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Oh, this is more like it! Back when I first played with Logic 8, I had to see what the Demo Content DVD included - a few example Logic projects from established artists, for folks to fiddle around with freely. Except, Hyzenthlay could only manage about the first five seconds of Shiny Toy Guns' "Le Disko" before withering. Frustrating, as it's fascinating to be able to see all the individual elements of real songs in this manner, be able to isolate each track, combine some subset, boost the level of some, and so on.

I finally dug up that disc last night, now Dandelion's in the house, to see how it fares with Logic.

Yep, no problem - all 69 tracks just played perfectly happily. While its video was playing in sync. And Screen Recording was capturing everything real-time in H.264. I think there's some leeway. =:)
Well, QTX does leverage the 9400M's H.264 decoding - but it's certainly surreal how easily it all works, with 1080p trailers taking around 10-20% CPU time. I was perfectly happily running four simultaneously the other night. =:D It'll be very interesting to see how OpenCL gets used in routine matters like audio and video compression, and how well the load balancing turns out, so if you're at home, or don't mind ploughing into the battery, such tasks could use both GPUs.

I just hope Nvidia continues to genuinely embrace OpenCL - GPGPU's been vendor-locked for so damned long. It's high time something like this came along to liberate GPUs, across all platforms, to make the most of such fantastic parallelism. ATI too, naturally - they've all tried to do their own thing, with the result that no GPGPU tech's really taken off. With this end to such parochialism, maybe we can start getting serious on SIMD. ^_^

Now, if Snowglobe can only start making use of Grand Central, and OpenCL.. not that it does badly on Dandelion. =:)