, he's a cool sort; and pyat seems to have more of this "life" thing figured out than most of us ever will. ^_^

I would follow shatterstripes, but I always feel awkward if I leave someone on my friends list, and they don't reciprocate - sorta feel like some kind of fan. I may still drop by (one of the paid account perks is the ever-experimental "friends of friends" page, which sometimes comes in very handy in noticing interesting folk), though, if they seem fine with LJ visitors.

Thanks for those!
BTW, I now use Mail in full screen mode on Lion, in three column mode, so the mailboxes are on the left, then a list of recent message summaries/previews, and then the right half of the screen for the message body itself.

To compress the previews, given there's only a couple lines available per message, it strips away the line breaks. In that instance, that yielded a fairly nifty hybrid LJ being. =:D

Oh, lovely. XD They could at least put in spaces if they're taking out line breaks.