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This 1/6th scale Doctor (Eleven) is rather impressive. Not especially cheap, of course, but not bad for the quality, including a number of nifty accessories. I wonder if the studio might be up for producing all the other regenerations? Might not be viable, but then again, with the size of Whovian fandom, there may well be enough people interested.

Monday sees LJ promoting National Bullying Prevention Awareness month, by way of sponsoring a competition to win a Kindle and a $25 Amazon gift card. To enter, just answer Monday's "Writer's Block" question.

Yay! The chase/leap shot in my last entry made it into Flickr Explore. ^_^ Now, if I could only manage a 500px Editor's Choice someday.. =:D

I encountered General Zoi's Pony Creator (Flash required) by way of captpackrat. It's surprisingly well-featured, allowing customisation of just about every aspect you could think of, with a good number of selections available for each aspect. Finally, you can export your pony as a good resolution PNG, or just keep the short code, containing all the info necessary to create that design, in a compact numeric string.

And I thought this entry by arbutus was worth sharing, on working in Tajikistan. Mind, he makes a habit of fascinating entries. ^_^ (See? This is the sort of reason I've enjoyed LJ since arriving here!)
Oh, since when does LJ have a pingback feature? Probably since 2007 and I just never noticed. =;) Regardless, thank you kindly for the link, and I'm glad you're enjoying following along!
It does? Ooh, nifty. ^_^ I otter check my LJ views stats someday, too..

Just make sure you keep writing, and definitely keep the camera busy as well! Your adventures are quite fascinating, and consistently engagingly written to boot.
Tajikistan! That's an unusual place to work. But helping people make their ways towards a better life must be so motivating.
Indubitably! That sort of worthwhile work seems more rare than one might at first imagine - I can't really claim any particular moral merit in any of the programming projects I've participated in, though I suppose helping to bring a popular game to market made some folks happy. =:)