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Here's a refreshing weblog: We Stand with the 99%. eg:

I was born into a wealthy family. I am 27 and I have never had to be financially independent. I have more money and assets then I will ever know what to do with.

I love my family and am grateful for the life their wealth has afforded me, but I hate how they have so much money they have to hire people to figure out what to do with it. They hire people to create tax shelters, get around estate laws, and turn money into more money. it is so complicated that I have stopped trying to understand it all.

I quit a coveted corporate job 2 1/2 years ago. Since then I have been a full time volunteer at a homeless shelter, advocated for victim’s of domestic violence who were stuck with their abusers for financial reasons, and spent my time traveling internationally and “following my dreams.” Meanwhile, my friends and all the amazing people I have met on my journey struggle with loan debt, not having a place to live, food to eat, access to medical care, or a way out.

TAX ME MORE. I can afford it. I am the 1%, I stand with the 99%.

Meanwhile, with NASA dithering on its commitments to the 2016/2018 Mars missions, ESA has apparently formally invited Roscosmos as a full partner.

I watched the first two episodes of The Prisoner, in fairly glorious 720p quality - indeed, it's every bit as good as you might hope for. ^_^ Clear, with vibrant 60s hues, and an audio mix that doesn't try to be ALL AROUND YOU YAY, but simply more than mono. It's a delight. ^_^

Moog just released a true wonder for the iPad: Animoog. Wired has a full review up, also noting that its debut price is a whole dollar, later rising to a regular price of $30, around Nov 17. It's a no-brainer.

Another Blu-ray release that surprised me somewhat on discovering it: Casablanca! (Note: there are multiple releases in the US, some movie-only, starting at $30; the UK release appears cheaper at around £9, and with all the extras) Here's one review, which notes of the video:

The black and white image is wonderful. The source material has been meticulously cleaned up, and good luck finding a speck of dirt, dropouts or inconsistencies in contrast or black levels. The film has a nice, deep and rich look, with excellent smoothness across the entire grayscale. Sharpness is perhaps slightly "soft" by today's standards, but terrific for a film from 1942. I continue to marvel at how deep and detailed this film looks. Fine textures throughout are clearly visible -- I could make out indentations on the spine of a book, or see slight creases in the clean whites of Humphrey Bogart's tuxedo. I am also grateful Warner didn't over-tweak this one -- whites never bloom and at no point is the image overly contrasted in an effort to make the film look "newer" or "glossier." Instead, 'Casablanca' maintains a very natural, film-like look throughout. Without a doubt this is the finest black and white transfer I've seen on high-def, period, and up there with the best remasters ever created for the home theater environment.

Other OS X Twitter clients to try: YoruFukurou, free - showing the tweet another is in reply to is a quick button press away, rather than having to go to the contextual menu (no shortcut), and images are brought up in a preview style window, dismissable with the space bar, rather than just the usual red window close button. Intriguingly, it also offers support for filtered removal by keywords, regexps, and application name - no more 4sq!

Downsides: it doesn't mark tweets and mentions as read when you reach the most recent ones - you have to manually mark them as read. Whilst it's possible to use a contextual menu option to open the preceding message in a conversation, it's still not as slick as the iPad version of the official client, where tapping on a tweet brings up that tweet and the rest of the conversation over in a pane that slides out from the right.

This review of "Piraty XX veka" is worth a quick read, about midway down the page. ^_^

The Pirates of the XX Century is a romantic action-adventure thriller, which explores eternal themes of naval folklore: kung-fu and male bonding. According to many film critics of the time, it was the first but sadly not the last attempt of Soviet movie makers to convincingly portray complex philosophical dilemmas associated with kicking other human beings into the facial and reproductive areas. It does however manage to rate far above similarly themed American masterpieces, such as Rambo, Delta Force and Home Alone.

Normally, DPReview's "challenges" are simply for the fun of it - an invitation to consider how you'd best offer a response to the photographic challenge offered, and share it. In one particular case, though, they're apparently letting Tamron sponsor a prize of a Nikon or Canon fit 17-50mm f/2.8, on the theme of "Travel and Nature". Submissions end on Sunday, Oct 23 2011.

As many of you may have heard, particularly if you're of a geeky mindset, Dennis Ritchie died recently. He was pivotal in bring the world of computing Unix, and C. So, you could say he's had some impact. =:) And I also hear Findra left us abruptly. Not, I admit, a fur I knew well, but he'd been in furrydom for a good while, and in the course of things, left an excellent impression on many folks - that's not a bad legacy for any of us.

