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This? Is a single molecule of pentacene - those are five benzene rings you're seeing, linked linearly. SCIENCE! =:D

I imagine that by now, everyone's already seen this clip, but.. just in case.. it's not particularly suitable for work, but provides well over 300% of your daily WTF RDA. It is, of course, Japanese. ^_^

Three dashed good tracks from Hostage - ravestep, dubstep, plenty of energy and solid breaks.

Matrix squid blueprints, in high resolution.

For anyone interested in vendor-neutral GPGPU, MacResearch is running a series of video tutorials on OpenCL, individually downloadable, or as a podcast subscription.

Well, that complicates things, in a rather unpleasant manner.. the guy we took on late last year's been called up for Greek national service. Not very convenient for us, but with Greece embroiled in the ongoing American Vietnam II, he may wind up getting shipped out to Afghanistan. None of us are exactly happy with this, least of all him. *sigh* His family isn't poor, however, so strings might be able to be pulled to at least secure a safe posting, rather than getting fed into the sausage machine.

Curiously fascinating and amusing: Three Frames. Each day, three frames of film or video, in an infinite loop. Much more fun than it might sound. =:)

I do like the image the final track of this album, Cartoon Hits (with distinctively clip-art style cover - your sign of quality!), conjures up: Popey the Sailorman.

I really like that Three Frames site =)
It's inexplicably engaging, ne? ^_^

(As I wonder what you so carefully guard on Twitter =:)
It makes me want to did through my favorite movies for choice frames =)

I'm not hiding anything really.. just protecting myself, from myself. I don't want some inappropriate post I make being archived forever on Google.
Trouble is, of course, the best few frames can be so utterly subliminal. ^_^

Ah, I suppose so - it just seems to me that if anyone really wants to go digging about someone, a bit of automated data mining will hook together a fair complete image anyway. Might as well frolick, knowing your every utterance is being recorded for posterity. =:) I was just looking at that "pending", and being a bit puzzled.

'Sides, having Google prove who you really are has been quite positive, in my experience - helped secure my last gig, for instance, when I accidentally slipped from human to real signature in an email. >grin< (And the current lot were quite intrigued, too =:)
Oh hey sorry I thought I already approved that.. heh should be all good now =)

I try and keep my real life and the internet as separated as possible, I use alternate names where ever I can online. I have done this ever since I started using a computer. So actually searching the internet using my real name doesn't turn up much. Yes if someone was really looking they could make the association of my real name and my furry identity and various other names I've used in the past. Really it's just to throw off the causal snoopers like co-workers and my parents who really don't need to know what my favorite furry pr0n is.

I like the pictures you post from SL, I have really got to get on there and spend some time, I have a character, and even managed to get it to look sort of like a fox, but still needs a lot of work. I don't really get the interface and would rather make the model is something like poser first then send it to SL. I also don't have much time to spend on things like SL as I have enough hobbies already!