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So, arrangements for getting back to (one of.. we're rather a spread out bunch) the familial lair for Christmas more or less sorted, and I've done my bit for the big dinner with placing a delivery order for much good cider, wine, vodka, and about 14lb of Gressingham duck. Now time to kick back at my new haunt, safe in the twin knowledge of some delicious food ahead, and ponies waiting back home. ^_^

As you probably know, I'm not a religious sort by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a time to enjoy good company and the spirit of the season regardless of exactly why. ^_^ For whatever reasons, I'm feeling happier about this Yule than in several years. I dare say the locale hardly hurts - wandering past Georgian architecture as a matter of routine, which may as well have sprung from a period drama of class vs circumstance, where you half-expect a big blue 1950s Police Box around the corner.. it does add sparkle to life.

Where will you be for the season? Travelling some distance, maybe?
somerset for 9 days , via train, booked temporary gym for while i'm down there
Heh! Definitely not a bad part of the world. ^_^ (And home of the bunny beer folks! Whose pubs also seem to serve particularly good food. A dangerous combination =:) Only big problem with Somerset, I'd say, is the lack of a fast transit corridor from north to south - if you want to get to Bristol or Bath, from somewhere like Wells, it's pretty tedious going, although not quite as bad as just about anywhere in Cornwall, especially on bank holidays.. !)