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Please help Yams

Send atomicat to Antarctica! The company running the competition's offering a trip to Antarctica for the winner, with the stipulation they submit weblog entries detailing their experience there. As anyone who has him on their flist here knows, the cat's a seriously skilled photographer, so this would be a fairly unique opportunity, in which we'd all stand to gain. ^_^ Painless free registration required - just name, email, and password.

If you'd like to help a bunny get his eye surgery, for an e. cuniculi infection, visit Save Yams. As awolf notes, "Yams' owner is something special. I learned about Yams because his owner appeared on the game show "Wipeout!". He made a total fool out of himself on national television (at one point screaming into the camera: THREE POUNDS OF LOVE!!!), and he promised to use the money to pay for Yams' surgery. But he didn't win." Which is where you come in. Can you spare a couple dollars/pounds/euros?

avon_deer might like this delightfully cynical (or, perhaps one should say, realistic) birdhouse for the surveillance age.

Take a car, a GPS receiver, MAX/MSP, and a pile of loops, and you wind up with this - a remix you control by driving through the sample mappings, controlling the result by your location and speed. ^_^

Grar! You'd think it'd be simple enough - set up a command for a dataflash device, set up the DMA pointer/counter pairs for TX & RX, set it running, and have it call you back once the SPI transaction's complete, so you can tag the bus are being available again. So what was I to make of observing the transfer halting after a single byte, with DMA transfers turned off in both directions, thereby preventing the callback from being reached, and bringing the process to an inglorious halt? Could I have turned off DMA myself prematurely? Was the SPI handler entering a tight self-perpetuating loop? No.. just the manufacturer and their love of nasty little silicon bugs, wherein if you're running that channel in fixed destination mode, and set to not disengage the CS line until another one's required, the data stream itself can - entirely incorrectly - cause the controller to end the transfer prematurely. One CSAAT removal later, and all is well again, even if I can't run the device at the full speed of the processor, thanks to a different bug - but half-speed's fine, given I only need to exchange 256-byte pages every now and then, when the USB or radio side of the bootloader's got a full buffer to commit.

Here, have a rat on a dog in Berkeley, and three rats on a dog in Vienna. Coincidentally, mikesedge pointed out Let's Be Friends, a sadly defunct site akin to a cross-species Cute Overload, with unlikely and utterly adorable pairings. ^_^

Bear and Fox is a fun strip, though there's not much of it as yet, about a red rat snake and a mockingbird. Here's one in which the pair attempt to assert geek supremacy. There doesn't seem to be any RSS feed, however, so you'll need to use some "notify me if this page changes" feature in your browser.
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