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Lunch! Dinner! It's two great meals in one! =:9

What's all that weird stuff on your pizza? I don't recognize any of those ingredients. Even the sauce looks weird... That red stuff is sauce, right?

I'm not sure if those lumpy things are chicken or cheese, and there's some kind of leaves? What kind of leaves do you get on a pizza?
You can see their menu as a PDF here - it's rather good. ^_^

That one was, I believe (my host picked it up as a surprise =:), the White Anchovy, which is listed as: (rustic medium crust) mozzarella, arugula, italian white anchovy, piave, calabrese peppers, fresh lemon. But this had pepperoni as well, perhaps inspired by my mention the other night of the capricciosa I had in Sydney a few years ago, with pepperoni, anchovies, and capers. And this had something like ricotta as well. It was quite fantastic, in any event - the guy takes his pizza making seriously, to my delight.

Yep, a tomato sauce, and the lumps were ricotta. Oh, such delicious ingredients, done so well..

[edit!] Aha! The receipt says it's a New Yorker with added spinach, white anchovies, and garlic. ^_^

Edited at 2011-03-19 02:31 am (UTC)
I really need to try an anchovy pizza. Most people shudder at the thought, but I know what anchovies do in food, so I'm really curious to try it out!
It really works well! I'm a fan of pepperoni, anchovies, and capers - salty, true, but they all work well off each other. Even better, I feel, if you can find smoked anchovies. I first encountered that combo at a pizzeria in Milsons Point, just north of central Sydney.. quite a revelation. ^_^
Well now I'm going to want a (less refined) anchovy pizza before -I- can sleep.

I do hope you're happy!
Try the original! ^_^

For ages, I thought I hated anchovies - but not so much out of having tried them, more just following on their general unpopularity. Then came that fateful night in Sydney, where I saw a small pizza place's offering of a Capricciosa of pepperoni, anchovies, and capers - for some reason, it caught my eye, and I went back a few times after. =:9 That meat and fish combination might at first sound odd, yet when you consider how well Chinese combinations of prawns and pork, or more, can work - yes, that city introduced me to some rather good food, although the true revelations came in Brisbane a few weeks before, at a restaurant I understand closed not long after: Jameson's.

But that's another story. =:)
I've never had anchovies, but that looks like something I'd want to dive into.
I can wholeheartedly recommend it. If you find yourself in the City sometime, it'd be worth visiting Tony's Pizza. Great menu, and even backed up by quite an extensive selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. (Or you can get a honking big slice for $5 to take away, depending on what's available at the time. A wonderful Saturday night option, for those occasions when the movie night's going well, and that need strikes for something good to munch. ^_^)
I stand by my assertion that San Francisco Bay pizza is the best in the world. Even if you do make it slightly less so by putting anchovies on it.

You should put tuna on it instead.
Maybe if it were slices of raw yellowtail, added immediately before serving.. ^_^

Ooh. I might just have to arrange that.. Sushi Hunter is but two short blocks away from Tony's. =:D

I'm always impressed by the range of styles and quality hereabouts. Even Zachary's Chicago style stuffed pizza easily holds its own against Edwardo's!
Mmmmm, I'd argue that SanFran has the most interesting pizzas from a gastronomic perspective. Wood-fired, artisan, all kinds of wonderful things to explore, new territories to conquer.

But when you want to re-live your childhood, of that simple, awe-inspiring pizza that you all sat around after a day of fun, you just can't beat New York pizza. Especially if you get it in Manhattan, or a borough that has the water from Upstate.

NY Pizza is "Momma's Pizza".
Nice Pizza!

Hey, I just saw that Webkinz has Red Pandas. Is this news or did you already know and have a half-dozen already?
See what you're missing? You should be here! ^_^ (So should I! In less of an orbit than a landing, that is)

No, 'fraid Webkinz hasn't been on my radar in a while now. I do want to pick up one or two more plush companions sometime, but I suppose that needs to wait until I'm a bit more settled. Not that I wouldn't consider another lil' panda, of course. ^_^