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Together in Electric Dreams

So, I see Bruce Schneier mention he had a cameo in a music video. Which, it turns out, is more than a little genderqueer, is a great cover of Together in Electric Dreams, and also has other geektastic presences, such as Jeff Minter, James Gosling, Guido van Rossum, and Kirk McKusick. I'd not heard of Mechanical Black until now, but this deserves downloading. =:D And did I mention the veritable 80s computing museum throughout?

'I'm not drunk, I'm not lying, there's a seal in my house'

The publishers of New Scientist are launching a new title, Arc, aimed at examining life in the future: "Arc will explore the future through cutting-edge science fiction and forward-looking essays by some of the world’s most celebrated authors – backed up with columns by thinkers and practitioners from the worlds of books, design, gaming, film and more. “Arc is an experiment in how we talk about the future,” Simon [Ings] explains. “We wanted to get past sterile ‘visions’ and dream up futures that evoke textures and flavours and passions.” The response, he says, has been amazing. “I feel like the dog that caught the car,” he says. “The appetite to be part of this project has been huge. Writers have seized the opportunity to showcase their thoughts, their dreams, their anxieties and their opinions about our future.”" Handled well, this could be quite engaging. Anyway, we'll see - it debuts in Feb 2012, for iPad, Kindle, and limited print edition.

In the London Review of Books, a diary, by Mohammed el Gorani, who was the youngest Guantánamo prisoner.

Not that it's any gigantic surprise, I suppose, but still, noteworthy that it's been confirmed: "Steven Moffat announces the days of the Ponds will draw to a close in the next series of #DoctorWho", on the official Doctor Who feed. Speaking of which, BBC America reports that Doctor Who was iTunes US' top selling show in 2011, beating Modern Family, Dexter, Breaking Bad, and True Blood in the top five. Jolly good show, what?

Rather a lovely example of non-conformist architecture: GT Tower East, in Seoul.

Stormtrooper motorcycle suits. Not decorative - they're fully functional, made of form-molded leather.

moth_wingthane noticed a remarkable example of interspecies play, with dolphins riding on and sliding down whales.

As with any human, not somebody with whom I'm always in agreement, but this piece on the nature of the press, by George Monbiot, does nicely encapsulate the situation. It's written from a UK perspective, but it certainly has much broader relevance.

And I thought I'd pass on a cute little message slycat found on the underside of a parcel he received. ^_^

This week in Irony And You: LJ's Writer's Block posts that "the LiveJournal family spans geographic and cultural borders the world over" - as indeed it does! - and promptly offers a competition for $50 Amazon gift certificates, for US residents only. =:D
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