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To infinity, and beyond!

Starting on June 8th 2012, several of the original HHGTTG cast will be reuniting for a theatrical tour of the UK, commencing with Glasgow. And in his Virtual 60th Birthday Party at the Apollo, we get:

Science: Prof. Brian Cox, Robin Ince and Jon Culshaw on life, the universe and everything.

Interviews: Clive Anderson talks to Terry Jones and Michael Palin about Douglas’ comedy legacy and his influences, including Monty Python.

Comedy: The Meaning of Liff, featuring John Lloyd, Stephen Mangan, Sanjeev Bhaskar and many more, plus special guests from ‘Radio Active’.

Music: the band that played at many of Douglas’ infamous parties – including members of Paul McCartney’s band.

Last chance to see: Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine have recorded a special introduction about Douglas’ passion for conservation.

'Course, as soon as I heard about that, I pounced the booking server. (Look, rabbits can pounce, nyah. We just do it particularly adorably)

If you've seen almost any small amount of anime, you'll know of Evangelion.. but maybe not this version. Many thanks to nagisa_kaworu for pointing this out! If you're up for a good parody fandub, this is worth the time. =:D (And you'll notice the slightly altered theme, which appropriately sets the tone)

Handy disposable email service: Yopmail. It's ideal for places where you're required to supply an email address, but aren't interested in receiving anything more than something like a download link. Simply mash the keyboard to create your email address, then check for messages. There's no registration, and no passwords.

A few peeps might be interested to learn of Nektar's Panorama P4 USB/MIDI controller, designed specifically for Reason integration, but also usable as a normal controller. They're holding a competition to win the first production unit, though they admit they don't know the answer to the final question themselves yet. ^_^; (And trying to find out what keyboard action it has is a bit fiddly, too..) It's due to emerge in the first quarter of 2012.

Geeky genius: finding Waldo with Mathematica. (Via Bix)

Here's a collection of.. street art? Who knows - but there's some wonderful imagination in evidence, not least the topmost image, taking fallen trees and turning their ends into colorful "pencils".. =:D

In a highly welcome move, the European Commission has "imposed tough new restrictions on the export of anaesthetics used to execute people in the US, in a move that will exacerbate the already extreme shortage of the drugs in many of the 34 states that still practice the death penalty." This isn't merely a procedural step, but one deliberately with the aim of abolishing the death penalty worldwide, as the article notes.

At long last, the BBC's news site has made video clips available in MPEG-4 containers, not just Flash, so such can now be viewed on iDevices. Quite why it's taken this long remains something of a mystery, given the Flash versions are also using H.264 for the video anyway - presumably uniform browser behavior vs the hassles of serving differently tweaked versions per browser. Which news also led me to discover there's a newly restored version of Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon, based on a copy of the hand-colored print made at the time of release, with a soundtrack by Air.

Now, whether this'll result in more bunpics coming before too much longer is, perhaps, too early to say, but today's wanderings led me past a spot which feels just right for leporine activity - plenty of tracks in the tall grass that look rabbity, leading into dense hedge, a favorite refuge. And even bunny poop! =:D No buns, but (a) I didn't have the camera with me, (b) the light was pretty grotty, with unenthusiastic rain dribbling occasionally, which probably didn't help my prospects. And it's even not too much of a walk from the office, so if they do choose to make themselves known, I'll be able to get along as often as they. ^_^

I finally picked up Doctor Who S6, opting for the iTunes version rather than BD - at a little over half the price, it wasn't too difficult a choice, though I'd have liked 1080p, and the iTunes release doesn't include the commentaries available on some of the episodes. Still, it does seem to have just about everything else, and with it all in an easily stored/transferred format, rather than having to go through ripping, even if I had a BD drive, ready to be watched on a long train or plane journey on the iPad.

Want to see a photographic travelog of 100 days of Japanese food? Here you go. ^_^

An interview with Peter Serafinowicz, of Look Around You fame, and the subsequent (if tragically short run) Peter Serafinowicz Show, discussing the forthcoming Brian Butterfield movie, Arrested Development, and more.

In need of some more electronica? Try Uppermost's "Polis" (98MB 320kbps MP3) - plenty of Daft Punk in it (literally; this is heavily edited music), with that deep, growliness, and a similar sense of electrofunk. (Thanks to Veyote!) For a much more aggressive track, with visuals to match, EBN-style, the trailer for Action is well worth 2m39s of your time - I don't think Chris Cunningham would be too unhappy with that mix.

And if you'd been wondering about what else Steven Moffat's been up to, it would seem that Sherlock's second season commences on New Year's Day, 8.10pm, BBC1. ^_^

Yays! Dandelion survived the surgery. =:) And ye gods, what a difference a normal-sized battery makes! I'm amazed just how much I'd become accustomed to the swelling. The trackpad physical button now has a civilised, gentle action, more on a par with Hyzenthlay. And the power supply, remarkably, charges the battery every single time you plug it in. =:) The iPhone was replaced with simply another iPhone 3G, as per policy - same model in & out - but, it's in new condition, has fully functional WiFi, and inexplicably, seems noticeably faster. I'll be interested to see if that holds up through a week's usage, as I'm not sure why or how that could be, short of subtleties like very noisy SPI communication that'd been resulting in prolonged error correction delays. I wish I'd performed some timings on the original device, but that's now wiped and on its way to meet its maker. (Per Qikipedia, one ton of recycleable electronics holds as much usable gold as 17 tons of raw gold ore. I'd like to look into that)

A nice side benefit is Dandelion now runs around 49C on the integrated GPU, where before, it'd be more around 20C higher - seems the fans were in need of a good de-fluffing (to use the correct terminology), which the tech kindly took care of. Must've been on the upper side of the fans, as they'd seemed quite clean even a couple months ago, when I dropped in the new RAM, but that only requires opening up the underside.

Minus points, however, for somehow managing to confuse TextEdit into a state I hadn't known to be possible - opening a text file from the Dock didn't. Or rather, it seemed to, as TextEdit showed it in its Windows menu, but Mission Control denied any open windows but the one(s) visible. Opening them from the Finder worked as normal. Thankfully, a nuking of the prefs solved the issue, but that's not something that should've even happened, regardless of cause.

PZ Myers made a good point, and one I admit I'd not really given much thought to: humans are relatively unusual in menstruating. "One assumption some people might make is that that is just the way mammalian reproduction works. This isn’t true! Most mammals do not menstruate — they do not cycle their uterine linings, but instead only build up a thickened endometrium if fertilization occurs, which looks much more efficient. Of the mammals, only most primates, a few bats, and elephant shrews are among the lucky animals that menstruate." As he notes, evolutionarily, it's not a safe option, especially for any prey species. The latest entry notes a possible explanation of the biological tradeoffs involved.
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