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Pity.. I poked my muzzle into alt.tv.tiny-toon, to see if there might be some of the people I remember from the group left there - but, it's all overgrown with spammish weeds, not a single positive sign of life in sight. (It's where I met the fur who turned out to be my first love.. ^_^ Any guesses which character sparked it all off?)

wolfushusky has an icon huskyteer might appreciate. Be warned: it's very cute.

Isn't a curious reflection on the current state of Disney that many of the reviews I've read of Home on the Range (which I've not yet seen, but I'd still be interested to hear anyone else's impressions) make note of the lack of any memorable songs, despite their pedigree, yet the direct-to-video Lion King 1 1/2 (or elsewhere, Lion King 3. Go figure) has, amongst others, that meerkat song. Then again, manglement there's had a problem with their "A"- and "B"-list role reversal for a while: consider Atlantis and Treasure Planet, against The Emperor's New Groove and TLK 1.5.

On an animated note, I've been watching Rock & Rule again, and I'm struck by just how well animated the production was; in particular, the degree to which different elements on-screen are "kept alive", rather than paying attention only to the primary focus. And I adore Iggy Pop's voicework as Mok..

Sadly, it fell into the same trap as the excellent Cats Don't Dance (with some particularly good characters, and choreography courtesy of Gene Kelly) in having a storyline that's aimed at an older audience than the now-traditional Disney demographic. That said, a friend's 4- and 7-year old daughters lapped it up, including Darla Dimple. ^_^ (The movie's foil, a sarcastic parody of another All American Little Girl star from some decades back)

And speaking of TF imagery, Kemono Inukai has two new pics up, on "Artworks 20" - Latex Insects and Dranubis.
Wow I rememember alt.tv.tiny-toon. I had a crush on Lontra and Quozl (I thik his name was). hehe. Damn I'm old.

Home on The Range looks interesting. I'd like to see it just to see Shawn Kellers work in it. You can always tell which characters he animated in Disney films.
Rock and Rule is awesome. I have one of the original VHS tapes of it and still enjoy seeing it.

Have you seen The Plague Dogs? It's very good, but quite sad and emotional for any animal lover. Here's some info on it.
Aww, you're so sweet! Quozl is still alive (he's in the phone book here, at least), but I don't know if he's still active in any fur/toon circles. I haven't heard from him in years myself...
*nodnods and drools atta Thumper butt icon hehe
That's Thumper's Mama! Here she is in action:

What a tease, eh?! ;-)
Hey, I've got one of those. >:P
Okay, now we need to see the live action version. ^_^ (I recall xolo had quite a few positive reactions to his bunny tail at Six Flags..)
Yikes! That's sweet! More than sweet, that's hot! ;-)
Eep! Finally, I'm getting to reply to comments in my own journal. ^_^

Have you spoken or corresponded with him in the interim, I wonder? It may well be, I'd think, that he's as furry as ever, just not necessarily as visibly active. Who knows? Maybe he's even on LJ, under some different name.

And yes, that isan utterly adorable icon. ^_^

Whew! I need to look through your friends list sometime, and see who I recognise.. there's bound to be quite a few folks I've fallen out of touch with, given how unsettled the last few years have been. I was really tickled to see the mass influx you experienced a little while ago.. *chuckle* (Not that it's any surprise, of course)
If Dennis were on LJ, I'm sure he'd be here as Quozl, but that name is as yet unclaimed.

Do take a look at plushlover's Friends list! I keep finding old friends all the time here, tho many probably don't recognize who I am with my new nick. :-)
*giggle* I really need to dig through some of the attt archives on dejagoo and look back.. ^_^ I do tend to form my opinion of someone fairly quickly, I admit, and generally with good foundation - how open someone is to consider another's perspective, for instance, counts well in my eyes, rather than leaping to the offensive. Lontra obviously scored well. ^_^

And this is the kind of reason I'm so fond of the net. With the ease of communication brought about by usenet, the web, and so on, there are so many small, warm communities able to stay together, even if they're thousands of miles apart geographically.

