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I'd heard of Wonder Three a while ago, given one of the trio is lapine in nature, but I'd never actually seen an episode until the other day, when I noticed the first episode, subtitled, is up on YouTube. ^_^ It's one of Tezuka's earlier works, from 1965, produced in b&w, but there's no mistaking his style. Hardly a sophisticated story, but still plenty of fun, and I do approve of the animation of the rabbit character - jessie_pup enjoy like a look, too.

Wookie the Chew - illustrations in the style of the original Winnie the Pooh. Enchanting, in a geeky way. ^_^

Tuesday saw The Street post one of the most hilarious tech stories (Edit:link fixed) I've seen in a long while - a genuine classic. It's fairly dry, per se, about Apple supposedly considering the purchase of an Israeli company that designs algorithms for flash memory controllers. Which was the journalist's cue to enter into a lengthy segue about how this might solve the apparently significant issue of iPhones and iPads not running Flash.. yes, really. =:D

The Royal Institution's video site - the Ri Channel - is now live, available worldwide on the net, and fully functional on any computer whose composition is more silicon than cellulose. There are some gems to be found, including archival Chrismas Lectures from the likes of David Attenborough.

If you're interested in Hergé's life, and how he's subsequently been claimed by politicians of every stripe, this Guardian story from 1999 goes into some detail. (Albeit inexplicably bereft of apostrophes!) I hadn't been aware that Chang, whom Tintin meets initially in The Blue Lotus (wonder if the English translation's been changed yet? ISTR all the references to opium in the French edition I read, as it took forever to see an English translation, had been changed to the irksomely generic "drugs"), was actually based on a real acquaintance; and there's more to that story, as you'll see!

Even for a bunny, this clip is extraordinarily cute. Take one two-week old bunny, who's very sleepy, and just marvel at how contentedly they snooze (or try to..), held in their human's hand. ^_^

ducktapeddonkey remembered I've forgotten something - what are they talking about, in "Hang On Sloopy"? Or is it just fun nonsense? ISTR hearing a plausible explanation, but that's long since been resident in swap space. Physical RAM's currently occupied by mind-contorting mathematics (although, it does actually make sense, if you squint just right) and Pascal minutiae.

The creator of Wondermark, who's been selling shirts with the nicely designed motif "Engineering: it's like math BUT LOUDER", was informed another company was selling shirts with the same slogan, but different design, feeling more like "Hey, kids! Engineering is cool!". Legally, entirely permissible, as locking down a slogan is costly. Their response to his non-confrontational approach? Essentially, "We can. But, your design is better. How much would you like to charge for a license?"

I see it requires registering with them, which I may get around to, but still - Photozine's Dec 2011 prize draws have a good variety of wares on offer, albeit in a rather cumbersome manner.

Tempting, though it uses yet another DRM-laden player (AIR, too) - Digital Theatre's offering the acclaimed production of David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing. £10.99 (HD) or £8.99 (SD), or £5.99 for a rental.

iOS games: Kinectimals arrived, looking easily worth a massive $2.99/£1.99; and Sonic CD arrives on Wednesday, debuting at $1.99, before going to the $4.99 price to be shared by its XBL and PSN cousins (Android in early 2012).

I noticed a couple of "ISTR" in your post. Are these new acronyms or is this text editor schmutz?

New? O.o; Egad. Only in the sense of BRB being new.. ! *grin*

Actually, it seems Urban Dictionary does have it, though I suppose that oughtn't be a surprise - just much of the time, it seems to wind up being a parody of itself. =:)

ISTR is merely a more economical representation of "I seem to recall". ^_^

You're the first person to use this in my presence.
And my presence has been around the cyberblock a few squadzillion times. :D

Well, I'm fairly certain, going by a quick grep of my past LJ entries locally (I compose them in TextEdit, so they're pretty much all there since I began these meandering prattlings, modulo the occasional minor edit on the site, or the rare entry actually made on the site), that at least, I've used it in the past.. ^_^

Maybe you've lost the few neurons responsible for storing that memory? Do you still remember how to play the piano? =:)
You may want a higher-quality version of Wonder Three.
The Skaro Hunting Society has been subbing this and other oddities and wonders of 60s-70s era Japan for some time now.
Oh, finestkind! Very pleased to see that's the case - I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise, but some shows you might entirely expect to've been subbed long ago turn out not to have been, and vice versa. ^_^; I'll definitely be catching up with at least Wonder Three, whilst wishing I could be the bun, naturally. ^_^
Hi Bun, can you check the link for that article from The Street? It doesn't seem to be good (atleast not on my iPad)
Gack! Yep, I'd stupidly forgotten to type "20" after the % for the second space in that URL. =:P It works now. The PDF's a little awkward-looking, as the first page is just links that were to one side of the original page, but the body of the article's fine.
That article (old | new) now has a note at the top: "Story updated to reflect difference between flash memory hardware and flash software." That's a hell of an update!!!
I'm definitely pleased I thought to save a copy at the time - it was all but certain they'd fix it. But why, why couldn't they have waited to release that story on April 1? =:D

I'd say I'd like to compile a Top Ten Tech Stories of the Decade, but really, that grade of howler is so infrequent. (Eye-rollers don't really count the same way, else the list could just be a feed from Enderle and Dvorak =:)