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Lunch! Dinner! It's two great meals in one! =:9

Well now I'm going to want a (less refined) anchovy pizza before -I- can sleep.

I do hope you're happy!
Try the original! ^_^

For ages, I thought I hated anchovies - but not so much out of having tried them, more just following on their general unpopularity. Then came that fateful night in Sydney, where I saw a small pizza place's offering of a Capricciosa of pepperoni, anchovies, and capers - for some reason, it caught my eye, and I went back a few times after. =:9 That meat and fish combination might at first sound odd, yet when you consider how well Chinese combinations of prawns and pork, or more, can work - yes, that city introduced me to some rather good food, although the true revelations came in Brisbane a few weeks before, at a restaurant I understand closed not long after: Jameson's.

But that's another story. =:)