Shawn Keller is undoubtedly annoyingly talented. He's remained with Disney, then? (Considering the immense turnover there's been in their animation ranks, that's saying something)

I wonder what aspect ratio R&R was produced in? Presumably something theatrical, such as 1.66 or 1.85:1, but AFAIK, the current releases are only 4:3. It sounds as if the forthcoming DVD release will hold some worthwhile goodies, too. ^_^

No, I've not yet seen TPD. I admit, I do tend to shy away from very sad productions.. I've still not seen Grave of the Fireflies, for example, a highly acclaimed Studio Ghibli (Totoro, Spirited Away, Porco Rosso, Ponpoko, and more) production, dealing with a brother and sister in the wake of the fission bombings of Japan. I'd really want to be in good furry company to watch either, I think.

Apropos of nothing, have you had the chance to see Whale Rider, I wonder? I've a feeling you might enjoy it very much.
Squeeism! That is indeed überküte.

I quite enjoyed Cats Don't Dance, but that had more to do with the presence of Scott Bakula as the voice of the hero than with its intrinsic merits.
Ooh, Scott Bakula.. the factor which made ST:Enterprise bearable for me. ^_^ He's plainly so talented (and, yes, very cute).. I was pleased to see he'd landed that ST role, as that's about as close to a lifetime guarantee any actor can hope for, even if such a setting doesn't really let him flex his thespian abilities all that much. Then again, I'll admit to not having seen much of the series, having drifted away during Voyager - and the opening theme does little to draw me in. Eep! (I recall some usenet posting noting how, strangely enough, the focus of all the visual montage is overwhelmingly American, despite the occasional influence from elsewhere in the original space race)

"How does the kitty-cat go.. ?"

> Any guesses which character sparked it all off?

I'd guess Fifi. She seemed to have that effect on a lot of people.

So far as the old TinyToons crowd, Lontra's still around, of course. It's been probably five years since I last heard from Quozl. Bob Repas (who was one of the FAQ maintainers and question answerers) now runs the OhioFur list, which he took over from me a few years back. He was always low key, and no-one ever seems to remember him from a.t.t-t.
I'd guess Fifi. She seemed to have that effect on a lot of people.

Well, I'll admit, I definitely did enjoy her - as did Mr Aronen, as with his "Scenta" pic, amongst others. Oh, for that figure.. but only toons can manage that. ^_^

But, no - not in this instance.

It's been probably five years since I last heard from Quozl.

Lontra noted he's apparently in the phone book.. might it be worth dropping him a line, and seeing if he's still furry? After all, he'd hardly be the first fur to simply sit back for a while, having enjoyed some splashing around on usenet or the like. Maybe he's even a casual reader of some of our journals.. ^_^

Bob Repas (who was one of the FAQ maintainers and question answerers) now runs the OhioFur list

Heh! That's good to know. I doubt many furries really ever leave, so much as sometimes get caught up in families, careers, and so on. It certainly can take a lot of time, after all, being active on LJ, aff, or alf, if you really spend time reading and replying; quite how some of the participants manage, I'm not sure. ^_^; (But then, I'm a red panda. We just can't be rushed)
And, now that I think of it, Ronald D. Bauerle is still around too. He runs a 'Sonic' mailing list that I subscribe to.

I'm pretty good friends with EAS too, although I didn't make the connection between the fellow I know and the TTBS author until recently.
Cats Don't Dance looks well sexy! The last time I had heard of it was when it came out all those years ago, then I managed to completely forget about it. I must now go and perform Harakiri for this.

*performs Harakiri*
*makes tea*
I wanna be Sawyer. ^_^ (But without quite so much of the romance of typing, yes)

I adore that film, I admit. I don't suppose you'd have a copy spare? I have the laserdisc (somewhere in Maryland) and the VCD (in Leeds, I think), and I've probably had the VHS at some point as well, so I feel somewhat justified in requesting a copyright violation. *grin*

*performs Harakiri*
*makes tea*

As long as you don't wait around too long. Who'd want gangrene tea?
I've never even seen it! That's why I killed myself! But I've ordered a copy from Amazon, so that I'm not left out of the loop for much longer. And since you're inquiring about copies, I'd be happy to get a copy for you, if you like! ^__^

As long as you don't wait around too long. Who'd want gangrene tea?

