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I see that Holy Flying Circus is now up in its entirety over on YouTube. ^_^ Produced by BBC Four, it's a comedy drama of the kerfuffle surrounding Life of Brian's original release. The casting is remarkably good, and the writing - about the funniest thing I've watched in the last couple years. If you like Pythonic dry humor, you really ought to see this.

The video linked on this page is rather good. ^_^ It documents a technique for inserting CG objects, which can interact appropriately in 3D, into existing photographs. The setup required is fairly trivial, just noting - in 2D, of course - what light sources there are, and the bounds of any objects in the photo you want your new item(s) to interact with. So, you can add balls to a pool table, and have them realistically bounce off the table's cushions, add a dragon sculpture to a photo where lights are shining from the ceiling, or have a ball roll around in front of and behind items in the photo - all with the lighting entirely convincing.

Intriguing article, on a non-pseudoscience site: DNA mutations influenced by childhood circumstances.

I think I may have to check in on this. ^_^ Warhorses of Letters, starting Tue Oct 25, 11pm, Radio 4. "Comedy by Marie Phillips and Robert Hudson. Napoleon and Wellington's horses exchange love letters against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. Starring Stephen Fry and Daniel Rigby."

As a note to myself, and anyone else seeking, you can find the OS X driver for the Huawei E220 3G dongle on Huawei's site. Just:

- ensure the E220 is not connected to the computer.
- unzip that file, and launch the package contained to install it as usual.
- connect the E220.
- you should then be informed of two new network interfaces, which are not yet set up, offering to open those preferences.
- authenticate, to be able to make changes to the new modem prefs.
- put in *99# as the phone number; it's unlikely you'll need a password.
- connect!
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