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Furrydom gains even more mainstream recognition - Chris Hart's coming out with an artistic tutorial book, Drawing Fantastic Furries. =:D

Via drhoz, a simple tale of playing wolves & deer, starring a horde of 6-year old girls.

katrus noticed this article, relating how an island once home to a Japanese chemical weapons manufacturing plant and testing site has now become a haven for wild rabbits.

Wolfire released the source code of their old title, Lugaru, in 2010, under the GPL. They also kindly included the art assets, for non-commercial purposes. Of course, some ass just had to go and rip that license to pieces.. so, now you can find the same game in the Mac App Store twice - one's from Wolfire as "Lugaru HD", the other from iCoder as just "Lugaru", who rather ludicrously claimed they're doing nothing wrong. (Take care reading that Kotaku posting - not that the original was especially well written, but some of the comments are worthy of Slashdot in their inability to actually read the article, or the posting by Wolfire wherein the open source announcement was made, clearly and explicitly excluding the artwork from commercial use) Thankfully, the fraudulent version was removed by Apple. No word yet on whether Wolfire will be seeking damages from the scammers.

Two shots from the Tilden Regional Park yesterday - I'd received a helpful reply from the parks peeps by email, and wanted to start investigating the chances of rabbits somewhere in the area before the wet week began (just in time for my Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 week's rental to start on Tuesday, yay).

First, a hummingbird caught just after taking off:

And later in the afternoon, as sun grew low, some of the week's clouds began to gather, giving part of the sky an eerie hue:

The candidates for the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi have been announced, and amongst them are a snowshoe hare and a snow leopard. ^_^ (Plus more curious entries, including a bird resembling Twitter's just a little bit, and a dolphin on skis) Regrettably, the outcome isn't something any (?) of us can influence, as it's being held - not surprisingly - as a Russian national contest.

So, I thought we'd try something from Tony's Pizza, whose menu I'd been dreaming about since seeing it; we chose the lamb & eucalyptus. My host returned with a minor anecdote of the process once he got there to pick it up. The restaurant's host in this instance was a woman in her early 20s.

G: "I'm here to pick up a pizza."

H: "What's your name?"

G: "Gareth."

H: "Telephone number?"

G: "(…)"

H: "Should be ready in a few minutes."

[Turns head to look at cooks]

H: [Loudly, startling a few guests] "Where in the fuck is that lamb and eucalyptus pizza?"

[Turns back]

H: "It'll be three minutes."

(But actually turned up in about one)

And lo, the pizza was absolutely fantastic. Genuinely thin crust, crisp on the bottom, flavors all balanced, not too much cheese - and yes, to my surprise, eucalyptus really does make a superb companion to lamb, surpassing mint quite handily, I'd say. Tony's Pizza is for people who really enjoy pizza, and love good food in general. ^_^

I saw a bunny today. Unremarkable, perhaps - but, on the first day of the Chinese New Year, I was positively tickled to see my first wild bun in the Bay. ^_^ I'm scouting out possible locations, and on Thursday 3rd, that turned out to be the San Bruno Mountain Park, reachable from the Daly City and South San Francisco BART stations. Now, more sane people might take the bus up, but.. well, okay, I only got lost once, clambering up completely unfamiliar hillsides with no foreknowledge, eventually judging it prudent to go some other route that involved less precipitous drops off one side, plus the minor matter that I seemed to be still some way out of the park itself, according to the trusty iPad. I love clambering around, but, I admit, when the bag contains a 17" MBP, iPad, D90, and two lenses, my enthusiasm for such does undergo some mitigation. Clearly, I need an assistant. =:)

Another park well worth visiting is the Tilden Regional Park, easily reachable from the downtown Berkeley BART, courtesy of AC Transit 67, getting off at Spruce & Grizzly (or, only on weekends, down at the park's welcome area). Plenty of signposted paths and trails, ranging from fully surfaced to hairpin dirt tracks. Good sweaty fun. ^_^ No buns, unfortunately, though one deer did dart across my field of vision - without the camera in hand, of course, save for one badly blurred shot of what could be a tail. Ah well. Not every shot is a keeper. =:D

Crissy Field offered a few quite appealing avian shots, which I'll hopefully get around to uploading before putting this entry online, including one grey heron in the process of taking off - quite an effort, as you can imagine. Sort of the "747 Heavy" equivalent. ^_^ The locale affords a superb vista of the bridge, too, as well as Alcatraz, but it's really wildlife where my photographic passion lies - trying to capture those moments in wild life that help illustrate more than just that minute fraction of a second. I probably ought to do a better job of sharing more photos, but on the other paw, I don't want to bore everyone with scads of wildlife and architectural shots on a daily basis.

