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This photographic project, Back to the Future, by Irina Werning is rather amusing.. the photographer managed to get a variety of regular folks to reenact childhood photos - same location, clothes, poses, everything. It's quite fascinating to see just how similar some people are as then, even a couple decades on; even where different, there remain quite clear comparisons. Either way, quite remarkable an undertaking!

Free music: Moby's Be the One EP, in exchange for your email address. Stereogum notes: 'In a post about its three tracks he wrote: "'be the one' was in the paul haggis movie 'the next 3 days,' 'sevastopol' is an interesting city in the ukraine, and 'victoria lucas' was sylvia plath’s pseudonym." No mention of Robbi.' (That said, the download code seems to be taking a long while to come through - Demonoid to the rescue =:)

Free samples courtesy of Tape Death: MC-202 Filter Sample Pack, described as a "sample pack with bleeps, sines and subs from the self oscillating filter on Hyphae's MC-202. With resonance up full and the LFO going nuts, this thing produces some nasty tones. Grab a sponge before you download this bowel-shattering sub bass."

Cue Play DJ looks like a fully-featured iPad DJ app - ice_foxx, jovino, any thoughts? The embedded video at the top of the page is about ten minutes long, and goes into some detail about the main features. Looks rather more meaty than the better known DJ apps, whilst even being cheaper, at a princely $10.

Of note for anyone from outside the US wanting to use their unlocked iPhone: AT&T now officially support prepaid SIMs, at quite sane tariffs, under the GoPhone monicker. Main choices are plain PAYG at 10¢/min, similar per SMS, or $2 for any day when the phone's in use, with unlimited voice/text within the US for that day. No "data" (even if voice is all data..) allowance, which is extra at $20/mo for 100MB - if you've got an iPad, the $25 for 2GB allowance per month there is a much better deal.

Having spent much of Thursday afternoon slowly going through my Flickr photos, noting down various details & a thumbnail for each I felt a likely candidate for the forthcoming photography site, I wound up taking a different route: exporting all the "1* or better" photos from each iPhoto library from 2010, and importing those into a new Aperture library. Still took a while, and that doesn't include matching up those uploaded to Flickr with the associated RAWs. Nor, indeed, applying cropping and any other adjustments - but, I'd have wanted to do that anyway, given the markedly greater range and versatility of control available to me now in Aperture 3.

Not that iPhoto is a bad application! I'd happily recommend it to anyone, providing they're aware of the basic differences between it and Aperture, or indeed, Lightroom.

So, last week, I was finally able to place an order for a week's rental of a rather wonderful wide-angle lens, the Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8, and lo, didst I toddle offer joyfully on Tuesday to pick it up. (Yes, the front element really is that curvaceous!)

Of course, a couple days later, suddenly the forecast calls for grey skies for basically the rest of the week.. still, I did manage to get a few nice shots from Twin Peaks on Wednesday (which the forecast had insisted would be filled with rain and thunder).

And last, but certainly no bearing on its merits: The External World, a fifteen minute CG short of a furry and deeply surreal nature. I defy anyone to adequately summarise it, but I'll recommend it highly.

Sunday - with any luck, I might get to scoot around some of the nether reaches of the East Bay parks, courtesy of a (non-LJ) friend from a previous gig. Could be an ideal opportunity to bring along all three lenses - of course, what would really make my day is discovering a place where rabbits feel comfortable enough to munch freely. I do enjoy bird shots as well, as with any form of wildlife, but, I do have a certain inclination. (Maybe you've noticed?) If anyone can offer additional suggestions for any spots anywhere in the Bay Area where one might find happy wild rabbits, please, cast forth your knowledge unto the wonderment of the comments. ^_^
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