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The London Science Festival 2011 runs from 19-26th October, at various venues in the city, with events including Festival of the Spoken Nerd (inc. Piff the Magic Dragon), The Magic of Reality: An Evening with Richard Dawkins, The Big Bang Machine: Engineering the LHC, and Sciscreen: Inception, with a presentation and Q&A session with Double Negative, the SFX house responsible.

This visualisation of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony plays a piano roll style display, showing the activity of the various sections of the orchestra simultaneously. Rather geekily fascinating! (Via moth_wingthane)

schneelocke might be interested to learn of a new Brandt Brauer Frick release on Oct 25, "Mr. Machine"; aurgasm recently highlighted "Pretend" from there, alongside R W John, from their debut "You Make Me Real". A good feed to have in one's LJ roster - the guy's very good at covering quite a lot of musical ground, offering up one or two sample tracks each time. (Are there other similar sites/feeds I should be following? last.fm and the like are good for stumbling on interesting discoveries, but a more curated approach like this also clearly has merit)

Check out this story spottacus reposted from the SJ Mercury, on MRI reconstruction of images people had seen. True, the reconstructions are fuzzy, but for this early stage of the technique, the results are quite astonishing - and they imagine being able to extend the process in the future to moving images, such as your dreams.

Elisabeth Sladen's daughter, Sadie Miller, gives a little personal insight into the person behind Sarah Jane Smith.

If you try to access a webpage blocked in Qatar, the error page you receive instead is rather less dry than one might expect. ^_^

Can't touch me.

A photography competition some peeps may want to enter, open to EU & Swiss residents, with category winners receiving appropriate lenses, and a top prize of a Kenya safari, plus a Canon 7D & 15-85mm lens. No entry fees involved. (As it's a Canon-sponsored competition, all the equipment on offer is theirs)

There's a 20 min fan-made film of Welcome to Hoxford, a werewolf prison romance.

And, a stop-motion animated short: Out of a Forest that's well worth seeing. Bittersweet, to be sure, but powerfully atmospheric in its six minutes, and thoroughly furry.
I liked Jon Pertwee a lot. Mum would put little frilly socks on me and Jon would point at them and tell me my knickers were falling down.

That made me squeal silently in the office.

SJA season opener was a cracker!
Now I'm imagining Worzel saying that.. or trying to, and being quite flustered. ^_^

I should look him up on imdb sometime, and peek at what else he did - he's justly famed for both roles, but there's probably a great deal more I've never encountered. (Not forgetting Patrick Troughton in The Box of Delights, either.. wonder what became of that film project from 2009 or so?)

Oo, I must remember to snag that! Same broadcast format as last year, ne? (First half one day, second the next)