*raises hand*
There's always one... ;D

Oo, that's very tempting.. CDD, that is, not gangrene tea, though I'd be happy to offer Shrub a cup. Or an entire pot! No, the cup's simpler - he'd have to work out how to use the pot.

I need to watch Donnie Darko again sometime.. such a nifty movie. I understand the US DVD's commentary (sadly, the UK release is a bare-bones edition) adds quite a bit of background to the story. But maybe the rest of Kokoro Library first.. I'm in the mood for extreme cuteness tonight. ^_^
If you want, you can email me your address info, and I can get that for you! ^_^

Argh! Gods, I haven't seen Donnie Darko or Kokoro either! And I call myself a movie lover. Honestly though, I don't keep up much with recent movies, unless it's something I really fancy.

Aw. I was never into alt.tv.tiny-toons, although I did hang around alt.tv.animaniacs long enough to do a MiSTing of some Skippy Squirrel fan fiction. But Usenet is getting pretty depressing these days; even the groups that are active and chatty are barely there anymore. It's all terribly ominous.

I did hang around alt.tv.animaniacs long enough to do a MiSTing of some Skippy Squirrel fan fiction.

Link! Link! Is ata also similarly deserted now? Again, a series I thoroughly enjoyed, from the out-and-out zaniness of the Warners, through to the sometimes very touching musical reminiscences of Rita, so beautifully brought to life by Bernadette Peters.

But Usenet is getting pretty depressing these days; even the groups that are active and chatty are barely there anymore.

Oh, I don't know.. asr is still lively, not to mention afca or afu, of course. And aff and alf still seem quite lively, even if their traffic doesn't reflect the growth in overall net.population, or that of the furry community. But that, I'd think, is more a result of the increased diversity, just as con-going used to mean only ConFurence, whilst now, there's a choice between an almost bewildering number of cons within the US, and more elsewhere.

Further afield, ba.food continues to thrive, the uk.telecom.* groups are very busy, and even my own pet, alt.lycra, seems to have survived the spammer onslaught since its creation.

Still, I do find it somewhat saddening that, whilst the convenience of Yahoo Groups is undeniable, so many wonderful communities are hidden from view in that way. (Of course, the manner in which some folks use such mailing lists can be distressing.. I gave up on one in particular simply because of the incessant requoting of others' messages, often only adding a single line, usually above the previous text. Bad enough on usenet, but even worse when that includes the Yahoo ad and their own .sig as well - multiply that by a few levels, and it simply became too much hassle to sift through what someone was actually saying, rather than simply echoing)

Link! Link! Is ata also similarly deserted now?

Last I looked, alt.tv.animaniacs was down to spams and the occasional token posting, unfortunately. My MiSTing of Skippy's Mom is, of course, principally archived at the missing Web Site Number Nine, but I've put up my own little local copy for those really curious. I'm amazed how little of it I'm currently embarrassed by; usually there's a large number of riffs I can't believe I was amateurish enough to make, much though I love rereading anything I ever wrote (makes keeping a Livejournal dangerous, I tell you). Thanks are due natasha_nelson for bringing the story to my attention, suggesting the centerpiece sketch, and fixing various little problems with the writing.

I can't imagine anyone else mentioning 'These are the Days' in a fanfic :)

I'm just sorry I couldn't find a way to work Where's Huddles into the thing, but we can't mention every unspeakably awful cartoon Hanna-Barbera ever produced.

The most startling thing to me is a line, ``Now imagine `Metropolis' with Betty Boop in it.'' A couple years after the MiSTing, the Betty Boop In Hollywood calendar included a picture of Betty as the robot Maria. Neat coincidence.

Still, I can't help it, I like my own work. There are a few riffs I think should have been edited out, and I'd rather have a closing host sketch that didn't consist of the cast refusing to participate in it, but I love the line ``She's not mad so much as she is annoying'' and I bet nobody noticed the coatis referenced in it unless I specifically pointed it out to them.

I noticed a couple of riffs mentioning Stephen Ratliff stories, all from Joel. Ratliff MiSTings have been basically all Mike-era. I don't remember if I deliberately gave Joel the ``continuity-violating'' riffs that logically only Mike could make, but it seems like the sort of thing I'd do.