Monsterbait - dozens of 'morphic and demonic photomanips, from sea eagle to Predator. Entirely and unabashedly NSFW.

It's hardly affordable, but truly a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship.. Sigma Germany's producing ten units of their SD1 DSLR in wood: "The 'Wood Edition' emphasizes the camera's premium appeal by adding a casing made from Amboyna Burl, an expensive and decorative veneer taken from complex growths on a Southeast Asian tree. The case takes around 60 hours to cut, mill and polish. Ten examples of the special edition will be available, body-only, for a recommended selling price of €9,999."

Here's a pair of shots, taken quickly in succession, showing an onlooker to a chase decide to leap into the fray. ^_^

(Deleted comment)
It's a regular Spaghetti Junction! ^_^ I just love how one's perfectly understandably launching themselves out of the situation, but then there's the other leaping headlong into it all. Wonderful, crazy bunfaces.

Think you'll enter that DPReview competition? You've certainly got a few you could choose from, by way of candidate submissions! Bit of a pity they restrict people to one entry (and I dare say some will try to get around that with a fresh account or two..), but given the number already uploaded, it's easy to see why. I'd like to give it a try, but I'm relatively light on landscapes. Still, maybe that evening shot with the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge? (I'm always wary of photographing icons like that - everyone shoots the GG - but I felt that had a different air to it than most, and it might catch a judging eye.. in any event, it's free to have a go)

BTW, has there been any new shiny photography of late? ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Mmm, that's the thing.. when you're going up against literally a couple thousand other folks, amongst them probably a few seasoned professionals, how do you catch the judge's eye? In wildlife, it seems competition winners tend to be very simple in composition, background completely blurred into smoothness, with just the subject - which, to be honest, isn't a style I'm particularly fond of. =:/ Here, though.. I suppose the way will be to peek at a selection of the entrants' works, and try thinking of some aspect you've done distinctly better, and probably, which will stand out even at thumbnail resolution. (Can you imagine being a judge for something like that? Egad..)

Oo, I'll be looking forward to your announcement of the nature of the project. ^_^ Do you have a composite shot anywhere, maybe, with all of your furry forms present? There are several now, ne? Juniper, Isambaard, the kitty whose name I lamentably have forgotten at the moment (don't tell her)..
(Deleted comment)
Oh! Perfect. ^_^ Come to think of it, some Potatoshoppery could be fun sometime, getting everyone into the same scene, with the aid of some judicious compositing.. *grin*

So Juniper was far from the first! I suppose I'd sort of naturally assumed.

I do think I'd like to try a birdy character sometime.. there's something about beaks. ^_^ (And, for that matter, scales..)

I do have an FA account, but it's been unused for a while - it fell idle when things got a bit too busy, and since then, I've felt uninclined to reawaken it, with FA policies slipping ever further into twittishness. That said, I may well give it some attention again, even if I suspect any real new activity will be on SoFurry, which is much happier with SL photography and shinypics, and the new site design's rather nicer to boot.

A furry Flickr? Ooh, I'll have to peek. I've been terrible with keeping abreast of friends' flickry adventurings, I confess - I keep wishing Flickr offered a LJ-style "show me everything my friends have been up to", rather than that lobotomised ".. But only the most recent few from each" it insists on tacking on. Maybe FlickrStackr on the iPad will prove a better browser.. I picked it up only with uploading in mind, but it's also quite a decent browser as well.
I saw a nice grey rabbit like that the other night, while taking a walk around 3am. There's an overgrown lot and a cat was chasing a rabbit back and forth across the empty street. The rabbit was definately winning. The cat was probably just playing, when it saw me standing in its path it slowed down significantly, though it came right past me as if I wasn't even there. It's always a treat to see rabbits in the city, because they're there but they're so much more skittish than grey squirrels. Really, everything is more skittish than grey squirrels, unless you count Toronto Pidgeons, aka Street Chicken.
Hee! Interesting game for them to play.. but, as we see, buns are quite well aware of their strengths.

Definitely, rabbits tend to be very much on the retiring side, though that's obviously affected greatly by their surroundings - at the last place, having a reasonably well-used bike/walking trail right there did seem to encourage them to not scoot off on the first sight of a human. Rather, they'd happily ignore you, if you kept walking - as soon as they heard the footsteps stop, that's when they'd seek cover. Not a bad strategy!
Wow, that rich guy is certainly someone to admire. Most rich would stick to their riches, and he's willing to give it all up for a better tomorrow for all of us. That's the spirit :)
I imagine it may be like a lot of things - it's a particular viewpoint that some (okay, many) journalists latch onto - but, then again, I've also encountered the "righteously privileged" perspective first-hand, and it's as obnoxious as it sounds. That it's been so popularly adopted in the US is a creditable victory, albeit necessarily ephemeral, for t least some of the 1% - their position is all the stronger for the more serfs that pledge their allegiance.

