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Lunch! Dinner! It's two great meals in one! =:9

I stand by my assertion that San Francisco Bay pizza is the best in the world. Even if you do make it slightly less so by putting anchovies on it.

You should put tuna on it instead.
Maybe if it were slices of raw yellowtail, added immediately before serving.. ^_^

Ooh. I might just have to arrange that.. Sushi Hunter is but two short blocks away from Tony's. =:D

I'm always impressed by the range of styles and quality hereabouts. Even Zachary's Chicago style stuffed pizza easily holds its own against Edwardo's!
Mmmmm, I'd argue that SanFran has the most interesting pizzas from a gastronomic perspective. Wood-fired, artisan, all kinds of wonderful things to explore, new territories to conquer.

But when you want to re-live your childhood, of that simple, awe-inspiring pizza that you all sat around after a day of fun, you just can't beat New York pizza. Especially if you get it in Manhattan, or a borough that has the water from Upstate.

NY Pizza is "Momma's Pizza".