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Now you can enjoy the entry for Daleks in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is appropriately illuminating.

Or, on the Terran front of documentation, the Royal Society just announced that it's making their 60,000 papers archive available free, permanently:

Treasures in the archive include Isaac Newton’s first published scientific paper, geological work by a young Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin’s celebrated account of his electrical kite experiment. And nestling amongst these illustrious papers, readers willing to delve a little deeper into the archive may find some undiscovered gems from the dawn of the scientific revolution – including accounts of monstrous calves, grisly tales of students being struck by lightning, and early experiments on to how to cool drinks “without the Help of Snow, Ice, Haile, Wind or Niter, and That at Any Time of the Year.”

As they seem in need of funds, I thought I'd note various ways Wikileaks can accept donations, in light of the continued Visa/Mastercard/PayPal embargo. If you want to know how and why some major political decisions are or were made, this is your best means. In the UK, one means is texting "box" to 79097, which will send £5 their way.

Best MLP fan vid I've encountered in the past month or so: Ponies are Ravers. Good track, very well edited video; worth saving. ^_^ And for some good human musical fun, I can recommend Holestar: Queen of Fucking Everything.

This cumulonimbus video is.. quite special. It's all entirely genuine, yet you'd hardly expect to see wisps of cloud seemingly dancing around jerkily. (h/t drhoz)

Puzzled by just what brought about the sub-prime mortgage collapse? elfs summarised the situation well over here, pointed out by ionotter. No, really. =:) It's at once complex, yet also quite simple. Perhaps needless to say, also unbelievably lucrative, at least for those at the top of the chain.

You might consider subscribing to Ice Foxx's This Electric Music. He's good. (In the right ways)

The creator of Perry Bible Fellowship has other projects, as you can see from his page on Vimeo, with three episodes of a surreal Western thus far, "Trails of Tarnation".

How Conservation Photography is a Political Act is worth reading.

Ah, simple fare can be so wonderfully gratifying. ^_^ The housemate brought back a big pork & cider pie from a farmers' market near the workplace, and so we served it up with some kale, red cabbage boiled in sugar & vinegar, and mashed potatoes with garlic & Cheshire cheese. The pie was worth the effort, indeed - laden with chunks of good pork, in a tasty sauce, the accompanying vegetables supporting it very well. A 1999 Rioja helped as well, dangerously mild of nature, ideal for a pork dish.

I ought to perhaps note last Wednesday's debut of David Attenborough's latest nature masterpiece: Frozen Planet: "Frozen Planet takes you on the ultimate polar expedition. This landmark series brings to the screen the frozen wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctic as you have never seen them before, and may never see them again…" BBC 1, 9pm, repeated on every torrent site in the universe. =:) It promises to be as excellent as one would expect. (Ah, don't you just love people who proudly assert They Don't Watch TV?) And lo, the first instalment gained some 7.4m viewers - perhaps somewhat more, once iPlayer numbers are factored in.

Is it just me? I've got anonymous comments set to be automatically screened, so they simply don't show up to anybody but me, keeping the journal clean of crud. Previously, I could wander along to that comment, and if it was spam, I had the option of reporting it as such, and noting the IP address used to post it. As of about a week ago, all I see is "(screened comment)", and that's it - no link to report as spam, no IP address. I've not changed any settings in a while, so I can only conclude it's some change on LJ's part.

Someone else you really ought to be following, if you don't already, is drhoz. Come on, where else will you learn of of the cookiecutter shark? No, seriously - it's real, though having learned about it, you might wish otherwise. The lower teeth don't just look odd - they're indeed replaced as a complete unit, to maintain a perfect cutting edge, capable of taking a chunk out of passers-by, be it dolphin or sonar dome.
thanks for the links :)
No problem. ^_^ I've always enjoyed reading your musings and ramblings. Would be fun to meet up someday, though I'm not quite sure how.. but stranger things happen as a matter of routine, ne?
well, if you're ever in Western Australia...
his page on Vimeo

Somebody tell me I wasn't the only person to read that initially as "Vimto"...

The RS archive is only fully open-access for papers over 70 years old -- but even so it's going to be a wonderful resource, I'm sure. =:)
Ahh! I'd missed that detail. Unfortunate, certainly, but noteworthy regardless, as you say. If we were in an era of enlightened government, I wonder what sort of funding would be required to make it entirely open.. the records already exist, after all.

(And while I'm wondering, ah, wouldn't it be wonderful if Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia were to pop up as an affordable electronic edition - PDF, mobi, whatever spins your device's cogs. The electronic edition exists, but they sell strictly to institutions only. Such a pity, as it's a phenomenal work, and so ideally suited to being in the digital realm, given the print version covers 17 quite hefty volumes, one being just the index!)
yes, that's a phenomenal tome
I've found that my Aluratek Libre Color e-reader (it cost me something like $65 new) tends to work better with some formats than others:

EPUB: Hit-and-miss on this one. Sometimes doesn't like them at all, even though all I've tried were non-DRM ones.
FB2: Generally works great! Looks slightly nicer than EPUB, too.
PDF: Does stupid things when attempting to adjust zoom big enough to make books readable.
TXT: No pictures or formatting obviously, but it does work reliably other than that.

Haven't really tried any other formats on it yet. Reminds me, I need to upgrade the firmware sometime, I hear the new one fixes certain annoying little bugs I've encountered...

(Most of the built-in books are boring, but I've of course loaded it up with books by Doctorow, Stephenson, and Gibson, among others.) :-P
Richard Attenborough's latest nature masterpiece

Been moonlighting for his brother, has he? =;)
.. eep!

I won't tell anyone if you don't. ^_^

Have you seen TV Tropes's page recapping episodes of long-running British sci-fi series Inspector Spacetime, by the way? Have you seen Inspector Spacetime?