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I must first make mention of Queensland's passage of civil unions for all, making it possible for marko_the_rat to, as he'd promised some time back when the time arrived, to propose to ristin. Who, of course, accepted. ^_^ History is on our side. Greater equality and understanding is hardly universal, but the trends are clear for all to see.

momentrabbit might appreciate this V-12 engine construction video, discovered by avon_deer. It's.. quite tiny, and lovingly machined.

If you're in need of a really good Christmas card (or indeed, any other seasonal festivity), djinni has very kindly provided high-res TIFFs of two new designs this year, plus last year's. Go see!

This week (or thereabouts.. =:), the BBC Micro was launched, 30 years ago, launching quite a number of companies that thrive today, not least the group responsible for the Acorn RISC Machine, to low-power devices now what Intel is on laptops and desktops. loganberrybunny spotted this retrospective on the BBC's site that makes for some interesting geeky reading.

You couldn't make it up.. Dutch anti-piracy organisation BREIN rips off a composer. He'd originally undertaken the composition commission on the basis that its use would be at a local film festival, but subsequently found they repeatedly used it elsewhere, on tens of millions of Dutch DVDs. Quite appropriately, he's now suing BREIN for the unauthorised usage.

Unsurprisingly, this hit Reddit quite hard. =:) Please enjoy a brief tale of one quite substantial guy encountering some ne'er-do-wells hassling a kid over his enjoyment of My Little Pony. (Via aethwolf) Speaking of which, can anyone recall where a recent Canterlot University shirt was posted? I saw it about a week ago, shown as black on a light grey shirt, in that traditional circular style. Stupidly, I didn't bookmark it at the time. AHA! Belay that - found it! Nicely understated, and qualifies as a furry shirt. ^_^

If you enjoy seeing a critic deservedly wielding a pen with swordsmanship, you may wish to peruse this delicious review excerpt from the International Journal of Primatology. (Hey, krinndnz!)

Speaking of sharp-witted writers, you might enjoy casting an eye at austin_dern's examination of Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican's chief exorcist. =:D

This isn't really an illusion, so much as a quirk of human visual processing, manifesting as "change blindness". It shows two versions of the same photo, with a modest (but not subtle) difference between them, spaced by a brief white flash. How long does it take you to find where the difference is? (It does eventually show itself, so you won't forever be left waiting)

If you happen to be considering buying a DSLR this weekend, Wilkinson have 10% off until the end of Sunday, making for some particularly competitive prices. Sort of nice to see the D90 still in the line-up, despite being discontinued - it's deservedly a modern Nikon classic.

Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity all under the GPL, for OS X, Linux, and Windows. Yes, the Aleph One project has finally reached its 1.0 release. ^_^

Philip Glass led a mic check/people's mic at the Lincoln Center on Thursday night; ironically, as they note, the center is sponsored by the Koch Brothers and Bloomberg, figures one might describe as not being quite on Occupy's side.

I can think of a few folks who might be tempted by this auction for some pre-production test castings of the Enterprise D, made by Corgi.

Wildlife Aid recently launched a campaign for legislation to require antifreeze sold in the UK to contain a bittering agent. At present, it's a routine killer of wildlife (and pets), due to its sweet taste - very little is required for a lethal dose, meaning even minor spills can kill.

You probably haven't heard Greensleeves performed quite like this before. ^_^; You might want to ensure your volume level's on the subdued side, unless you're wanting to check how healthy folks nearby are.

Now, this iPad stand - the Flote - is quite a thing of beauty. ^_^ It's designed with musicians and artists in mind, being repositionable to just about any height and angle you might like, reminiscent of the "sunflower" iMac. It's only a concept design for now, but if you'd like to help bring it into reality, there's a Kickstarter project for it.

The article's from Nov 24, so some of the coupons have already expired, but there are plenty of ones valid through December, to save money on shinywear from quite a variety of vendors. (Who did I get this link from? Ah well. I've duly added "Lust, Love, Latex" to my bookmarks)

Apparently, this Nando's ad was taken off South African TV, perhaps at the behest of the Zimbabwean government, as it stars a Mugabe lookalike fondly reminiscing of days with other well-known dictators, to the strains of "Those Were the Days". =:D

And to round off: a slew of Doctor Who stars, reading short stories for children, broadcast at the end of CBBC's day. They're hosted on YouTube, so you shouldn't encounter any geolocking nastiness, wherever you find yourself.
I used GIMP to find the difference between the "change blindness" frames.  Hooray for modern technology!
You have confessed to obsolescence? =:)

It does actually highlight the difference itself after a couple minutes - which, I admit, I saw for myself. I'd say that makes me a lousy predator, and not much better prey - but, of course, that goes to prove the bunny strategy of letting the fox ignore the fuzzy grey rock really does work. ^_^

(Now, if I can only find somewhere nearby to observe them once more.. maybe I'll try the fields across the canal tomorrow. It seems to be sheep and some horses, mostly, not crops, so maybe lapinekind isn't quite so frowned upon. Certainly, as far as buns are concerned, they're fine with sheep or horses, modulo needing to keep an eye out to avoid getting stepped on)
What IS the difference? I've been staring at it for like a half hour now and have no idea.
I've highlighted the bit within an oval on this image. It's eerily easy to overlook.. ! Even coming back to it just now, I once more couldn't see it, and cheated by taking two framegrabs.
Huh. I really don't feel bad about missing that.