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Just a few music videos you might care to toss on the networked TV. ^_^

My Little Pony - Winter Wrap Up (DJ Amaya vs. Groovebot Extended Vocal Club) is a remix of something of a remix classic, and even better.

Gotye - State of the Art, a typically richly layered piece, of a mildly dark nature.

And just in case you've not seen it yet, one of my old favorites - Chage & Aska - On Your Mark. It's a good track anyway, but then Studio Ghibli worked their magic in providing a complete story in their usual luscious animation style, in six minutes. (There doesn't seem to be an HD version of any kind, unfortunately, though if you know otherwise, please shout!)

Hope everyone's having (or has had) a wonderful time, whatever you're celebrating - it's the company that matters. And the food. =:)
good stuff :)
Thanks. ^_^ I had to include On Your Mark, even though I've mentioned it before - I was only recently reminded of it the other day, when Smash linked to "Dream Rangers", a rather nicely done advert, which used that as its soundtrack. It'd been long enough since I'd heard it (it'd somehow fallen out of my Music Videos directory at some point) that I had to search around for the track's name! =:P

(Just wish I could find it in HD, but nausicaa.net only shows a few DVD releases)