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w00t! The tripod I ordered from Amazon last week arrived. ^_^ Looks like it's well up to the job - might even be stable enough for the Nikkor as well. And with a hook available for additional ballast, it ought to be able to remain steady on the rooftop as well, which should afford quite a vantage point for some nighttime shots. (It's a flat roof, I should note =:) And I did have the foresight to bring along the remote shutter release, for particularly long exposures, though I doubt I'll need to go over a second, even for ISO 200. (For low light photography, any movement of the camera can wreck the shot. A remote release solves that problem, along with delayed shutter release, so the DSLR mirror goes up a second or so before the shutter's opened - that "mirror slap" results in a slight movement of the camera, unnoticeable at normal daylight shutter speeds, and is responsible for the sound a DSLR makes on taking a shot)

A track I'm very fond of, courtesy of ice_foxx: Pluto Revolts - Closure (redLymb's Devil Chasing Remix), available free from SoundCloud and Pluto Revolt's own site. I think he did particularly well with this one. ^_^

An insightful ponderance on the subject of anthropomorphism, by photographer Clay Bolt, from the perspective of the myriad of tiny socities, and perhaps even individual personalities, down in the insect world.

Have a look at the menu for Tony's Pizza.. with items like:

(rustic medium crust) mozzarella, white rose potatoes, rosemary, calabrese peppers, cowgirl creamery’s fromage blanc, lavender sea salt

(rustic medium crust)
mozzarella, burrata, cowgirl creamery mt. tam triple cream cheese, wild mushrooms, arugula, parmigiano, shaved truffle from italy

(rustic medium crust) mozzarella, house made honey calabrese sausage, treviso, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, crema di parmigiano

(thin crust) mozzarella, grilled free range lamb, marjoram, eucalyptus, feta

Also consider the range of ovens they use, including a 900F wood fired, 1000F coal fired, and a NY flat-top gas-fired brick oven, with many of the key ingredients imported from Italy, it's perhaps as well I'm on a skeletal budget, else the fact they're just around the corner could be terribly dangerous.

Nonetheless, we cooked at home - as usual - for dinner, starting with a bulb of garlic separated into cloves, a few shiitake sliced medium-thin, half a large onion, a healthily generous sprinkling of herbes de Provence, and two lamb shanks from the butcher up the road, a tiny dash of Szechuan pepper, and half a bottle of Trader Joe's finest $2 Cabernet Sauvignon. Of course, with the six hours of cooking time involved, that wound up being two bottles in all.. but, my gods, what a result! Absolutely incredible. The lamb was joined in a rich chorus of flavors that had all come into perfect harmony, and just enough of a sauce to go with some rice as a side. Good cooking doesn't have to be complex, or expensive. ^_^

Now that's sorely tempting.. Topaz Labs, best known in the photography world for their DeNoise plugin, have a MacWorld offer of all their plugins - normally $401, down to $150.

And the replacement Intuos 3 pen arrived too.. it'll be a while before I can really share anything, but I'll enjoy getting back into drawing. ^_^

Ahh.. yes, there are reasons I feel I belong more in certain locales than others. Wandered out of MacWorld, had a good pint at the 4th St & Mission Grill, then up to the Apple Store to enjoy Jordan Rudess and friends make wondrous musical creations. No photography allowed, which was a bit of a pain, but I suppose that's annoyingly conventional. Still, it was quite an insight into just how rapidly musical creativity's evolving, with conventional keyboards becoming just one of a set of options, and indeed, a staple nonetheless. But when you've got such niftiness as a keytar-ish device with piezo sensors instead of mere switches, the percussion options get confused delightfully - add something like his MorphWiz iPad synth, and it becomes even more wonderful, with no reliance on any extra hardware. So many options exist. ^_^

Erf! Must update Flickr.. although, regrettably, lacking more wildlife imagery as yet. Some quite interesting architectural and industrial shots, though.. maybe the ovens of a local bakery? Quite imposing. (And such deliciously crunchy results..)
Are you in the Bay? I'm living near SF nowadays. While I'm hardly going out and hanging at furry gatherings, I still like to meet up with old friends. How's things?
Indeed yes! I'd love to get to meet up again, after quite some time.

Don't suppose your place is looking for a C/C++/assembly sorta bunny?
(Deleted comment)
I can also particularly recommend his remix of Ice Cream Smash Bot's "Afromancer" - I've enjoyed that one quite a few times. ^_^

There are some quite amazing synths on the iPad, indeed, ranging from the relatively conventional, through to the severely experimental. And all dirt cheap! So nice to be able to just experiment with them all, when they're only a matter of a couple $/£ a pop. And now with MIDI in/out an option, as of iOS 4, that's a feature getting into quite a few of them, for even greater versatility.
(Deleted comment)
It is quite amazing - many synths and processors are from hitherto unknown one-man bands (so to speak), but some are from slightly more established folks, like Korg's excellent iMS-20, Propellerhead's ReBirth, or IK Multimedia's AmpliTube.

I suppose at some point, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and actually create something with them all, rather than just noodling around with them.. ^_^;
Wow haven't seen your posts in a long time! I'm really going to have to check out that Pizza place next time I am in SF.
*grin* LJ's too good to resist. Too many great furs around. ^_^

And supposedly the crusts are indeed genuinely thin, Italian style, not just superbly topped. Research will be called for. Extensive research. =:9
Lamb and Eucalyptus sounds like an Australian pizza (or rather it should be). Is that part of their regular menu or in honour of Australia Day (26 January)?
Ha! Definitely does. =:D

It seems to be part of their regular menu, as far as I can tell. I'm definitely going to have to try it sometime, although I suppose that could go for all of them.. =:9 And the owner's fine with me going into the kitchens with the camera, for some close shots of where the magic happens!

How does Australia Day tend to be celebrated?

(And we just watched Ratatouille again the other night. Well, "again" for me, first time for my host. Such a fantastic production.. for all the raving over Toy Story 3 - certainly not a bad flick - I'd say it remains my favorite Pixar film so far, with Wall-E and The Incredibles not far behind. And whilst it probably owes something to the latter, I was nonetheless quite taken by Megamind - rather better than I'd expected)
I think traditionally Australia Day is celebrated by a barbie out the back with a few beers, maybe a trip to the beach. The lamb industry here certainly pushes lamb as traditional Australian fare for Australia Day, but you might want to take that with a grain of salt considering the obvious self-interest.

Unsurprisingly, Ratatouille still ranks as my favourite film of all time. ;) But I did go see Megamind and was pleasantly surprised.
"cowgirl creamery’s fromage blanc"
There's a weird dichotomy in that name.
Cool to see ya posting again :)
Yay! *hug* It's good to be back. ^_^

Whereabouts do you find yourself these days - ISTR you'd been giving consideration to heading back to the Bay. (Can't imagine why.. my, but this winter sun is so warm =:)
Well, I'm still on disability, and have been den-bound for almost a year now (unable to drive). I'm slowing working on getting re-involved, but it's still sort of a yo-yo thing ^_^
Eep! What happened?

Driving - mm, I suppose it varies tremendously with the locale as to how vital or otherwise such is. I've usually been fortunate enough to live in places where there's been good bus/train service, so I've never actually bothered learning. Besides, how would I be able to use my iPad while getting around then? =:) (Though with the way some drivers behave, maybe some do..)

Ye gods.. just finished reading your entries from last year. It's got to have been a huge help, having someone special in your life, there to snuggle up to, however lousy things might be. I do envy you that part of your life. =:)