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You know, there's an awful lot to be said for good home cooking. ^_^

Today, I felt like using up some cubed lamb that'd been defrosted at an awkward time (not much space in the fridge or freezer, and still half a pizza awaiting its fate), and tossed it into the slow cooker with a package of tomatoes, a tin of chickpeas/garbanzo, a few inches of a Moroccan spice blend, garlic powder, rosemary, lemon thyme, and mushrooms. After a couple hours, I thought I'd tweak it a little with the addition of some sliced up Cumberland sausages, a tin of chana dal (got to love having a good Indian/Caribbean aisle in the supermarket), and a sliced up leek, along with a little cheap cider to help keep everything moist.

When I came back from today's rabbiteering, all it needed was a little piquance and some tomato purée. Rather tasty, along with some brown rice. ^_^

And yes, a proper entry will be along in the next day or two, with any luck.

Which all leads me to wonder: how often do you cook? Do you enjoy it, or is it just a necessity? Are you even, perhaps, quite good at it?
I'm about as good at cooking as I am at drawing. =:P Lack of patience, I suppose. I live on sandwiches half the time anyway...
Ah, but there's an art to even the humble sandwich! The right meat(s), cheese(s), whether to go with mayonnaise (a topic which seems only slightly less polarising than Android vs iOS =:), mustard, or something else entirely.. =:9

(I do sort of wish Cheddar had slightly less diversity - it's a little odd to me that you can have such radically different natures of cheese, all supposedly the same variety. Still, there are some notables, like the Lake District Cheese Company's extra mature, or indeed, Tesco's finest Canadian vintage, both demonstrating that beautiful pungency, without bitterness, and retaining quite a rich nature nonetheless)
The right bread, for my money, is the most important bit of all! I tend to favour the sort of wholemeal with seeds in, if that's not too vague. These days I find basic sliced plain rather... well... plain.
There is low effort cooking though, for the last 4 weeks i've been roasting chickens one each sunday (i've been doing it for cost/ flavour reasons) wanting some chicken for my weekday salads, and some roast chicken for weekends and a whole chicken is cheaper than 2 breasts and 2 legs. So thats 8 meals worth of meat for 4-6 quid. And not much that more hassle than buying some legs for roasting and some ham for salads!