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If you like Doctor Who, particularly Ten, you might like to consider this LJ layout. Brilliant. =:D

The Doctor Who Experience is holding a launch event for Elisabeth Sladen's autobiography - you need to have a ticket for the Experience for that day, and book a time slot for the launch as well.

And even if you aren't from the future.. you can seem so. =:D

Quite a substantial undertaking, and even with the blessing of the author (though not HarperCollins, boo) - you can find the entire body of History is a Weapon, by Howard Zinn, online.

Why are there no adult sizes of these dinoshoes?

Here's a posting from Paul Williams, of the BBC, on the problems ecotourism can bring while walking the fine line between observing and influencing wildlife in threatened locations.

This entry on iPadCreative lends one a sense of hope. It's by the art teacher, Jenny Oakley, at the Cedars School of Excellence, exploring artwork creation on an iPad, with several quite beautiful examples of her work.

If you're feeling geekily inclined, and like HTML5, you might want to read SoundCloud's posting on their new Are We Playing Yet? project. It's an endeavor to help standardise actual support for the various audio-related aspects of HTML5. You can run the test suite on your favorite browsers - one click, and it'll run all the tests, or you can just try specific ones. The best performing browsers are currently Safari 5.1 and Chrome 14 (both being WebKit-based, they score identically at 91%), followed by Firefox 6 & 7 and Opera 11.50 (60%); no scores yet for IE 8/9 or RockMelt 0.9. (OmniWeb 5.11.0 scored an unimpressive 14/43 (33%), whilst the WebKit r99690 nightly yielded 39/43, or 91%)

Let's Pretend This Never Happened is a deliciously funny entry by a writer new to me, though not many others, The Bloggess. Here, she relates the tale of travelling to meet the publishers of her book, finally ready after some eleven years; it's got something of a comedic Hotel Babylon feel, but from a guest's perspective.

You've seen Kickstarter-based projects before, but maybe not one quite like this.. SF-based Lightning on Demand wants to construct the world's largest Tesla coils, named The Lightning Foundry. The guy behind the company, Greg Leyh, has some background in the field - he's put in time with Survival Research Laboratories, and the company's already produced Electrum, a 38' tall 130kW coil. How big will these be? Some 10 stories tall, 260' apart. Big. =:D

Has anyone actually tried Solatorobo: Red the Hunter for the DS? Looks enjoyably furry, but not being huge on RPGs, I wouldn't be a good one to judge. (And then there's the little matter of having handed off my DS to the nephews two years ago =:)

The British Journal of Photography ran a story on a new, free iPad photography/video showcase application, from Condition One:
Condition One has launched its groundbreaking immersive iPad app in the coming days, offering photographers a new way to engage their audiences.

The app, which is now available via the iTunes app store, is free to download and allows users to access three free short films - one on the recent revolution in Libya, another on Thailand's attempted government coup and a third on gun crime in America. Shot by photojournalist Patrick Chauvel, the films use innovative immersive technology allowing the user to choose where to look in the frame in a 180º field of vision.

Finally, I've just got to say: if you haven't seen the BBC's new Frozen Planet, you owe it to yourself to do so, one way or another. It'll be out on plastic discs soon, it's out on iTunes now (but with new eps taking about a week to appear; shamefully slow), and all the usual Usenet and BitTorrent venues. It's not just good - it's superlative. Seriously, if you're not gaping in awe at least a few times, you're probably dead.
I own Solatorobo. It's not much of an RPG, it's very Zelda-actiony style. Your primary means of attack is flipping people into the air and then smacking them into the ground again.
Aah, pity.. seemed like it might be fun, but sounds like it's more of a quickie than something to make a point of. =:/ Still, I suppose it's not like there's a dearth of furry-inspired games for distraction. =:)
It actually -is- quite fun. I've been been too distracted to go back to it, though.

Also, given that every preview of it in mainstream gaming went "Yeah, it's got furries in it, but it's a good game in spite of that!", it's clearly good enough to overcome the -horrible stigma- of being associated with us rabble.

Oh? Cool beans! Maybe I'll seek out a gameplay vid. ^_^

*grin* I always love that sort of tweaking with their readership. After all, games have always had a good element of furriness in them - Sonic, Ecco, Bubsy, Aero, Gex.. not to mention World of Kung Fu Pandas. =:)

There need to be more gaming buns, though. There's Lugaru, and its long-awaited sequel, and that's almost it. Maybe I need to help remedy the situation.. meanwhile, of course, there's SL - there are plenty of bun designs, but I've always felt most comfortable with the ubiquitous Kani; Uchi just did such a good job. 'Course, I've also changed a bit since switching from the Lost Furest rabbit. ^_^
I've just finished Solatorobo; I got very caught up in it. Enjoyable storyline, adorable graphics, and although you need to battle to make progress the difficulty level was such that I usually got through OK first time.
Hmm! It does sound like a title I might quite enjoy.. maybe I'll have a sniff around, and see if there's any likelihood of the company bringing it to iOS. Nintendo's still staying clear, but third-party devs are warming to it - seems even Professor Layton's coming, now their contractual exclusivity on the DS has concluded. ^_^ (On the other paw, we've already got Puzzle Agent, or the somewhat more ribald Hector: Badge of Carnage =:)

BTW, don't suppose you know if there's anything more coming in the Animal Crossing world? I've long felt there's a lot more potential waiting to be explored - with pervasive connectivity, it'd be possible for new characters and festivities to appear, and more AI in the conversations. (Though again, there's always Astro Ranch for iOS - not the same beast, but similarly enjoyable, even if with far fewer resident characters)
I have actually NEVER played AC, in spite of its being right up my street. I fear the time-sink aspect and don't like games that guilt you into playing (oh dear, I should check on my undoubtedly starving and flearidden Nintendogs).
*grin* I thought I'd soon go off it, for that reason - but, I actually found I really enjoyed visiting, usually every night, just before going to sleep. ^_^ Eventually, yes, it wore off - but not before I'd had a good year or so of quiet enjoyment of the village, and the occasional special events and bug hunts.

I was also quite tickled to find the bunny hood, gas mask, and corset available to wear. Once I collected that ensemble, I only occasionally changed attire. ^_^

Ah, Nintendogs does a similar thing? I actually found the roach infestation back home sort of gruesomely amusing. ^_^; Digging up all the weeds was a bit of a hassle, I'll admit. (Similarly, I've avoided SL pets, given most of them require paid "food" - though, not all. Not really sure they're my style, either, though something like a shoulder fox could be fun =:)
Ooh, I want me some of them reptile footprint shooz :D
As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to try getting some.. =:) Maybe if the vendor receives some enquiries re adult availability, they might pass word back to the manufacturer. Can't hurt to try!
I had the fortune to watch Electrum run before it was shipped overseas.

I also lent a hand to Dr. Megavolt when he had to re-wrap the primary coil before a show. :)
Oh, gods.. ! That must've been an experience and a half. I regret to say I've only seen SRL once, back around 1996, over in one of the SF pier warehouses, just possibly not with the authorities' full permission. Damn, I wish I'd had the D90 then. (Well, and that such cameras existed at that point =:)

Hoo! What sort of gauge wire does something like that use? (And immediately I'm thinking of that amazing cross-section of the cables in the Golden Gate Bridge, by the southern end.. it's not going to be anything like that, but.. imagine if it was =:)