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Steve Jobs Was Always Kind To Me (Or, Regrets of An Asshole), by the former editor of Gizmodo.

What's in a pair of shoes? Universe Dented, Grass Underfoot, from Daring Fireball.

And, whilst I dare say you've seen it already, I've got to note his 2005 commencement address at Stanford, subtitled by TED as "How to Live Before You Die". There's much to really listen to in but fifteen minutes; genuinely worth the time.

(As a postscript, I notice the Hong Kong teen responsible for the design above, Jonathan Mak, was offered a job as a result. Suddenly, karma =:)


After seeing my swapfile usage rise up to 5GB+ routinely, with 4GB physical memory, I decided it was time to look into memory prices again - and even the modules I need for Dandelion (DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMMs) were so cheap I just couldn't justify not picking up a pair. Ye gods, what a difference! Even with Aperture (the main memory hog, for good reason), OmniWeb, Firefox, Safari, iTunes, Mail, and a couple kitchen sinks.. no swap usage at all, and still around 3GB free. Pleasantly easy to drop into place - just flipped Dandelion over, out with ten small screws around the underside cover, a precautionary disconnection of the battery, and the usual DIMM procedure. An SSD will follow in due time, probably displacing the DVD-R, given I've written about three discs in its lifetime, but that's well down the priorities - the next significant purchase will be the TC17E-II teleconverter, as and when (eventually?) possible.

Pragmatic Programmers, publishers of fine 'puter books (in most formats, including paper), also offer a monthly magazine on various topics of computer geek interest. Free, in HTML, PDF, epub, and mobi formats.


I'm delighted to note that jessie_pup succeeded in tracking down the tiger from my previous entry; she can be found over at the Kigurumi Café, and the original whence that dance loop came, over here. Yay!

Pointed toward the guy's artwork by plushlover, I thought marko_t_rat might enjoy José Alves da Silva's "Mouse Love". =:D (Not that I'm saying rats and mice are the same, any more than I'd claim hares and rabbits are identical. Not sure I've ever seen a hare, other than on video - roohbear sent me a clip of a jackrabbit (which is, yes, a hare =:) outside his office a few years ago, with some quite impressive ears)


eliki wrote this instrumental piece recently. See what you make of it; I felt it transcended its sombre inspiration, becoming not only reflective, but also hopeful.

Oof, indeed - that's a fairly venerable GPU. What sort of SL framerates do you get? Have you found v3-based viewers much worse or similar for speed to the original v1 line? Firestorm seems to be doing a good job of blending in the new code, whilst Singularity's proving rather a pleasant v1-based viewer.
I've mostly been using one called "Cool VL Viewer", reminds me I should grab the latest version of that sometime. Ever given that one a try? There's Windows and Linux versions on the site, and links to an OSX version.

As for performance, I'm sure it would be better on a newer computer, but at least it works, plus it has a bunch of features that the official viewers used to have but lost, and a few they never had. Probably doesn't help that I tend to leave draw distance around 128m a lot of the time.

(Of course, on my laptop the only viewer I can get to run at all is one called METAbolt, the others all refuse to even try running. Probably the sucky Intel graphics chip it has, even OpenArena (ioquake3 engine) won't run playably on it.)

Not sure which version Cool VL Viewer is equivalent to, or even what the differences between the versions are really.

On an unrelated note, I wonder if anyone's attempted to recreate the sim Taco or even just its main store Dwellget yet? That would be interesting.