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So, arrangements for getting back to (one of.. we're rather a spread out bunch) the familial lair for Christmas more or less sorted, and I've done my bit for the big dinner with placing a delivery order for much good cider, wine, vodka, and about 14lb of Gressingham duck. Now time to kick back at my new haunt, safe in the twin knowledge of some delicious food ahead, and ponies waiting back home. ^_^

As you probably know, I'm not a religious sort by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a time to enjoy good company and the spirit of the season regardless of exactly why. ^_^ For whatever reasons, I'm feeling happier about this Yule than in several years. I dare say the locale hardly hurts - wandering past Georgian architecture as a matter of routine, which may as well have sprung from a period drama of class vs circumstance, where you half-expect a big blue 1950s Police Box around the corner.. it does add sparkle to life.

Where will you be for the season? Travelling some distance, maybe?
Oof, indeed.. not that I'm in any special hurry, but it's a little odd to see the website declare that "some" of my journeys lie outside the requested date, when they all do. >chuckle< Absolutely nothing on the 25th or 26th?

Still, it'll be a great chance to just feel completely unobligated to get more done on the project, and see what I can do to help my mother with sorting out the situation of the previous year, without the time pressures of a simple day visit. (The nephews, meanwhile, I shall predict will glom onto the iPad immediately =:)

So, I'll be heading down on Friday or Saturday, then back up probably on Tuesday, though the ticket'll permit flexibility.

Ha! Brick frontages for older buildings? I've known of making buildings look older, but that's a new angle on home improvements to me. =:D Really, that's the locality? Egad.. perhaps I otter see for myself sometime, particularly once I've sorted out the lens situation, given the Tamron's given up on AF and stabilisation. I'm not overly keen on spending loads on fixing it, given the optics are just fair at best - if it'd cost £200 to get it perfect, I'd sooner put that toward an ultrawide which would let me capture the vistas I now have the wonderful good fortune to survey.

(I wonder what became of that proposed BoD film from 2009 or so? But Patrick Troughton did do so very well)