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I finally gave up on using the Twitter website, opting for a dedicated client instead; partly for convenience, partly to avoid having that cookieload kicking around, offering a tasty tracking target. For now, I'm using Twitter's own - are there others I ought to consider? Echofon was recommended, but the ad-free version's a little pricy. I don't have any particular preferences, though I'd be tempted by more elegant handling of images than Twitter's client, which seems to want to scale down, with no resizing options. Multiple accounts will be handy in the future.

I am amused by this iPad 2 cover & decal. ^_^ Regrettably, I've no idea if it actually exists, but it should.

Until last night, I hadn't been aware The Prisoner had finally seen a BluRay release - and what a job they've done on it! The picture quality's excellent - as sharp as you'll find on a current production, and they apparently even had the original audio sources to work from, giving rise to a new, relatively subtle, 5.1 audio mix, as well as the original broadcast mono. There are also quite a few extras, and full commentaries; easily worth consideration for anyone who enjoys this true classic. Here's a good review, courtesy of DVD Outsider. (Sample Amazon links: US, UK)

The Lion King! It'll be the first time I've seen it on the big screen since its debut release (when I saw it about nine times, including at the Alhambra, a sadly missed classic movie house in the City) - is the 3D conversion worth bothering with, or should I plump for the original? I'm not vehemently - or even particularly - against the current wave of cinematic 3D, but I'm unsure as to how well such a conversion can be carried out against animation that was drawn with 2D in mind.

jessie_pup pointed out these natty bird-inspired shoes, by Kobi Levi. Are they not wonderful? ^_^

Yay, the Cube! Really nice bit of design, even if they fumbled on the price, putting it above the all-in-one iMacs, and not much below the full-blown PowerMacs. Saw a fun shot somewhere, with a Mac mini in the little ventilation space beneath a Cube.. =:D

I suppose it harkened back somewhat to the NeXT Cube. Ah, they did design some fantastic systems.. had two NextStation Turbos back at tbyte, one for my own use, one running FurToonia and Brazilian Dreams II. So beautifully easy to work on - not that they ever exhibited faults, but dropping in RAM or a new HD was just a matter of taking the top cover off, and everything was there, easily exposed.

Hee! An old school MacBook Air.. that could definitely be fun. =:D I suppose you wouldn't even need to paint it, just accurately cut out some decal sheets and apply them correctly. I wonder if rubberzebra would be up for trying that.. ^_^