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I must recommend these observations by Lemony Snicket, as noted by Neil Gaiman, on the 99%. There is wisdom herein.

If you bought the first volume of Bryan Talbot's superb "Grandville" from ComiXology, you might not be aware that the series is indeed continuing. It would seem the rights shifted completely to Dark Horse, who now require you to buy volume 2 through their app instead. =:P Still, at around half the cost of the paper edition, and with none of the destructibility, I'll take that deal any day. Paper is a medium, not a fetish!

Divine Interventions religious toys. Entirely NSFW. ^_^

It's.. 8-bit, mashed-up gameplay, probably best experienced with the aid of copious quantities of cider: KEYBOARD DRUMSET FUCKING WEREWOLF, free, OS X and Windows. (And, a quick mention of Real Racing 2 HD, Firemint's excellent iPad racer - they're currently running 40% off, bringing it to a positively paltry $3.99/£2.49)

Not one of my buns. =:D Many thanks to Ice Foxx for pointing this out! (Took a bit of hunting down, but I eventually uncovered the original source, with many more similar shots to enjoy) By an Italian artist, Niba - and there are several other works, similarly wondrously documented, over on their site.

That bun is absolutely lush.
Absolutely gorgeous, ne? Thankfully, they've got plenty of good shots - and some different outfits, too! - on the site. Looks like it'd be impractical to move around in very much, but then again, lycra and latex can conceal much. Rabbits are full of tricks, you know. =:)
Well once I went to the site it became more obvious it's just a statue of a bun and not a real bun. But it's still a fantastic statue/plush.
I'm actually wondering - it seems more like a stylised kigurumi style suit, though it'd probably be awkward to get around in. But then, I've only looked at a couple shots - I could be entirely wrong. ^_^

It's certainly.. inspirational, though. Just as well I don't have any money right now.. =:)
Are you dropping a hint with that last bun picture? ;)
It's definitely food for thought. ^_^ With the weight dropping nicely, maybe there'll be a commission in my future next Summer.. maybe even from @rubberzebra, if I actually have money again by that point. (Though it'll be very tempting to use that to swing by the Bay again..)

I submit that rubber bunnies are the ultimate combination. Each element by themselves is wholly meritorious, therefore together..
i will keep my eye on FA ;)
Well, FA's gone all puritanical on anything shiny and RL, as Smash will tell you, having had his (all quite innocent) lycrafox and suchlike shots deleted from there. =:P

It'll be a while before I have to consider such policies, though. Hopefully around June-August next year, I'll be back at the (considerably lower) weight I felt comfortable at, making for a much more lithe bun. ^_^ But that shot's really given me something to ponder, no question. *grin*
Rubber kitten is radical :D Fluffy tail still makes the bunny all cute ^^

I'm open-minded and all, but having poor Baby Jesus, Buddha and Virgin Mary as dildos is anything but arousing!
That's the wonder of bunnies. Cute, whatever the setting. Red pandas have the same affliction. =:)

Mmm.. part of me wonders about Bush or Rand toys, but then.. would I really want them anywhere near me having fun?

Oddly, I don't think I'd mind so much about, say, Blair.
Interesting art. The web page interface is shit.
If you want another weird rabbit site, check out this person's sculptures.