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You know, there's an awful lot to be said for good home cooking. ^_^

Today, I felt like using up some cubed lamb that'd been defrosted at an awkward time (not much space in the fridge or freezer, and still half a pizza awaiting its fate), and tossed it into the slow cooker with a package of tomatoes, a tin of chickpeas/garbanzo, a few inches of a Moroccan spice blend, garlic powder, rosemary, lemon thyme, and mushrooms. After a couple hours, I thought I'd tweak it a little with the addition of some sliced up Cumberland sausages, a tin of chana dal (got to love having a good Indian/Caribbean aisle in the supermarket), and a sliced up leek, along with a little cheap cider to help keep everything moist.

When I came back from today's rabbiteering, all it needed was a little piquance and some tomato purée. Rather tasty, along with some brown rice. ^_^

And yes, a proper entry will be along in the next day or two, with any luck.

Which all leads me to wonder: how often do you cook? Do you enjoy it, or is it just a necessity? Are you even, perhaps, quite good at it?
I can't cook. I'm not sure I have the patience to learn. But that just makes me appreciate those who *can* a lot more.

Whenever someone cooks a meal for me I'm all *squeeee* about it. I think it's the nicest thing anyone can do for someone, really.
Is cooking something learned? I suppose, like almost anything, it can be. I just potter around - gods know, there are worlds of cuisine I've barely even heard of.

The roomie seemed contented enough with it. ^_^ I hadn't particularly planned on making this, but as the lamb had been reduced to clear originally, I didn't want to leave it just sitting in the fridge, and a Moroccan/South Asian sort of thing seemed like it might work. *grin*

It could be worth looking into a fun cooking show, like the Hairy Bikers or Two Fat Ladies, and seeing if that provides some inspiration. There's quite a sense of enjoyment that comes from digging into a dinner that's at least as good as something you might buy in a decent restaurant - and it really doesn't have to be difficult! (Right, time to stop before I channel Gusteau =:)
Cooking is all about rules, the problem i have (only cooking for one) is cooking something that can be served up several times looking/tasting like something completely different. Kuma is a veggie and we are only at simultaneous meal times twice a week. So Saturday and sunday lunch is the only ones we share.

I do like 2 fat ladies but more as an entertainment show. The hairy bikers well isn't that a form of porn :)