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An interesting article in last month's National Geographic: Taming the Wild - "A fox can be man's best friend. All it takes is the right genes."

Still no plethora of buns to report, sadly - the best I've managed so far has been a smattering of fleeting sightings, such as on my last return to San Bruno Mountain Park, where, toward eventime, two dashed - on different occasions - across the trail, and later, one popped out from the thick brush typical of the local parks' trailsides, only to make himself scarce again as quickly as possible. All too fast for any shots - even if I'd been wandering along with the camera pointing toward the trail in front, the time to point accurately would've been too long.

That said, it all has resulted in some fantastic sights, such as at Wildcat Peak, or along Nimitz Way. Highly recommended, although you'd be well advised to keep to the larger trails at the moment, with the rains having turned some sections into slick mud, and even then, be prepared to take awkward diversions if you're not wearing wellies. (This is where carrying a bag with a camera, two lenses, and an iPad gets to be particularly fun =:)

Amidst the unbelievable wreckage in the wake of the Japanese tsunami, the tale emerges in a video clip of one dog who refused to leave their injured companion. True, it's a reminder of the hell so many are still enduring, but also profoundly moving - a testament to the higher nature within us all. Both dogs are now safe, and receiving due care.

Big Finish, as you may know, has long been producing audio Doctor Who adventures. They've just signed up Tom Baker, for more Fourth Doctor stories, along with Leela and Romana. ^_^

And so it comes to pass that I've just ordered the proofs for the forthcoming site. Those should arrive sometime around the middle of next week - if all of them check out, I could be ready to open for business by the end of the next week.

(Yeep! They've arrived! And wow.. seriously nice work by the lab. Love the metallic paper option, too - definitely helps with subtly richer hues, and a lovely lustrous finish. Even the larger sizes turned out well, so I may well offer 12x18" after all, perhaps larger still, especially for the few landscape ones. Excellent service, too - ordered late on Wednesday, delivered on Saturday, and packed with every size in separate envelopes, thin foam sheets between each, and all safely wrapped up with a stiff cardboard backing, inside a USPS box)

It's a little odd, of course, entering such an unknown, but I do feel I've managed to capture some memorable moments from "my" buns' lives - moreso, perhaps, than a fair few wildlife photographers, with rabbits rarely given much regard. I admit, it's quite exciting - I'm eager to find out if the populace at large agrees that the world needs more bunnies. ^_^

It's been proposed many times, and experimented with over wartime and 1968-1971, but the chances of success could be higher this time around, with Rebecca Harris' bill to study the effects of advancing time in the UK for all or some of the year.

An utterly fantastic sex theme park poster (NSFW, and how), courtesy of the AIDES French safe-sex non-profit. I am amused to see furries feature in it, too. =:D

A good commentary on California's infamous "three strikes" law:

Most Californians already know that in the wake of Three Strikes the cost of corrections has soared. Our state prison budget is now so high that California spends as much on prisons as we do on higher education.

But many Californians are surprised to learn that, under Three Strikes, Curtis Wilkerson of Los Angeles was sentenced to life for petty theft of a pair of socks; that Shane Taylor of Tulare was sentenced to life for simple possession of 0.1 gram of methamphetamine; or that Greg Taylor of Los Angeles was sentenced to life for attempting to break into a soup kitchen to get something to eat.

In fact, the majority of those put away for life under Three Strikes – over 4,000 people total – committed a minor, non-violent third strike. These non-violent third strikers will, according to the California state auditor, cost the state at least $4.8 billion over the next 25 years – almost $200 million per year.

Could be amusing.. banks could be compelled to publish breakdowns of their tax payments. One example that's recently hit the news is Barclays' £11.6b profits, on which they paid corporation tax of a massive.. £113m, or about 1%. (Bonuses, meanwhile, amounted to £3.4b) Time to close my account there, I think, and shift it to the Co-operative Bank.

QotD: "Gingrich would like to remind everybody that that marriage is between one man and one woman whom you abandon riddled with cancer on her hospital bed while you fuck the shit out of your mistress whom you later marry and cheat on with a third woman while screaming with Godly moral outrage about the infidelities of the president."