The full trailer for Hop just came out. It does look like it'll be dangerously adorable, whatever the quality of the storyline may be. ^_^

Word comes down that the BBC Trust has given approval for plans to make Radio 3, Radio 4, and BBC 4 works available on iPlayer in perpetuity, freed of the current seven day lifespan.

Finally, via Hyperyote, an image he found on his office door today..

survey banner
I loved that last postcard.
Beautiful combination, ne? *chuckle* (Wish the upper part didn't have that much mosquito banding around the lettering, but hey, it's a free copy)

Copy. Coffee. Mmm, coffee.. maybe that's a good idea. I could do with selecting which photos to put up on the photography site, after all, and I could use a little assistance in waking fully from this snooze.
What excellent news from the Beeb! I didn't know about that at all, but Radio 4 in particular is full of the most wonderful nuggets. I could happily subsist on that pretty much indefinitely...
Indeed! I'd hope it'll bode well for those channels' futures, too - the more readily people can enjoy the wealth of creativity across them all, the more likely people are, I'd imagine, to try seeking out other work on them in the future.

And then, of course, we have the international iPlayer launch on the iPad (and surely other platforms later) in the summer! I really, really hope they don't mess that up with highly fanciful pricing - the reports of the project's confirmation last year included a dire quote from someone positing people would happily pay up to $10 per episode.

That said, more recent reports suggest it'll be a subscription model, which could, if priced reasonably, be highly successful, especially if it meant being able to watch top shows like Doctor Who some brief time after broadcast.
Subscription would seem the way to go, certainly. It'll be a tricky job to get the price right, though. The politics surrounding the BBC nowadays being what they are, they can't afford lots of press coverage claiming that "America gets the BBC cheaper than licence-paying Brits!" Never mind whether or not it's accurate (probably not) -- the mere perception would be a problem. After all, so many people seem to think that the UK is the only country in Europe with a licence fee, which is laughably inaccurate. Germany's is over €200, and that's by no means the most expensive in Europe...
And indeed, whilst the license fee isn't small - particularly for anyone living on benefits - it's really not a bad deal, when you consider how much of the BBC's output is original, not simply imported, and covers a whole plethora of TV and radio channels, HD included, across quite a number of local stations, and a bevy of reporting staff, even if they're often sorely under-utilised.

Does German state TV have ads? I vaguely recall it doing so, but that could just be a fluttering neuron.
Yeah, the trailer for Hop does the story itself seem less than stellar (hey, look! Poop jokes!) But I'm sure I'll enjoy it anyway. Trailers for these sorts of movies do seem to make it look worse than it is.
Mmm, poop jokes seem pretty much obligatory in any Dreamworks CGI, I've noticed, and those editing the trailers are always diligent in including them. Looks like Universal's following their lead.. =:/

But, yes - even if the story winds up being a bit limp, the animation does look simply gorgeous. (Hmm. And it has been a while since I added any new LJ icons =:)
Oh yes, it does look very nice. Looks like they even avoided common mistakes like giving them pawpads.

Hopefully there will be some good Hop merchandise appearing soon. :)
Quite so! ^_^ Not that pawpads necessarily look bad on buns - one of my all-time favorites is a Ken Sample pic with them - but I definitely lean toward the natural end on that note. Fully fluffy feet are one of our endearing features. =:)

And wholeheartedly agreed! If you see any large buns appear, do give a shout! I'd love to pick up another big bun (say, 3' or larger) - it's been quite a while since I added any new plush companions.
I do like the fluffy feet. I believe that bunnies are plantigrade? I like feets to be correct, generally. Though I think that digitigrade feet on bipedal creatures just look weird and impractical.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye out, and definitely let you know if anything turns up. I don't hold out a lot of hope though; it's been a long time since there's been any decent selection of Easter plush. I think Walgreens may have some decent sized ones, but however rather lacking in the quality department.

What the fuck?!?! Lamb and eucalyptus pizza!?!? Are you shitting me!?!?
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Oh, indeed.. and check out the other varieties (PDF) as well. Not especially cheap, but so good. =:9 (The truffle variety is, unfortunately, not available at the moment. Which is probably just as well =:)

Edited at 2011-02-15 01:41 am (UTC)
> Drawing Fantastic Furries

Timely birthday present suggestion for someone, there - thank you!

That pizza sounds amazing.
Cool beans! Hope that works out. ^_^ Are they just starting in drawing, or starting with furry characters and otherwise already drawing?

Indeed, I really have to go there again soon, and take some good photos. I did take a few, but to be honest, it didn't look anything more than you'd expect - it was the taste and textures that were so very good. =:9 I've also got to go inside and take some of Tony himself and his ovens, maybe catch a pizza as it's coming out. If only we could include aromas in LJ entries.. ^_^

The Steve Jobs thing is priceless! Consequently, I have added you.