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Pickled herring

If your quest for educational television wasn't fully satiated by Look Around You, might I suggest BoingBoing's recent scan of How Computers Work? (You might also like to consult the original scans, from both the 1971 and 1979 editions. Page 50, in conclusion of the former, notes that "Computers are continually changing. Electronic valves are no longer used and have been replaced by transistors and diodes which have a low current consumption, greater reliability and much smaller dimensions. Many other items are shrinking in size, and printed circuits are taking the place of wires. As many as thirty components can now be fitted into a capsule approximately one-third of a cubic centimetre in volume." And remember, that's only 40 years ago.. !

Ah, would that such a scene could ever have been possible IRL! All the Doctors at Christmastime in the Tardis, neatly composited by Andy Lambert.

Apparently, quite a lot of people are turning GoDaddy into GoneDaddy, over their active participation in SOPA's creation and promotion. So sad. (Let's not forget the CEO has an impressive track record of being a prize asshat anyway)

There appear to be one or two comments on the entry where LJ staff solicited feedback on the recent comments pages changes. =:D (This comment in particular is worthy of metaquotes; and there's a great t-shirt design, too)

.. and lo, a couple hours later, it did find its way to metaquotes. ^_^

What TV presentation are you most looking forward to over Yule (or local equivalent)? For me, I'll have to say it's Doctor Who. ^_^ Films, nah - I've either seen them a while ago, or they're on one of the drives or archival DVD-Rs. Still, if I were in the right company, there's plenty of more esoteric works I'd probably enjoy. (CALLING ARKANSAS, COME IN ARKANSAS)

If you're a web designer, or general application programmer, you might like to see that the Met Office has opened up their data feeds for public use, apparently with no fees involved.

As publicity stunts go, this ranks as one of the more inspired.. the Watching Paint Dry Championship. If you emerge victorious, you'll walk away with a shiny new iPad.

Somewhat surprisingly, iMAME recently appeared on the iTunes Store. Whilst it got yanked prior even to iTunes Connect coming back online on Dec 29, it was actually just a build of a project whose existence I hadn't even been aware of. Curiously, the version on the Store had iTunes file sharing turned off, thereby necessitating the use of third-party apps such as iExplorer (free, OS X or Windows) to explore the device filesystem to add ROMs. If you've got a paid iOS dev account, or a jailbroken device, you can build your own version, with said file transferring ability enabled. ^_^ (And having just tried it, I can confirm it works quite happily on my iPad 1, running iOS 5.1b2, using Xcode 4.3, although Crazy Climber's controls are very clunky)
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