And that lens? Ye gods, what a joy that thing was to work with. Ironically, only one shot with that will be on the site, when it initially launches, as the best shots were, unsurprisingly, very wide aspect ratio. As the photo labs don't perform any cutting, that'd leave people have to order an expensive large print, with most of it just white. Easily fixed, of course - I'll simply offer those in properly sized segments. (Hopefully to be joined by the 360 degree panorama I shot from Wildcat Peak, once I convince hugin to not make the strip go in a broad hump midway through =:)

Western half of the Bay Bridge on left, then San Francisco, and finally, the Golden Gate Bridge

Frustratingly, it developed a fault midway through the Chinese New Year parade on Feb 19, rendering the zoom ring very stiff, which put a bit of a crimp in shooting for the remaining couple days. Definitely one I'd love to give a home to someday, though my priority will remain wildlife photography - hopefully the coming months will bring more opportunities again. *sigh* I always knew I'd move away eventually, but I've really been missing being able to see "my" buns busy with rabbity affairs. More such times ahead, if I can possibly help it!


Amusing (and completely NSFW) 'toon over on FA by Immelmann on being more dominant. =:D

I may have to track down a copy of a book mentioned in lagomorphic, "The Rabbit Problem", based on the work of Mr Fibonacci - the illustrations do look entirely adorable.

Horse hoof boots - haute couture style! £1300 a pair, profits to charity.

You know, of all the aromas in the world, those you'll experience walking around North Beach are amongst the more tantalisingly delicious. =:9

A guide to Nerdy Day Trips in the UK is simply fascinating, including highlights such as Barometer World and Electric Mountain.

So, that was.. a day.

I decided I'd go wandering around Golden Gate Park, as I'd woken up a bit on the late side, making Tilden or San Bruno a little marginal, and that turned out most enjoyably, even if devoid of most wildlife; that said, there were some very cooperative squirrels around, close enough that I can look at the scene around them quite clearly reflected in their eyes. ^_^ I made the mistake of getting off the N around 7th Avenue, placing me around the De Young - plenty of people, plenty of traffic. Not exactly prime bunland, and not overly relaxing. But as I progressed westward, I was able to escape the roads for open fields and copses. Wound up with a couple shots of the turtles, too, though I'll probably want to get some other ones another time, with a slightly narrower aperture, for greater depth of focus.

Protip: do not walk into the very hard seating on Muni trolleys. It will cause a surprising degree of pain; thankfully, that subsided by the time I got to Montgomery. Popped into Walgreens to pick up a couple bits, and then encountered some odd reluctance on the part of the card processor to handle the transaction. (Turns out that was fallout from the Epic Moving Saga™, all sorted out now after confirming a slew of transactions, addresses, and phone numbers)

Got back, rang the doorbell to get let in (physically - the gate doesn't have any buzzing-in solenoid), and.. nothing. Buzzed a couple more times, as it's not difficult to miss. Called my host's phone number.. and again. And again a few more times. At this point, I'm beginning to worry, as he's not much given to going out. A grand mal seizure can cause self-injury, and with no-one else there, and no way to get in (the gate key is one for which key cutters must obtain blanks from the lock manufacturer, with permission from the owner, which is a tediously lengthy process in this instance), short of calling 911..

Back down to Powell, where I called timberwoof, who kindly picked me up from Glen Park BART. Called again a few times, but still no reply.. and at this stage, we're well beyond the possibility of merely having taken a nap. All I could do, given it was about midnight, was send email asking him to get in touch as soon as possible.

Mercifully, that happened a bit after 1am. ^_^ (Confirming, unfortunately, that he'd had a bad episode, and been out cold - but more or less okay now)

The whole episode did, at least, result in getting to hook up with timberwoof, lewistotle, and cmagnani again, and getting to enjoy the fascinating San Francisco: Still Wild at Heart, looking at wild coyotes in the City, and nearby. Still elusive, of course, and preferring to stay out of daylight, making them something of a challenge to photograph, but I'd obviously love to catch a shot. I'd also previously been unaware that ranchers can deploy guard llamas to protect their sheep from coyotes - apparently very effective, especially coupled with use of electric fencing. So the farmers keep their sheep, and the 'yotes keep their lives - not such a bad deal. ^_^
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