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This is truly a wonderful piece of writing. Read in peace, reflect, and find some inspiration. A Sister's Eulogy for Steve Jobs. Its conclusion is, I'd say, perhaps a little unexpected - and oddly uplifting, for such a moment.

Food recommendations for the day: Sainsbury's Brie de Meaux (unpasteurised cheeses FTW! Such a rich, fully tangy flavored cheese, miles away from the usual), and their 18-month Parma ham. Add those to some focaccia from M&S (best of the big supermarkets for bread, I'd say; though better still would probably be local bakers.. but the UK's given up on those, probably much to the derision of all of France, where every single village has at least one boulangerie, always offering fantastically crunchy baguettes with vanishingly fluffy innards), and you've got a simple sandwich that tastes quite wonderful. ^_^

You need to see the trailer for Danger 5 right now - looks like being much fun. ^_^ It's a parody of the 60/70s spy genre, such as The Persuaders and Diabolik.

As KrinnDNZ noted, "No one is entirely sure when magical penis loss first came to Africa" is quite a wonderful opening to any article or paper. In this Harper's article, the author discusses penis theft on the streets of Lagos.

Largely speaking, a heavily cloudy day isn't too much fun for photography - but, now and then, a moment presents itself.. and this was, I felt, one such. The original's quite a lot larger, but if you click through to the original size, you can enjoy those fluffy curlicued textures in a much more pleasing resolution.

An explanation as to why you feel annoyed or angry at being shown to be wrong.

A fun bit of Whovian ephemera: pretty much the entire cast and crew of The End of Time miming to The Proclaimers' "500 Miles". Which has, amusingly, spawned a fan project equivalent.. maybe we can get some furs in there? ^_^ (The same posting mentions that when Karen Gillan eventually leaves, she wants that to be it for Amy Pond: "Death would be an option. I don't want Amy to pop up again every so often, because for me it would take away from the big, emotional goodbye. Once she's gone, she's gone.")

If you've been a little confused by the out-of-order meetings between the Doctor and River Song, here's a handy chart thoroughly linking their respective timelines and meetings.

You won't have seen a hotel quite like the Treehotel before. ^_^ (Nor, perhaps, prices =:) Each room is an individual concept, eg the mirrorcube.

Mind, there's also the Wieliczka salt mine, for centuries - from its founding in the 12th Century by a local Duke, up until 1996 - exactly that; but with the strong tradition of Catholicism in Poland, generations of miners gradually added their own features to the interior of the mine. It's reminiscent, in a way, of some scrimshaw carvings, with such exquisite detail, albeit on a far grander scale here.

Rocket Raccoon is joining what looks to be a singularly silly and fun fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 3 - his trailer is over here.

A minorly geeky little video, on some of the elements of industrial design, by Jonathan Ive. Obviously, it doesn't disclose any trade secrets, but it's interesting nonetheless for taking a peek behind the scenes, showing some of the various structural components of the iMac and MacBook Pro.

And one cute little Easter Egg from Google (no, not the barrel roll =:) - while you're waiting for a YouTube video to get going, press the left & up cursor keys at the same time, and enjoy a game of Snake. ^_^

Regarding Frozen Planet, which I still haven't started watching, I see Play's listing it on BD for £25.99, coming out on Dec 8 2011; on the other paw, there's the iTunes Season Pass for £16.99 in HD (£12.99 in SD only), in the UK Store; unavailable in the US Store, unfortunately, at least for now.

Finally, Murmuration. I shan't say more about it than the description given on Vimeo: "A chance encounter and shared moment with one of nature's greatest and most fleeting phenomena." - it's difficult to adequately express how sublimely wondrous this is. I can only imagine what it must've seemed like in person! Just amazing. It's only two minutes long and entirely safe for everyone, though you may want to turn the volume down a little, as there's a (rather cool) Nomad Soul soundtrack attached.
local bakers.. but the UK's given up on those

You live in the wrong part of the country, then! Bewdley's got one. So has Worcester. And Ludlow. And Cleobury Mortimer. And so on. And I'm not counting Greggs, either! Though on the supermarket front, I'm very partial to the Co-op's pumpkin seed rolls: great big squared-off things that go superbly with various sorts of cheese.
Ludlow! Not a place I've ever been to, but Tyrrell's Ludlow Sausage variety is absolutely scrumptious. Sadly, much less easily found than the more plain flavors, and only in the big bags, which are fairly hazardous to my diet - I have a terrible weakness for crunchystuff. =:9

I'm certainly heartened to learn I may well be wrong. ^_^ Certainly, real bakers seem fairly scarce in South Wales, East Sussex, and the bit of Buckinghamshire I've seen.

Cheeeese! [insert Wallace grin here] I've found Sainsbury have a pretty good selection of interesting cheeses, whilst Tesco seems fixated on fifty varieties of Cheddar, though again, maybe that's a matter of managerial discretion. Morrison's didn't really leap out. Waitrose, not very surprisingly, has some rather nice examples, but the best I've enjoyed recently were from a little then-local deli, including a few the owners import personally. That made for a fabulous Saturday night a few weeks back - a couple different breads, a nice variety of cheeses, some stuffed baby peppers and grilled artichokes, some M&S salt beef, prosciutto, and a healthy selection of ciders and beers. And of course, good company, which makes even the humblest of meals a delight. ^_^
> Danger 5

Oh! Excellent!
Looks dashed ripping, what? ^_^ I'm surprised the light-hearted spy genre's not seen more cinematic visitation - Austin Powers was way, way overplayed. Spy Kids was rather fun, though I've not seen any of the sequels.. and you could sort of wedge The Incredibles in there, even if the protagonists were superheroes.
I see SBS in Australia is actually broadcasting Danger 5. You may want to consult your local friendly torrent merchant. ^_^

(Or is there sign of it in the UK? You'd think it'd be an easy fit for BBC3, or even C4)
(Deleted comment)
Oh, wow.. indeed, whilst I've not yet read his bio (which I may well pick up, as it does sound like much more than just a rehashing of what we already know, but showing the actual reasons why things happened, how he felt about it all..), he did seem to face up to it with remarkable pluck. As indeed did your mother.
(Deleted comment)
You really need to learn to bake your own bread, bunny. It's so very worth it! I recommend the book, "52 Loaves", by William Alexsander.

I was listening to the music from that video, going through your post and stuff. They have a whole, HUGE entry on SoundCloud, and as I was listening, I was reading Steve Jobs sister's eulogy during the second half of "Tailed by the Cops" and the first half of "Verger".


Edited at 2011-11-05 02:41 pm (UTC)
Oh, I have, I have! Based on that recipe you pointed out a while back. It's just so easy to put together, and then there are so many variations on the theme possible - garlic & rosemary's a classic, maybe with a bit of mature Cheddar as well; and I was most surprised how well finely-chopped ham worked!

The guys who provided the soundtrack to Murmuration? Now that does sound like just the right music for such reading. I'm not surprised his biography's sold quite so well - from what extracts I've read, it's much more than just the usual stuff everyone's already read, adding that personal insight into just why things happened as they did.

Eep! Wonder if they've shrunk their entry - SoundCloud's only showing four tracks from them. Still, I'll happily give all of them a try, on the strength of that initial sampling. ^_^ (I dare say that short's given them just a tiny bit of exposure =:)
I'm quite willing to become a tree croc for a while if I only could spend a couple of nights in the tree hotel :D

I've been to Wieliczka as a schoolboy back in 1998. That place is mighty impressive, especially St. Kinga's Chapel. This place is also known for the excellent effects it has on the respiratory system - which is why they have established a facility for people with asthma and other breathing problems in the mine :)