Yet, as we see, there are indeed those who do have a grander perspective. I feel optimistic, though seldomly is power ever ceded willingly.
That top extract from the blog is brilliant. It just goes to show that there are other people who think like me.
I suspect there are quite a few of their kind - we know Warren Buffett's quite outspoken about the insane level of financial privilege accorded to the 1%, and goes some way to addressing that, insofar as one person can. But, of course, there's no shortage of those who genuinely feel utterly entitled to maintain their lavish lifestyles, whatever the greater cost - to some degree here, but even moreso in the US, where such extreme inequality is touted as being a good thing, emblematic of freedom. A very different kind of freedom to, say, those commies in Finland, Iceland, or even the UK, much as Cameron strives to hobble the NHS.
Buffett is to be applauded..however the cynic in me wonders if his move has more to do with suddenly discovering a public minded mindset, or simply fear of the guillotine? He strikes me a good smarter than many of peers, and can probably see something nasty coming.
I'd like to think I'd be the same as the 1%er were I that rich. I don't know, of course, and probably never will, but it's heartening to see people like that around. Slightly concerning that so few of them seem to be from the UK, though...

Wonderful bunpics as ever, especially the second. I just hope the third wouldn't have been called "Aftermath"! =;P
What's this? I had no idea The Prisoner had been rereleased in a restored form! *adds to wishlist*

And Casablanca? Oh my. *adds again*

Thanks for pointing those out.

Great rabbit photos, BTW. :D
They're really done a superb job on The Prisoner - as crisp as you'd expect from a show debuting now, let alone then. And thankfully, of course, it was all produced in color, at a point when color TV was only just beginning, especially in the UK. (Similarly, we can be thankful Space 1999 had sufficient budget to be completely produced on film; the HD restoration of season 1 is quite a delight. Not sure if they've progressed to restoring/releasing the other seasons)

Now, how exactly do we point out to Warner Brothers that, just maybe, they should put some moolah into giving Babylon 5 some love.. it'd certainly be quite an undertaking, given the original effects assets apparently got lost/wiped, so all the models would have to be reconstructed - but I can't imagine that'd be insurmountable. And all the live action footage is on 35mm, I understand.

And Casablanca.. quite something. It's probably the best it's ever been seen, outside director screenings. Oh, the job they did on the lighting, lending an atmosphere so thick you can swim in it..

I do hope I'll be able to continue my photography! I'll need to find a new site or two at the new place - trickier than it might sound! I rather stumbled onto these guys, on the first expedition. Following a few hours wandering around, seeing some signs of lapinity around, but no actual buns, I noticed horses in one field on the other side of the road, and wondered if they might be thusly accompanied, as they'd been at the last place - and lo, there they were. ^_^

But, yesterday, one of the farmers was out mowing the verges, and the large field where I've been spending the last month or two's rabbiteering. Thing is, when that happened to the original spot above, the buns all but vanished from that field - I've spotted literally one or two since. I'm hoping they've not been completely scared off.

Still, I suppose that's a moot point, given the impending move.. !
Hey Porsupah, those are lovely bunny photos :)

I might get that Casablanca at some point, but this review makes me think this version might not be for me:

This Blu-ray is not meant to make viewers feel like they are watching film from 65 years ago--that was not Warner's intention. Rather, it is intended as more of a museum piece that has been carefully excavated, cleaned up and restored to a relatively asceptic state.

I do like natural film grain (and tape hiss) and think whatever people do to clean it up takes too much away, turning it like the review says, aseptic. But I guess I'm too picky sometimes :P
I'll have to check it out myself properly sometime, but I'd be a little surprised if they actually eliminated the grain, even if that does remain the scourge of video encoding. ^_^ Indeed, it's well understood that perfect imagery often isn't desirable, for that reason - it's not unheard of, in current post-production, for film grain to be added, now, just as specific varieties of film stock can be simulated, for a particular period aesthetic.

Sorry about the *cough* delay in replying. ^_^; It must've been a blurry morning..

BTW, perhaps you've got new things to talk about since Easter 2010? =:) Any new costuming projects lately? More bunnies? ^_^